Vodacom / calls after sim swap still charged

My phone was stolen, and the %$*&%$ who took the phone ran up a huge bill of international calls (about R6000). I went into Sandton City Vodashop to have the sim locked, and was told that it had been done and that the new sim would be active in three hours. Apparently the Vodashop was actually unable to swap the sim because the sim was locked... (i.e. no calls can be made from the sim) The following day when I still could not use my new sim, I called vodacom, at about 9, and was told that the sim swap had just been done, but that the phone was now definitely locked. In fact, calls were still made on the line until three hours after that, when the sim swap actually happened. Vodacom personnel told me that it was not my fault, and that the vodashop should refund me. The vodashop owner was very helpful, and admitted that it was definitely not my fault, and pursued it as far as he could, to no end. So despite everyone agreeing that it was not my fault that all the international calls were made after I requested the sim lock and swap, Vodacom still charges me for the calls. I call that theft!


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