Vodacom / 3g signal broken for over 2 months

I have a vodacom 3g contract. About 2 months ago I started experiencing connection problems. The connection & ldquo;times-out” and leaves web pages hanging. To get the connection working I have to disconnect and reconnect (Every 1 & ndash; 15 minutes). Customer service has said there is a prob with the network itself. Proof of this is: 1) the signal strength is not the problem, even on & ldquo;very good” the constant time-outs occur, 2) I have tested the connection on another computer, 3) my close friend who also lives in buccleugh experiences the exact same problem (He’s escalated to icasa). The problem has not been resolved despite 5 customer service calls including 'escalations to the correct department', talking to supervisors, and sms's saying that the network problem has been resolved. The amount of time I have waisted testing, trying to resolve or otherwise work-around this problem is inculculable. My complaint is with senior management who, it appears, knowingly abide by a breach of contract. I’m angry. Is vodacom going to refund me for 2 months breach of contract? Do I also have to report the company to icasa? Class action…?


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