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To whom it may concern
On the 26/09/2016 I phone Vodacom to change my contract .I explain to the consultant that I want to change, if my data are finish they must stop the phone and then I can buy data to go on .The consultant went on my account and change my contract, I did received a sms to confirm the change that's made. The consultants also mention that it won't be active in this month but will happen from next month the 10th.
The phone data was use and on the 04/10/2016 the data was finish.We didn't know it but we know the contract is change and the phone will block, so we went on with the data until we realize something is wrong. I phone the Vodacom consultant to find out what's going on and she explain to me that there are no contract in place at all .I did explain to her that what now who are going to pay for this now, she said I must just activate it again. Ferries of knowing that there's a R600, 00 different on my account, I activate it again. The next day my phone are block, so I phone Vodacom consultant again to found out what's going on and realize the second consultant did not change the contract again and have just block the phone. I explain to the 3rd consultant to change my contract and unblock the phone, nothing was done .The 4th consultant sent me a email to check and ok to change the contract .After 4 more phone calls to Vodacom consultants and one manager, the phone was unblock and the contract was change
Can you please get your consultant up to speed and get the competent. Check your recordings, because I am not going to pay extra R600, 00 for incompetency's from Vodacom .
Please ament my account and come back to me to pay outstanding amount
Thank you
Al the recording can be sent from my side on request.
Renato Izak Louise De Villiers
Cell number :[protected]
Id :[protected]

Dec 07, 2016

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