Vodacom / accounts

on the 23 April i was contacted by vodacom informing me that my contract can be upgraded from the 1 GIG to 5 GIG and my premium would reduce from R140 to R99. this has not happened as i have just been debited R335 by Vodacom. i want the contract reversed as this is not what i have been promised.

pls supply me with the voice recording done from your office to me on the 23rd April.

i have just been on the phone with Thandi, 1/5/2018 at 13h50 and she is informing me that i ahave to pay a handset fee, which i have not received with the upgrade and i have to pay for usage on the contract. i have never gone over my bundle as i dont think i am able to. pls can i have a detailed statement sent to me at johnny.[protected]

really poor servixce that i have received.

Jun 01, 2018

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