Vodacom 3g Tablet / 3g tablet offer

Midrand, South Africa

Vodacom 3G Tablets have been falsely advertised for approximately 3 months now. I am appalled at the way in which consumers have been misled by this so-called special.

I first applied online for the R59/month special on 20 November, received an sms to confirm the application had been approved, and was sent an e-mail to say that the tablet was on its way. 3 days later, I received an sms to say the order had been cancelled and I must re-apply online. I tried again, but was blocked because the previous order number/reference still existed. After visiting the Bayside branch and numerous phone calls to various departments, the order number/reference was removed and I could apply in store at Bayside on 17 December - 4 weeks after my initial application.

The tablets were meant to be Christmas presents for my children. It is now 9 Feb and still no communication from Vodacom regarding these tablets. According to the Bayside Branch, head office hasn't even bothered to contact branches to explain what the problem is or when the tablets will be ready.

I see other customers have complained on Hellopeter. It seems business ethics carry no weight with Vodacom. How can a non-existant product be advertised for months on end with no repercussions to the company?

Unless I receive an acceptable explanation for Vodacom's actions, I will proceed down the legal route. According to the Consumer Protection Act:

Bait marketing 30. (1) A supplier must not advertise any particular goods or services as being available at a specified price in a manner that may result in consumers being misled or deceived in any respect relating to the actual availability of those goods or services from that supplier, at that advertised price. (2) If a supplier advertises particular goods or services as being available at a specified price, and the advertisement expressly states a limitation in respect of the availability of those goods or services from that supplier at that price, the supplier must make those goods or services available at that price, to the extent of the expressed limits.

Vodacom 3g Tablet

Feb 9, 2015

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