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Chico, CA, United States

To whom this concerns,
I finally was excited to take my disabled boss to see the Eagles..! I purchased the tickets the first hour the tickets went on sale..! Could of chose any source to buy tickets from..! I picked Vivid Seats thinking they were reputable.
Well, to my surprise when I thought I was purchasing 470$ a piece for two tickets, which cost me 1210.84 I was shocked but thought, " hey its the Eagles", Once in a lifetime Especially for my disabled boss and friend, as this was her dream!
Well, when I finally printed the tickets out, the day of the concert, and I see they are only 225.94 a ticket?
I went, what? Why did I pay 1210.84 ?
Called, after realizing the tickets said Ticketmaster? Confused again, till the Ticketmaster guy explained, after trying to get ahold of Vivid seats and couldn't get through or talk to a person.? Again frustrated and disappointed..I literally got scammed..!
I shouldn't of had to pay so much and want to know why?
I feel, if this is how Vivid Seats work, people need to know..! I thought I was paying a high price because of getting good seats...
Why on the first day of concert tickets going on sale, I am " I guess" buying someone else's tickets? What a scam..!
I need Please an explanation and it would be nice to be refunded some money back? I am not a rich person, but am willing to surprise my disabled boss with what I thought 470$ tickets, which is a lot of money for me..! I am sad this is how businesses work..
I will be deleting my Vivid Seats app and never to buy from them again..
Lesson learned...
Thanks for reading..
Katie L Vogel

Sep 21, 2018

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