SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / fraudulant shipments

NH, United States
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I purchased some vitamins in August and the company cannot tell me or show me that I signed up for some sort of automatic shipment service for one of the items, but none the less they started sending me the supplement. The first batch I assumed was a delayed item, and then I got another one in November. I never authorized such charges. While the products were ok the first round they were a one time purchase and never did I intend to purchase them on a regular basis. I have spent time on and off all day just to get them to take the stupid stuff I ordered back without having to pay for the shipping myself. Still waiting for the supervisor to call me back and its been 2 times now.

If you are going to buy from them I would use a prepaid credit card or something to avoid this annoyance that keeps giving. People on the phone are useless and I have to send them legal notice and go through a hassle just to get my 17.95 back (keep in mind I now spent 30 because the first one escaped my radar)

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