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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - fraudulent advertising

Ordered a product, received half strength capsules. Item listed as 560mg, got 280mg capsules. Spoke to two reps and a supervisor. Company only offered to come and get them and then credit my card. I insisted on a price adjustment which they wouldn't do. I cannot say enough bad things about these people. They are a fraud, they arew thieves. They sent half strength products. AVOID!!

My experience has to do with the fact that Vitacost is now selling on Amazon. They had 258 items listed on multipack pages. On the multipack pages it stated very clearly how many you were supposed to get. However, they refuse to ship the amount of items clearly stated on the page. So that they don't have to cancel all the orders and send their cancel rate with Amazon through the roof they are shipping out the packages with one of each item. Even if the page clearly stated that you were getting 12 items they are shipping only one item. It is total fraud! What is worse Amazon is standing behind Vitacost instead of the buyers. If you look at Vitacost at Amazon you will see that several people got cheated and have left negative feedback. I placed an order for over $403 and they emailed me that they refused to ship the order because they were all multipacks and their price was for one item. They said it was a typo. Instead of cancelling the order they said they were going to ship ONE item out of the 58 items I ordered. They lyingly said that they wouldn't debit my debit card for the $403 but they did anyhow. They stole $403 out of my bank account and they say they're shipping me one item that costs $2.52. My daughter likewise got cheated as well as several other people. Now I will have to see how I can get my $403 back. (: - order never arrived

I placed an order over two weeks ago. My order is over a week late and still has not arrived. I have contacted company three times. They state that they have no control over UPS delivery methods. No offer to refund my money or reship is not there problem. I am beginning to feel scammed...I do not think I will get a refund or the products that I ordered. I will never order from them again. VITA.COM SHAME ON YOU. Buyer beware.

I ordered from Vitacost and they sent the order in two different shipments. One was delivered, the other was not. I never received the second shipment, but the UPS driver falsified the delivery receipt and signature. Vitacost refuses to do anything. They say the have a signed delivery receipt. Do not purchase from Vitacost .. too many excuses. To make it worse, UPS says their drivers are union members and even though the records are opposite of the driver's statement, they can do nothing. Very poor customer service .. nobody is at fault, but the customer is out the price of the product and shipping. Don't do business with Vitacost!

Vitacost refuses to abide by its refund policy. It has a "Five-Star Satisfaction Guarantee" but it does not abide by it. It refuses to refund if you don't like something and send it back. Shame on them!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - re-shipment not proceed

Vitacost tries to look like a large retailer but 30 days after my order I was learnt it was not proceed because "Amy had broken leg and went to hospital and your order was not proceed". Now, we all humans and I feel bad about Amy, but lets be realistic here!

I told them cancel my order and I wont use them anymore. They said: "fine!". It was astonishing how easy they drop a customer.

Oh -- btw: I havent forgot to tweet to my 13, 000 followers (on multiple occasions) NOT to use vitacost EVER.

Case closed!

No order Yet why? No order, would like my money back, now !

[email protected] No order yet, Why ?

Hi, my name is Matt with Vitacost customer service and we have taken care of this issue for you. If you need anything else or have anymore trouble, feel free to email me at [email protected] I am here to help and i am glad we could get this issue resolved for you.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - fraudulant shipments

I purchased some vitamins in August and the company cannot tell me or show me that I signed up for some sort of automatic shipment service for one of the items, but none the less they started sending me the supplement. The first batch I assumed was a delayed item, and then I got another one in November. I never authorized such charges. While the products were ok the first round they were a one time purchase and never did I intend to purchase them on a regular basis. I have spent time on and off all day just to get them to take the stupid stuff I ordered back without having to pay for the shipping myself. Still waiting for the supervisor to call me back and its been 2 times now.

If you are going to buy from them I would use a prepaid credit card or something to avoid this annoyance that keeps giving. People on the phone are useless and I have to send them legal notice and go through a hassle just to get my 17.95 back (keep in mind I now spent 30 because the first one escaped my radar)

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - does not honor price paid

We spend the whole labor day weekend purchased over $600 from Vitacost. They cancelled over 70 of my items without any reasons. (They said they had a computer computer technical error, but why didn't they shut down their website for those three days?). They are still selling these items but at a different price on their website. What a rip-off! What a waste of time. My husband would have worked during those hours he spend on browsing Vitacost. He charges $135 per hour if he work on his own job. A class action should be filed. I am definitely interested.

Aug 05, 2010 - no delivery of order

I ordered dietary supplement on 8/4/2010 and 13/4 /2010. But the company only sent me part of the items for the 8/4' s order and did not send the whole items of the 13/4's order. I sent e-mail to...

Read full review - liars

They have this magazine promotion going on, but every time me or my friends have spent over the amount to get the 'free' magazine offer, we never receive our magazines. It's happened over 4 times and...

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Jan 28, 2010
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - no delivery, rude customer service

I have ordered from this company for about 2 years in the tune of over $2000.

This past several months items have arrived damaged from inadequate packing or even worse- shipped back to their warehouse by UPS because of damage without informing me.

The last 3 orders where nightmarish.

I waited several weeks before finding on my own that my package was destroyed in transit and sent back. No one notified me or asked me if I wanted a refund or my items reshipped! I ended up having to drive to the health food store to buy my items until my shipment came through and when it did come through, one bottle of cherry juice was broken because it did not have bubble wrap.

When I called their 800 number I waited on hold 15 minutes. The woman that answered simply said "What do you need" in a very rude tone. She then hung up on me. I called again and asked for a supervisor and she said he would ship out another bottle. (it has still not arrived)

In the meantime I made another order. Considering the holiday returns where still in full swing I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

I checked order tracking yesterday to find that my package was delivered but we recieved nothing!

I called phone support and the woman checked my order and said that it showed deliverd but what it really meant was that it was delivered to usps- She said that UPS delivered my package to USPS.

I asked her for a USPS tracking number and she could not provide me with one.

I asked to speak to a superviser and she said they where not allowed to take callls and she hung up on me!

Is this how you treat loyal customers?

Up untle about 6 months ago I told everyone I know about how amazing this company was.

My husband and I tried to get my parent to shop here but they did their homework and said no way! They told us if we liked them we could order their stuff for them but they would not take the risk. Now I see why.

After they gain your trust in 2-3 years they probably turn on you.

This company is bad and I do not reccomend them to my worst enemy.

Right now they still owe me close to or a little over $50.00 in product and I have no idea where it is or when it will be here or if I ever see it and I do not want to suffer the heartburn of calling their customer service so I can be abused by their rude employees.

Hi there, Dee00000. I am sorry that you’ve had a bad experience with us! We are happy to assist you in all aspects and I hope that we can demonstrate that in the future if the situation arises. The description of the services received is unacceptable and we would like to look into that particular one and take corrective action. Please send me an email, [email protected], with your order information so we can see who you spoke with about your order. Thank you for allowing us to assist you in advance.

Catherine C
Social Media CSR

I agree with you, I have ordered from Vitacost for a long time and spent a lot of money. But in the past 6 months to a year, things are different, I always get damaged items, I was told this is the fault of the delivery service, but it is not, the packing is terrible, they just put everything in the box without packing material and the cans are all badly dented. They resent me some cans the were extremely dented and when they arrived, they were dented again, and not just a small dent but almost dented in half. The other items were damaged too, the pasta was crushed, and on other orders the flour burst open and leaked everywhere. When I talked to customer service (a joke) the girl that answered did not apologize, even when I told here I have been receiving most orders all damaged and packed horribly. I asked her if I could speak to a supervisor and she said that this person was busy. The person answering the phone was not pleasant at all.

Oct 03, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - worst customer service

I received a gift certificate as a gift for It was printed on the gift certificate to shop at or to call to order. I proceeded to place an online order with the intent of using the certificate. As I went throught the checkout, there was no box to put the gift certificate number into. When I saw that my order was placed, I immediately emailed customer service to inform them I had wanted to use my certificate and there was no where to enter it and I gave the gift certificate # in the email. A day later, I receive an email that my certificate cannot be used and to call customer serivce. I called customer service and they told me I would have to use the certificate on a new order. I find this absurd. They refuse to credit my order the $50 saying it isn't possible. Instead, they expect me to return the entire order and place a new order over the phone. Why do we have to go through the hassle? If they cannot technically apply the certificate to the order then credit my account the $50 and cancel the certificate.

When I called customer service I felt like I was talking to a robot. The girl kept saying there was nothing they could do. I requested a supervisor who could not talk to me at the time but later left me a voice mail saying there is nothing they can do but I can feel free to use the certificate on my next order.

I have encountered other online companies where there would be a similar problem and they were always immediately resolved. I don't understand why vitacost customer service is so poor and why they are so unwilling to help me. It is not like I received the certificate after I placed the order and was trying to use it. I specifically shopped because I had the certificate. I was a regular customer of vitacost and promoter of their good prices but if they fail to handle this matter in a fair way I will tell everyone to avoid them and I will shop elsewhere. I have sent them another email and have not received a response.

I have had problems with this company too. They have very rude customer service and will not do what is right when a complaint is lodged against them. Beware of free product offers also as they will claim there were only limited quantities of the free items but yet they process your order and take your money instead of letting you know the offer will not be fulfilled so you can opt out. It is outright theft in my opinion.

Oct 03, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - misleading &coupon& offer

Ordered vitamins online. At the end, when the invoice page came up, a pop-up window appeared, offering $10 "coupon" towards next order. There was a button to click, & then a space to enter email...

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Jun 03, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - unrecieved product

i ordered a couple bottles of vitamins from this suposed supplier, was charged the whole amount including the $9 rush shipping and it's been three weeks and still haven't recieved my order. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SUPPLIER!!!

Read full review - overnight shipping takes 2 weeks!

My order was supposed to ship “overnight.” The only problem is, the items took 2 weeks to ship to me! I called customer support and explained to them that I paid $12.00 for overnight shipping to ensure my products reach me before I go out of town for four days. No one really knew what they were doing and when I sent the company an e-mail requesting the shipping charges be refunded (as they were false to begin with...overnight shipping! What a joke! It took 2 weeks to get to me!!!) but no one ever returned my e-mail. There were also several times that I had to wait over 25 minutes till a customer service rep assisted me on the phone. I will not be ordering from this company ever again!!! What a hassle just to get a few bottles of vitamins.

i am surprised by all these negative comments, i have never had a problem with vita cost, i receive my order within a few days and one time a bottle was broken, i called and they replaced it immediately.

Jun 03, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - bad business practice

I purchased vitamins from Vitacom for two years. They delivered appropriately

Then I took advantage of a $10 discount offered on the website. To do so I had to enter my email address twice, credit card numbers and etcetera. That seemed innocuous for they already had that information from my previous orders.

One day a couple of months ago I noticed a $14.88 charge on my credit card. I did not recognize the company name and resolved to keep aware of that charge next month. It appeared again, and I checked back for several months. The charge appeared EIGHT times.

I called my bank to stop that charge agency - but they were unable to do that. I disputed the charge, and the cost that is about $30.00

I called ShoppingEssentials, the agency who actually billed my account for Vitacost. They were kind but were able to credit me for two of the charges.

I consider this process orginating in the Vitacost website to border on fraud, misleading, and a simply nasty method to suck in unsuspecting customers for a series of monthly charges. Most of them, just like me, will not notice the deductions promptly, if ever.

The process is indicative of a management that either does not know what is going on, who does not attend to business ethics, or who intentionally defrauds unsuspecting customers.

I would also like to warn potential customers of this company to watch out for malicious cookies that Vitacost puts into your computer. Check this out for yourself by clearing all cookies from your browser before going online with them or (most ironically) by sending them feedback/complaints, etc. on their website contact form. Then check out all of the cookies that are now in your cookies file.
Also see this complaint:
I wonder if the State Attorneys General look at these complaints??

Agree with other writers -- vitacost is spam -- they try to look like a large retailer but 30 days after my order I was learnt it was not proceed because "Amy had broken leg and went to hospital and your order was not proceed". Now, we all humans and I feel bad about Amy, but lets be realistic here!

I told them cancel my order and I wont use them anymore. They said: "fine!". It was astonishing how easy they drop a customer.

Oh -- btw: I havent forgot to tweet to my 13, 000 followers (on multiple occasions) NOT to use vitacost EVER.

case closed.

that guy cant spell for [email protected]@# ... oh yea thats me

I have found the same rewccuring $14.88 on my statement six times so far, originating from a GlucoControl purchase.
The deal was supposed to be a $10.00 one time fee. This can only be intetional FRAUD!!

May 19, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - check the product carefully

In the past 8 months or so, i have had a few problems with vitacost, namely a line of products they sell called nsi, which is nutraceutical sciences, inc.

I ordered a bottle of flora-glo lutein which did not have the shrink wrap on it, which is the plastic wrap you see on almost everything. The bottle specifically stated that if the shrink wrap is not intact, do not take it. So i called vitacost, & asked for another bottle & they sent another bottle "without the shrink wrap". I had to call again & asked for a supervisor, who checked the inventory & said none of them had shrink wrap. I asked her if maybe she should remove them from the shelves & she said "i suppose so."

Another incident involved "nsi liquid l-carnitine with raspberry flavoring". I had been taking this for about a year & knew how it tasted, so when i received a bottle that tasted very different, i called & they sent me another bottle exactly the same. I called again & asked for a different lot # to be sent, but lo & behold! I got the same lot # & the same awful tasting product.

Be very, very careful of this line of products. They could spell danger. I warn you to check the bottles carefully for any type of tampering or shrink wrap that is supposed to be there & isn't, & anything that doesn't taste right. This warning goes for any product from any company.

This is good advice - I received L-Glutamine with an open top (NSI brand) and had it replaced. Sure it's probably not Anthrax powder, lol, but I'm not taking any chances.
The site itself still has great pricing and great shipping and I continue to order products from Vitacost including liquid options whenever possible to avoid all the magnesium stearate, gelatin, etc.

Feb 24, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - does not ship in 24 hours

I placed an order with on Feb 04, 2008. I called many times and was told that my order was in the warehouse and ready to ship. On Feb 12, I finally was allowed to talk to a supervisor. He told me that there was nothing wrong with my order and that it would ship that day via UPS 2nd day air. I found out that my order shipped via UPS ground and that it would not be delivered until Feb 19. I called and talked to a very nice supervisor who agreed to call back the shipment in transit.

Vitacost's website states a 'ship in 24 hour' policy. I would say that an order placed on Feb 04 and shipping of that order on Feb 13 does not meet that 24 hour ship goal.

This company may be the worst in terms of guarantee of service and cohesive followup of any company I have placed an order with.

The communication is ridiculously poor: I have spent days trying to get through by telephone just to have the calls dropped or to get busy signals over 48-hour periods, and never had an email answered. I tried chat as a last resort and was never greeted and five different agents left the "conversation" before anyone responded. It was chaos. After the poor service was blamed on a number of reasons, the conversation was ended by the agent with no explanation. I have had orders held for over a month with no explanation and no answers provided.

Their selection of items is fantastic, but they are truly the worst company I have dealt with and I do over 300 online purchases per year. They do make just about anyone from the utility company to any online store look phenomenal however!

I'm unclear as to how they're continuing to operate like this without any consumer agency intervening.

Nov 22, 2008

I've placed an on-line order and received an on-line confirmation when i clicked to finalize. There was no e-mail confirmation which they stated would come shortly. I phoned their toll-free number the following
business day and complained. A rude customer service rep. told me that my order had to go to the manager for approval. I'm the paying customer and I was treated so disrespectfully. Plus, i forgot to mention
the real humdinger. when i was signing in with my e-mail their
internet site told me they had no record of my e-mail account. i've orderd from them lots of times.
They are unethical and lie. with millions of customers, purportedl, y they don't give a hoot!

The excuse I got from the nasty rep. was that they are being careful of credit card fraud. They are the ones lacking integrity!

In truth, they don't have certain items in and they are the fraudlulent
culpruts. We were also charged falsely for items that weren't orded.
Sometimes the credit card has been charged multiple times and I had to fight with them to credit me back.
I will no longer order from them, as, there are ethical
companies out there. My lawyer has sent them a letter and I've put complaints in.

Jun 03, 2008

I also placed an order, after 3 days waiting for item to ship, I sent several email inquiries, all were ignored. I thought their prices were a little too good, but it seems I got NOTHING for my money. Good thing I paid with PayPal, now I have to fet a refund.

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