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ADVERTISIMENT reviews & complaints complaints 56 - ancient secrets bath salts from the dead sea Patchouli

I took a bath in this product. I submerge my head as well. after the bath I found I had a build up of residue that would not wash out so I had to cut some of my hair off, and my bath tub has this residue all over it that is very difficult to remove. I have to use a spot remover and its taking a lot of work to get this residue removed.
I called customer service and ask to get a credit on four cans of this. She offered one credit only because 60 days had passed. My boyfriend only orders ever 60 days. I said I want to file an official complaint and the representative hung up on m. We are very upset with this product and customer service.

Desired outcome: We want a credit on all four cans of this product. - Email spamming

I cannot stop their marketing emails! Using the unsubscribe link several times did not work, so I called twice and was assured both times that I had been taken off the email marketing/sales list. But they keep coming--more than once a day. When I filled out their online "Contact Us" email with general feedback about the emails, it would not go through. Message said to try later. This is most unacceptable and unprofessional. I will not buy from them again because of this email issue. They know about it and have not taken necessary steps to fix it.

Desired outcome: Emails stop

T - Authorization hold for excessive days

An Auth hold for $250 done simultaneously as several charges for shipments equaling $250 were done. So my account was debited $500 for a whole week including Cyber Monday. I couldn't even buy groceries that week. I have never had that done by any business. Who can afford an extra $250 debited?
Couldn't buy groceries. Couldn't buy gas.
Once a charge goes through my checking account, I cannot access the funds. They are unavailable to me. So it's unnecessary to do an Auth hold. No business has ever done this to me. A hotel might charge one night out of 7 for a stay and drop the charge when you cancel or charge you the other 6 days when you arrive but that is entirely different. It's not the whole amount.
I wasn't paying for a hotel.
The VitaCost charges were worse than a hotel charge.
I always leave some money in my checking account for emergencies. The extra $250 that they debited was my emergency fund. I don't consider them doing an Auth hold an emergency.

Desired outcome: Do Auth for smaller amount or % of total or do not do Auth holds


I ordered about two weeks ago After long time get email delivery undoable because of address problems(lived here over thirty years} Contact vitacost They say it will never happen again I write ? What will never happen again Now I get package damaged. Reorder? Which is it damaged or undeliverable? Don't want to go through this again. After much frustration with csr and all she can do is refund or reorder. Today I get e-mail that it was delivered I searched property no package On line again with csr She was clueless Had no information and was more confused than I was All she could offer was refund as it had been reordered once or I could call cs Duh what was she wastin my time for if she couldn't find my package CSR tells me it was an email to them to let them know the package had been returned to them Had nothing to do with me even thought it had time delivered and said hi connie your package has been delivered containing reorder # What did I need online customer service for? Lots of I"m sorries but nothing for all my lost time and aggivation and now it will be another week until I maybe get a delivery and after this not sure I believe what this lady told me. Totally disappointing and cold interaction I'll drive the thirty miles and pay more next time. I would have canceledl if I didn't need the product and can't travel right now Did business with vitacost for decades This co did a nosedive. Never again Not worth the aggivation and could care less attitued - Order# [protected]

I ordered Doctor's Best Digestive Enzymes but received Nattokinase. Also, order contained a broken can of soup. I was able to clean everything else up pretty good. Please send digestive enzymes and another can of soup. Pictures attached below.


Desired outcome: Please send enzymes and replace soup. - Customer service

I just wanted to check on an order. I was on the phone on hold for over an hour. Spoke to 2 agents who could only speak broken English. The first agent had no idea if my order would be sent. She couldn't guarantee the order sent would be the complete order. In other words, she didn't know anything. I called back in order to get an agent who was more knowledgeable and could speak better English. She was worse. I had to give her the order number over 4 times and she still couldn't get that right. I hung up and called back. Another 10-15 minute hold. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was disconnected.

I have never experienced such poor customer service with your company. A disappointment. Next time I place an order I will check with other companies for the items I want to purchase.

Desired outcome: I want the order I placed. If I can’t get the order I placed I want compensation.

Jun 18, 2021 - Please put the s back in customer service!

Oh where do I start?!? I have been a customer of Vitacost for the past 5+ years, trying to order from other retailers outside of Amazon. On 5-11-21 I place my usual order for items I needed, roughly...

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D - Order delivery and customer service

I placed an order with Vitacost on May 11th, 2021. (#[protected]) I have been a long-time customer and have probably spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years. I have not complained about...

Read full review - Billing

Billed for A product to someone who lived at my address four months ago
There is no record of my orderbecause. Quantity over quality matters too lazy to update the database

Her billing info is not in my account so because I signed in as a guest it was easier to Bill my credit card and send a product that she obviously has not ordered in four months

And ignore my actual orde because there is no
Record of it
Pitiful - Online Access

I have been planning to check out However, they require I take off all my computer privacy, and remove my VPN before I can have access to their website.

They evidently never considered that the same target market who buy supplements also use VPN for their privacy. We do not owe Vitacom and of our personal information without know ing it. We are here to spend money and purchase their products. That is the only contract we are willing to go into. We have a right to privacy online. Their ecommerce technocrats need to wake up. Goodbye Vitacom. Cannot handle success. Respecting the privacy of their customers is a big hurdle to success. Wake up!

Desired outcome: To be able to access the website without being handcuffed and to remove my VPN.

Mar 14, 2020 - Krill Oil 600mg-60 capsules

I placed an order #[protected] for Krill Oil 1200mg-60 caosules and also Hyaluronice Acud ---120 Veggie Capsules.


OCEANSIDE, NEW YORK 11572 - Spamming me nonstop

I phoned to complain about their papers paper papers! My last 2019 order shipped split into 3 boxes and papers galore: 2 invoices were sent per box! I received six (6) packing slips!! I emailed...

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G - packaging

I have been a customer of Vitacost since the late 90's and until Kroger
bought them out have been very pleased. However, since the purchase the packing department has done an incredibly poor job packing the shipping boxes. You are no longer using the heavy brown packing tape on top and bottom. As a result, one order arrived completely opened. The top had one layer of cheap plastic tape. The second order arrived with cracked juice bottles that damaged all the items in the box and damaged the grout in our hallway. It also had no proper shipping packaging on the out side and the juice bottles were poorly packed on the inside.

T - discounts, coupons

I have been using Vitacost for seven or more years and been very happy. But the past two years have been a nightmare. Their 'discounts' have so many restrictions there is almost no way to make an order that you actually need that qualifies for any discount.
Last month i placed an order because there was a $30 coupon for future purchase. The order had to be over $100 to qualify, which mine was. They said they notified me on July 29 and in there it said i could buy something with the coupon from August 4 to 6th i believe it was. I have searched all over for that email. I get nearly three emails from vitacost every day. So this tiny window of time to purchase something that i have no record of the notifying me is a real gripe. I can get many of the things i had on that order at Amazon or vitaminshoppe, but i decided to give vitacost one more chance.

Hi- just received the order above. The cranberry juice concentrate leaked onto the packaging, making me very leery to use the product. I appreciate Vitacost and do a lot of my online supplement business with you guys. I need this product, and if possible I'd like to get a replacement instead of a refund. See attached photos. Thank you. May 17, 2019

May 16, 2019 - damaged item

This is not a complaint. Today I received the rao's sauce I ordered. Because of poor packing 2 (two) of the jars were absolutely smashed. T was obviously a poor job by choy n. And not the fault of...

Read full review - fraudulent charges

They charged me 18 times for an order instead of one. They tried to blame PayPal and said they didn't have my money. I've spent over 6 hours now dealing with various customer service reps and still do not have my money back! I'm filing with the BBB next but will never purchase from them again! They continued to tell me they will get me my money returned and are blaming PayPal.

Apr 09, 2019

charged me $115.79 on Mar 21, 2019 and again for the same amount on March 22
They are telling me that it is a paypal problem and they have been working with paypal to resolve it.
My fifth phone call to their customer service department I asked for a manager. I got Nina who would not give me her last name or her email address.
Hello Nina,
We just spoke on the phone and I want to follow up with an email because It has been 19 days since this double charge happened and I have called your offices four times about it.
The first time I was told that it was a paypal error and that the money would be put back the next day. The next day was a Friday and when I called I was told that it will be put back after the weekend on the following Monday. I called again the next Tuesday and was told that Vitacost is working with Paypal to resolve this issue and that the resolution to this problem is still unknown.

I am very disappointing in's lack of transparency so far in this matter, lack of follow-through with me and failure to resolve this matter and GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!
It has been 19 days so far and I am still being told by you that I must wait.
These are not honorable business practices and I no longer have any confidence in's claims that you intend to resolve this.

Mar 30, 2019

They tried to blame PayPal with my order too!

Mar 27, 2019 - double charged

I was double charged for a purchase I made. What's extra weird about this is that the second charge showed up a day after the first charge did. When I called Vitacost, they couldn't even give me a time frame on when I could get my refund because many people were double charged. Because of being charged twice, it made my bank account balance go negative. I used to be a loyal customer, but I will never shop there again.

Feb 01, 2019 - new chapter bone strength tablets

Shipment arrived today. Glass bottle pills were in was shattered. $36.00 dollar bottle of pills unusable because of the broken glass. I would really like you to send a replacement. Order number [protected]. Order date 1/31/2019 pick ticket #[protected]. Container is [protected] shipping from Nevada. [protected] shipped to Elissa Rush. 6311 Comstock ave apt b Whittier can 90601

New Chapter was bought out by Big Pharma circa 2009. Do not buy from them. Look closely and you will find many of their ingredients are GMO! Many organic companies have sold out, including Garden of Life. Beware! These are not "whole food based" but sell you SYNTHETIC vitamins!

Nov 24, 2016 - i'm very disappointed with vitacost

I purchased 5 bags of cereal from and paid for all 5.
One week passed and I received a notification from them saying that they had only 4 bags left in stock and asked me to contact them as soon as possible. I sent them a message but they did not reply. Then I went to their website, found their phone number and called. Their rep said that they will ship me 4 bags and give me a refund for the fifth bag. Seemed like a great deal and I agreed. I received 4 bags of cereal but they did not keep their promise about my refund. I'm very disappointed with Vitacost.

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