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Apr 27, 2016 - service and shipping

I tried to change the arrival date of my package. I spent an hour trying to get through to the Shipper who could not help me. I spent over an hour between two different Vitacost chat representatives who both assured me the package would be rerouted back to them and my money refunded.

This never happened and the shipper left the package in the parking lot of a different building. Vitacost customer service never got back to me even after leaving multiple emails and speaking with multiple customer service representatives. What a waste of hours of my time.

Order #: [protected]
Order Date: April 20, 2016

Oct 26, 2015 - relentless spamming

I made the mistake of ordering from you, resulting in you spamming me incessantly, relentlessly, despite unsubscribing over and over and even getting a response from a customer service rep promising...

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Mar 29, 2015 - fraudulent charges

Vitacost allows you to charge under one billing name and send it to another online. There are ridiculous amount of complaints online in regard to them. I had multiple fraudulent transactions in a...

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I am consumer of Brazil. Realized Vitacost purchase on site and have not had the product received after 60 days of waiting.
I've sent millions of e-mails and so far nothing.
I demand the product in my house as soon as possible.
my other email: [censored]nercg.cardoso @


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - deceptive and fraudulent advertising practices

they may have low prices but i get a slew of deceptive and outright lying 'coupons' and 'codes' in my email and on their website. they refer to discount that are legalistically worded to suggest savings and discounts, and then when you are done with your purchase, you realize most of what you were lead to believe is EXCLUDED!

my latest experience was on the webiste it said $10 off on orders of $50 or more of vitacost products...most people would assume that items bought on the website would qualify as this is vitacost...but no.

you needed to purchase actual vitacost 'BRANDED' products...of course their offer didn't state the word brand or after adding things to my order to hit over $50, it wouldn't take. assuming their customer service would apply the discount after the purchase, that it was a failure of the website, i made the purchase anyway.

of course their customer service said they meant vitacost BRAND products even though their ad didn't say for $10 they had about 4 agents message me that they wouldn't give me a discount.

i don't care what the prices are, when a website uses deceptive or borderline deceptive advertising practices to bump an order, and then spend voluminous amount of customer rep time to back up the deception, they have not only lost a customer, but gained someone who will spread the word about their deception and anti-customer practices.

I have found their vitacost brand to be utter crap. ANY company like that which sells you their house brand, it's garbage and does nothing. I saved 50% on one item by buying a "house brand" because it had no bad ingredients, the same as the brand name: it does nothing! Most house brands use GMOs and petroleum products, this is a given at any website. BEWARE!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - double charge/hold on money

I have ordered from Vitacost for quite some time and of lately they are changing in not a good way. When I ordered in April 2013 with my debit card I came to the rude awakening that they now have a...

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Mar 03, 2013 - false shipping information

On the website shipping information provided that the DHL Global

Estimated delivery in 8-20 business days
No tracking

DHL Priority

Estimated delivery in 5-10 business days
No tracking

But when I select DHL Priority and pay extra, it turn out that the shipping was even slower then DHL global, talk to the customer service and they denied all responsibilities and saying they have no control once the item left the facility. - false advertising

Buyer beware I've been a long time customer, and been happy until today. They sent an email soliciting a "be well box", sort of a grab bag, for $13.99 that was worth up to $70. Based on their own...

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Dec 21, 2012 - worst experience ever

It took 1 month and half already and shipment still has not arrived yet.
when i ordered from, it took only 4 days to arrive with fee shipping. Vitacost charged me more than 60USD. Vitacost's prices are little less than but it ends up with much more expensive.
Some of products had been confiscated at custom and they refused to refund money even only for this product. they did not even want to pay shipping cost both way. Customer need to take all risks. Customer service are the worst as well. He pretended that he could not understand what i wrote and kept ignoring my question. i had same situation with but they refund it right way. is best. it's better not to buy from worst company ever!


Vitacost always ship late and penalizes the customer

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - order was cancelled, card was still being charged

I wouldn't recommend anyone to shop in this website. Order was cancelled on 10/31/2012. Sent me a letter saying that my credit would not be charged, but still charged my card on 11/5/2012. Transaction went through. Called them a thousand time and they said that it was an authorization hold and they never charged me. Said that they were willing to call the bank with me but then I had to provide them with a direct line to the bank. Where on earth do I find a direct bank phone line! I called the bank and the bank verified that the transaction went though and I filed a claimed with b of a. I contacted vitacost to tell them that my card was being charged that it WASN'T an authorization. They replied me that they are sorry that the bank gave me the wrong information (they said it twice, still didn't admit that it was their fault) and said that they do not hold any responsibility on that. Can you believe that? This company never admits its fault and doesn't have any responsibility. I will never shop here again...and good luck to you guys! Less

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - non receipt of product, dodgey service and charges without authorisation

"ABSOLUTE CRAP! Do not use this company! Got a $10 discount coupon, so ordered items totalling to $19 without discount. So with discount a total of $9. Butt evidently the company decided not to honour and circumvent the discount because they probably thought I was too far away and not worth the shipping cost (in astralia). Here are the order of events which happened:

1. Placed order total $9 for 2 items.
2. Got a cancellation email even though they charged me $6.98
3. After I lodged a paypal dispute, they sent me a shipping notice email but on there stated only one item shipped (the two items were dependent on each other so they shipped me the refill item and not the item which is reqiured to be refilled - essentially useless to me!)
4. THEN was charged another $11 on top of the $6.98!
5. I lodged a charge non-authorisation through Paypal
6. They reversed the $11 charge but the $6.98 charge still remained
7. STILL awaiting product they charged for and APPARENTLY shipped (no tracking) to arrive after 22 days.

Moral of the story, I will continue to pursue Paypal dispute for the $6.98 if I dont received the product. If I do receive the half of the order, it is useless to me without the other half which they knew because its a refill, and I will still be unsatisfied!

NEVER again with this company! They suck! I would rate them ZERO stars if I could!"

I am sincerely sorry for the inconveniences you experienced with the coupon on your previous order, nothappyjan2012. I am more than happy to check into this situation personally and see what I can do. Please email me your order information to [email protected] Thank you in advance for allowing me to assist you!

Catherine Corey
Social Media Marketing

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - vitacost customer tricks

Hello, I have two opens orders with Vitacost

At the site Vitacost in this # FAQIntl4 written the following: "*Due to Brazilian customs delays affecting e-commerce companies worldwide, Vitacost will be temporarily discontinuing delivery to Brazil. We will resume service once we are confident that our packages will reach our Brazilian customers in a reasonable time frame.
If you have already placed an order with us for shipment to Brazil, your package is currently in transit. Please allow 90 days for your package to arrive to you."

After waiting 90 days I contacted Vitacost, I received the following answer: "Thank you for contacting I want to apologize for any and all inconvenience. Unfortunately your orders has exceeded our 60 day limit for a replacement or refund. For Future orders, please contact us within 60 days of ordering if you are needing to inquire about an order. Thank you for contacting"

I await a solution!

Hi there, Marcos. I have refunded this order for you and you should see that within 72 hours. Thanks for your patience!

Catherine C.
Social Media CSR

Apr 09, 2012 - poor customer service poor postal

On February 23, 2012, I bought the some products in the . My order number is [protected]. I spent $75.06. I have decided this package for my wife, mother and child. The Shipping Method is DHL。Tracking Number: is GM5551124770896998 .Destination is China. On March 19, I sent an email to customer service to ask some information about my parcel . The customer service told me all the international order must wait 21 working days. On March 28, I still have not received my package.I want the company to return 100% payment . But the customer service want me to provide some proof that the package is not being held by customs. If I am unable to provide this documentation they can issue a credit for the items minus a 20% restocking fee. China has many customs. I don't know which customs my package is in. So I wanted them to provide tracking number to me or provide proof that said the package arrive to customs. When I wanted Vitacost to offer them for me, they changed the strategy. They told me that my parcel have liquid and they was received information that liquid products are not allowed to be shipped into China. There are liquids on my order and it is possible that my order has been confiscated.
I am really disappointed to hear this news.However, I asked about the customs of the people and some mothers bought the Vitacost’s products.They have not heard of these provisions of the liquid.I am sure that every day there are many customers from China buy Vitacost’s products. These products include solid and liquid. After post, most of them can get these things. So I want VITACOST to provide these specific provisions. I have Chinese customs entry product tax payment table. In the above entry of goods for taxation everything I bought is in line with this policy. From then on, I have never received any reply . I believe that my E-mails are filtered by Vitacost. Every day I send an E-mail, but receive no reply. I have no any method but to turn to the BBB. As a big company, this is not accepted. For the shopping, I'm disappointed. A whole month in the past, I have not received any thing. I'm very disappointed. They want to deduct the freight and the poundage of 20%. This requirement is not acceptaed. I want VITACOST return 100% paid to me or send you a replacement without delay. The shipping method should provide the electronic tracking.

Hi there, sunu. I am sorry for the inconvenience you have experienced. At this time, our policy regarding international orders has changed, and we’re not requiring the documentation for a replacement. If you would prefer a complete replacement, we’re happy to do that for you. We encourage this instead of a refund. The refund is 80% of the product cost, and the remainder is held for restocking fees. If you would like a replacement, we have to apply a temporary fee of $1 per item, plus the cost of UPS Express shipping. This fee is temporarily charged so the package holds value, which is required for crossing US Customs. Once the package is released, we will remove the fees. Please email me to advise how you prefer to proceed. You can reach me directly at [email protected] Thank you so much in advance for allowing me to assist with this matter.

Catherine C
Social Media CSR

Mar 15, 2012 - outdated, damaged, broken seals, horrible customer service representatives and worse supervisors

I have been a Vitacost customer for many years, spent a lot of money purchasing from vitacost and didn’t have a problem until the past two shipments. The items in these last two shipments were thrown into boxes without any bubble wrap or form of protection. As a result the bottles and boxes bounced around in the box with no protection which is probably the part of the reason some of the items in the shipments were damaged. I received bottles of supplements that were dirty, dusty with broken seals, much of the supplements that were sent to me were old or outdated, they posted either one year and some two years dates of manufacturing which renders them old, outdated and unacceptable.
I called for replacement assuming that the person working for Vitacost would understand the problem and fix it. I was shocked that after spending over 15 minutes each on the phone with 2 customer service reps I found them to have an attitude of “I could cared less” both C.S Reps refused to replace the items or issue a return shipping label so I can ship the defective and outdated items back. All they were willing to do was to "allow me" to receive a return authorization to ship them back at my expense!
I asked to speak to a supervisor, was keep on hold for over 25 minutes just to be told that a supervision will call me back shortly.
It took Ashley( the supervisor) over 5 hours to call me back.
She was uncooperative and outright rude to say the least!
I asked for a replacement of the items that I was concerned about, she didn’t even make an attempt to show interest or try to find an amicable solution. Her outlandish position was that “even if the date of the merchandise was old or if the supplements had an expired date it didn’t mean that the item was bad" she claimed that "it migh only be less potent which is fine and acceptable based on vitacost policy ”.

Vitacost used to be a great company to do business with but it has been getting worse and worse as time goes by and Customer of NO service is the worst in the industry which is reflected in the numerous complaints against the company which I have found on several sites and the BBB.

Hi there, nyliving. I am so sorry that you experienced such issues with your previous order. I am happy to personally look at the issues of each of the items and address it accordingly. I have been able to resolve long standing issues in the past for customers so I sincerely hope you will consider allowing me to take the time to assist you. Please email me at [email protected] at your earliest convenience. Thank you in advance for allowing me to help.

Catherine C
Social Media CSR

Mar 15, 2012 - I won't ever use or recommend them to anyone

I recently tried buying supplements from this website but could NEVER get the order to go through. I tried several times and I don't like having to enter my credit card info over and over on a website. I also tried using Paypal to pay and that didn't work either. I won't ever use or recommend them to anyone.

Hello, Semeule. I am sorry that you had some issues making a purchase on our website. It is important that your settings are made in accordance to our requirements so that the page loads properly. You can see those settings here: This should resolve the issues. We would be honored to take the cost out of healthy living for you so please attempt to place that order again at your earliest convenience. If you have further issues, please let me know personally at [email protected] and I would be glad to help. Thanks so much and have a great week!

Catherine C
Social Media CSR

Mar 06, 2012
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - parcel lost and never refund


I have placed an order at VITACOST on 30th Jan 2012 and order number is [protected] and shipped by DHL, but I have not received the parcel yet until now (6th March 2012).

I contacted VITACOST several times and they always evaded the issue and asked me to provide our country customs documentation to prove that the parcel never held by the customs. but does any country customs can provide it? It's very funny! I called our custmos and they never provided it before.

I got the email from the carrier DHL and they proved the parcel never arrived my country, I forwarded this email to VITACOST and they never reply my email and never refund me if no customs documentation.

Their customer service is worst that I have encountered and they seeked pretext everytime and never solve my problem. I am very dissappointed about VITACOST and scared to shopping on it. It is the first and the last time shopping with VITACOST.

Ms Qin - customer service

This is one of the worst customer service oriented companies I've had the displeasure of dealing with. The product I ordered was not what their system sent me. I tried to arrange for a replacement, and their customer service management team would not agree to provide a pre-paid return mailing label. Please save yourself the aggravation, and deal with a more reputable company. One that does not have hundreds of complaints on Better Business sites, and complaint sites. It isn't any wonder that they filed for bankruptcy!

merchandise arrived defective (something had burst open and the entire order=15 items, was covered in oil, greasy and unusable/resellable or too embarrassing to give as a gift)all items were in a ziploc bag and then put in box with no bubble wrap or protection so it just bounced around during transport, which is probably when the damage occurred. Nonetheless when I called for replacement it took over 10 minutes to get a live person and then that person was unsympathetic and unapologetic. She could replace the item that leaked, except I couldn't tell which item leaked. She didn't care and offered no other resolution so I am trying to return the entire order (bummer since some were gifts and I have to order from somewhere else now)and am writing my experience, which was not good and will not use this company again" I have never written a review before but feel so strongly about NEVER USE VITACOST I registered at a number of sites to let others know.


My comment posted to the wrong complaint... but this one is worse. OVER 2 WEEKS?


I read this complaint and saw that it took 7 DAYS for the company to respond to the complaint. 7 DAYS. That's too long. I would like to know, simply out of curiosity if the customer's complaint was dealt with since the response is almost a month old. I hope the customer comes back to comment

Hi there, iamozzie. I am sincerely sorry that you received the incorrect item and experienced unsatisfactory customer service. I am glad to assist you in resolving that as soon as possible. Please send me the order information at your earliest convenience. My email is [email protected] and I look forward to corresponding with you.

Catherine C
Social Media CSR

Hi there, myonline review. I'm glad I was able to personally assist you after a review posted on another website was located. I’m so glad that you were pleased in the end! We look forward to a wonderful business relationship with you. I hope you're having a nice Friday, and have a wonderful weekend.

Catherine C.
Social Media CSR
[protected] - misleading advertising

After receiving my first order, saving 25%, I was thrilled. It came on time and was perfect. I referred several friends via the Vitacost "refer a friend program". My friends get a $10 coupon and I will as well, upon my friends first order. All of my friends who signed up did not get the coupon as promised. The "live chat" on their website is vacant and the person who answers the 800 number says they can't help. After having some email dialogue, it became apparent to me my friends were all getting the run around. There is no coupon. It was just a clever way to get people to sign up. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY.

Feb 15, 2012

I have advised the people I referred to not give up. It took my father literally over 50 e-mail correspondences before you guys finally got worn down and credited his $10. One of the people I referred was told today, after weeks of correspondence, that a web processing error on your end prevented the coupons from being issued, so how can you say the program is working properly?

Hi there, cruzenman. We would like to assist you because this is certainly a program that is in place and working properly here. Please email me with the first and last names of the people you’ve referred as well as their email address to [email protected] Once I receive that I can investigate further and get back with you!

Catherine C
Social Media CSR

Jan 31, 2012

I agree. There is absolutely no coupon code issued. No one I refereed got their coupon either. Customer service via chat, telephone and e-mail were of no help. They say it must have gone into spam folders - which is not the case - and that there is nothing they can do to help. One person even set up an account with a different e-mail provider to see if that might work. They get tons of ads from Vitacost but no $10 coupon. Its a scam plain and simple.

Hi there, biteme_saf. My name is Catherine from customer service with I am sorry that you had some trouble with the Refer A Friend program we offer. When the program is followed properly the codes should be received. I am happy to discuss what was done in your situation to find the error and correct it moving forward. These are the following steps to receive the codes:

1. Refer someone
2. Person receives email with link to create account
3. 2nd email comes with $10 code to apply to first order
4. When the order with that code is shipped/invoiced, a 3rd email will release with $10 code for the person who referred the new customer.

If you followed this and still feel there is an error, please write me with your concerns to [email protected] I am happy to assist you and I can assure you that this is a real program. Thank you for choosing and have a great day!

Catherine C
Social Media CSR
[protected] - lack of service - won't deliver

DO NOT ORDER FROM VITACOST - they will rip you off and sell your credit card info to others! Very dangerous company. I tried to order product but they refused to ship it. VITACOST has over 300 Complaints with the local BBB - wow! Scary so many people are ripped off by these people. Vitacost needs be shut down by the Attorney General's Office.

I've read over 400 online complaints too. something is a miss with them!

May 18, 2013

Something is very, very, very wrong with Every time I place an order with them online, my bank account (debit card) gets FRAUDULANT charges! help! And I mean BLEEDING OUR BANK ACCT DRY! At first, we weren't sure of the connection to vitacost, since the bank can't really track down the fraud person. However, we've recently noted the pattern that seems to connect it to vitacost: When we had to cancel my debit card the 2nd time, we used my husband's debit card for a vitacost order til my card came. And guess what? This time, the fraudulant activity occurred on my husband's card. EEks. Also, we found out that the fraudsters also had our home address! And the only place we knew of that had both our home address AND name AND my husband's credit card AND my previous debit card was Of course we can't prove anything definite (though we're planning to get the police on it to do so), the pattern with vitacost is very scary. Also, I've had a LOT of problems with receiving orders from vitacost that are a mess -- eg, stuff leaks out because it's very poorly packed (ie, stuff thrown in upside down that leaks). So at this point I'm having serious concerns about them.

Hi there, BigJoe123. I am sorry for your negative experience and would like to assist you. Please email me, [email protected], your order information so that we can determine the reason for cancelation and perhaps replace that order for you. We sincerely appreciate you allowing us the chance to assist you in advance.

Catherine C.
Social Media CSR

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - expired supplements

Several months ago, I placed an order with Vitacost for supplements. These arrived expired-several months pasted the expiration date. I returned at Vitacost expense and received a new order. Those...

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