[Resolved] Virgin Active South Africa / subject - phone stolen in ladies bathroom, now adidas voucher code lost

New Market, Alberton, South Africa
Contact information:

Description - Date of incident - 4/6/2017
Cell phone Number of member/client - [protected]
Description of incident - Deoche (member of Virgin Active New Market in Alberton) went to bathroom to wash off face after gym around 13:15 on Sunday the 4 June. When I (Deoche) left bathroom, I forgot my cell phone on the basin. 2 Hours later I realized my phone is missing, and realized I left my phone on the Basin. I called immediately to the gym around 15:30, and they advised me there are no phones lying around, and no phones was handed in. I also took a drive to the gym to have a look myself, but saw nothing. On Sundays, there are not many people at gym between the times of 13:15 and 15:15 when we realized phone was gone. It just seems the required efforts are not being put in from Virgin Active side. Toni who assisted with my membership (And please note I am only a member of the gym for a week now), advised he has been in contact with head office as we have not yet used the Adidas voucher sent to the phone number [protected], but they keep sending him from Pillar to post. Please assist in retrieving the Adidas voucher or send a new Adidas voucher code as I would not be a happy client if I was to lose my phone and the R750 Adidas voucher. There has been no email correspondence where I have been mentioned in, but Toni at Virgin Active advised he sent email. Please refer to Toni at Virgin Active as well as myself for any urgent feedback. Thanks

  • Resolution statement

    I received a new voucher code via email, case resolved.

Jun 09, 2017

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