Virgin Active South Africaregistration + gym membership monthly fee: inadequate information, lack of follow up from management and unreliable staff!!

To be brief Im just happy that my 1year contract is coming to an end as I signed up on the 29th January with an emlpoyee whose details I have in my possession. The idea of joining up with VA was meant to bring a lot of hardwork resulting in a positive outcome as I was battling with my weight. Instead from the word go, I was given a lot of misinformation by this employee, which at times was short of whats in the contract itself. I brought this up with the General Manager who responded to say he will look into this, which later turned out to be a 'cold case' as he went dead on me after he was 'moved to another unit'

Last time I set foot at VA was in June/July 2016...i still have a trail of emails at my disposal between myself and VA regarding the issue above here, have lost my recording which I did on my cellphone when I was signed up by the employee, which was proof that the employee misinformed just to make sales, as I came in with my wife to sign up. Your customer service is a gonna say it again...its a mess and disgusting.

I just hope Mr Izak Labuschagne reads this, in order to bring some sense to his employees, as this might cost the company in future.

My name is Mr Mawethu K Rune, call me and I will forward you all the correspondence. Am just glad am done with you guys, and you can take my money, as you did the past 11months and continue to grow the VA empire at my cost, and others who never complained before.

Jan 26, 2017

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