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ROODEPOORT, South Africa

I have been a member at Virgin Active Little Falls since 2010 - it was a flagship club at the time, but sad to say it is no longer the case. To be honest the club has a moth eaten feel to it.

The dumbbells in the functional area are dirty and the plastic is broken. The machines on the floor are rusted and not looked after.

The chin-up machine was taken away in October '16 and upon enquiring I was told that is would not be replaced as the make was of poor quality, never mind what the members want.

I was on the treadmill tonight (which I might add most of the treadmills look sad) running at 10.5 just for it to cut out and stop, at that speed, stating the equipment had been locked out and call a technician. This is a serious risk and I could have dislocated my knee or my back, it is not the first time that this happens.

The front staff often talks to somebody else and is preoccupied instead of greeting in a friendly manner.

Is this what members can expect and pay for going forward.

Feb 2, 2017

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