Virgin Active South Africa / losing my possessions

Sandton, ZA

Hi My name is Clifford Dome, my membership card # is [protected]. I am based at the Sandton club. I am disgusted with the service I have received from the club lately. On Thursday I went on the club as usual left my gym bag in the locker and with a padlock on. I went to work so I'd take the bag later on my way home as it is convenient for me to do so. I am working for Nedbank just few blocks away from the gym. Unfortunately we had a water crisis at work of which were advised to go and work from home. I went home and I remembered on my way that I forgot to fetch my gym bag however I thought well it's in the locker with a padlock on and can always go get it the following day. I went there on Friday afternoon the 24th of Nov around 3pm.When I got to the locker the padlock must have been broken because it wasn't there and neither was my bag there. I asked the guy that normally cleans there he said I must check at the reception because about 3 padlocks that where left the overnight where clamped and the bags in the lockers taken to the storeroom. At the reception I spoke with Gontse he asked what was in the bag and what colour it was he went to fetch it for me it was the right bag with all the contents still there except my black n white size 7 Puma sneakers. My toiletry bag, my towel, gym waiste belt, white tshirt and gloves were still there. I enquired about that he asked me to come with to check in the storeroom there was nothing he said that he and whoever he was with did check and there were no sneakers in my bag.We went back to reception were he called the person to verify if he had seen the sneakers or not don't know what the person at the other end of the phone said but when he dropped the phone Gontse said according to the person there was no sneakers however they will call me if they mysteriously reappear. What i totally find strange in all this is they said they checked the bag and how is that eveything else is there apart from the sneakers of which I am 100% sure where there. The sad part is that within the space of 6months it's a second time losing my sneakers. The first time it happened it was my Adidas sneakers just about 6 months ago because I was never really sure where I had lost them so I never followed up on this because then I realised just a day after when I was home that my sneakers were gone. Even then I did enquire at the reception of which I was taken to the storeroom to check with the staff member and i was not lucky to find them till to date. This time I am sure the sneakers where there and they mysteriously disappeared. This is just beyond me and I am extremely disgusted and frustrated by all of this because within the space of 6 months it's the second time I am losing my sneakers under strange circumstances. As such I suggest someone does something about this as a matter of urgency as failure to do so I will be left with no other choice but to take this matter further wether go the CPA route, ombuds, media or any other legal route in my disposal. I personally do not want it to go down that route I just want what is mine back. I think that someone shouldn't have broken my padlock if there is a lack of honesty and integrity amongst the staffmembers because I am convinced if I went to the locker with that padlock still intact I will still have my sneakers. I am hoping to get feedback in this matter soon and finding an acceptable resolution to this unfortunate event. My Contact details are as follows:
From an extremely unhappy client...

Nov 25, 2017

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