Virgin Active South Africa / cancellation fee which basically is fluid and depends on whether they are in a good mood

durban, South Africa

Virgin active customer care department is really bad, the only people who are nice are the sales people who want your money and once they have it you stop being a human but become an animal. I am very disappointed at how the cancellation fee works, I phoned my friend telling her that I am going to cancel my membership fee based on the following reasons:
1. I have only gone there once since I joined
2. I cant afford to pay for something I don't use
3. I will be going for a year abroad in January so I might as well prepare and the money will assist me wit the visa costs.

Unfortunately/fortunately my friend told me that she just cancelled hers and they wanted a 40% cancellation fee and she said she doesn't have it so they made it to be 20% cancellation fee. So why did she get a discount and I don't, this is unethical and would like the public to assist me on where I can go to lay a complaint. I even agreed to their 40% but asked for a payment arrangement and they refused. so why must I pay for something I don't use with money I don't have. when I try to be responsible and ask for working solution I am being denied this. Surely I have rights.

Oct 29, 2018

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