Virgin Active South Africabehaviour in change rooms

I want to believe, that in a Democratic Country, such as S.A. (supposed to be), that I can choose whom I want to see naked. But at the VA gyms you don't have a choice, the people is walking around all naked to and fro from the showers, shower with open doors, and even use the toilets without closing the door?? Standing naked after their shower, chatting or rather yelling to the persons next to them, lifting their legs, applying cream, comb their hair, do their make- up, and then at last, before leaving putting on their clothes. It is not that I am shy, or shamefull of my own body, but it is a matter of respect. Are'nt ones body supposed to be private?? I also would like to use the steamroom, but would not put my toe in there in a million years, what happened to the hygienic rule that you need to sit there with unerwear or a costume wrapped in a towel? Now it is naked bodies, dripping of sweat, and all the other jiggie things from sitting without at least a pantie, and session after session, changing bodies on the same spot?? How hygenic is that?? I don't want to complain without coming up or suggest a solution. Seeingly that there is no individual changing rooms, I don't expect them to change in the toilets like me and my friends do, but at least, they can cover themselves with a towel to the shower and back, dry themselves in the shower, and at least put on a pantie and a bra before they exit the shower. And for the steamroom, wear a costume or a pantie and a bra, and wrap yourself in a towel. And also how grose is it, to brush you teeth in the hand basin? what about doing it before you came to the gym? This complaint is done by me, but thousand of us is feeling the same about this. I can get you a signed petition on facebook within hours, if you want me to. Looking forward to hear from you VA. Kind Regards Bobby van der Westhuizen (A.J)
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