Virgin Active / gym membership rejected

I have 2 emails to send that have been sent to the Steenberg Gym. Please supply an email address.

Dr Albri and his wife are Germans who have been attending your Gym for 15 years or more and recently saw a gentleman with myself present as I am a friend and agreed on a contract where they have membership suspended whilst they are overseas. If not mistaken they paid nearly R6000 each for this deal as it was cheaper than one off membership when they visited, You will see the records for years and although this was requested was never sent.

They have now been advised that they never took this option and Virgin will not believe them and the consultant who admitted in front of us had slipped up as the Germans were never told to send an email to suspend membership and if they now want to use the Gym they would need to pay again. This is really unacceptable and needs to be rectified immediately. They leave again 10 December till Jan 2018

Nov 29, 2017

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