Vinted / 18k gold ring... that it's fake

California City, CA, United States
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Mi primera compra, un anillo de 18k oro verdadero, me ha contestado la vendedora qie si lo era, y compre un estuche de maquillaje, despes de esperar a que ella lo emviara por cuatro dias, lo compre el 28 y llego el 5 de mayo, antes de asectarlo lo llebo al joyero para la prueba de acido y resulta que es un anillo chapado de oro en bronze. Si go la norma les explico que pasa y mando fotos, me manda vinted un mensaje diciendo que lo siente, el segundo mensaje que mande mas fotos, yo mando mas fotos y direccion the la tienda y telefono donde ha sido provado el anillo, hoy me manda otra reprencentante este mensaje awui tiene una copia
Hi there,

I'm very sorry that your bundle wasn't as described. 😞

Please talk to your seller about the situation and then decide which solution works best for you:

➢Your seller can refund you without you returning the bundle back. If they agree to do that, simply reply to this message with a screenshot of the message confirming that.

➢ Your seller can reimburse you for those damaged/not as described items outside the Vinted, for example through PayPal. Once they refund you for them, we can release your payment for the seller.

➢You can return the whole bundle back in order to receive a full refund. If that is your decision, you will have to provide us with the return tracking number and a copy of the receipt within 5 days.

Here are some ways you can return the package:

➢ You can purchase the return shipping label online at

➢ You can get the shipping label at your post office, **don't forget to ship the package with tracking.**

Currently, we don't have the ability to reimburse buyers for purchases made outside our payment system -- including shipping labels -- so that's why we refund your "original" shipping cost instead. If you'd like to return the item for a full refund, you don't need to wait for your seller's approval.

As soon as I receive a photo of your receipt showing the tracking number and the tracking shows it has been scanned, I'll issue a refund.

Please let me know which option works best for you. If you have trouble coming to a solution - let me know and I'll do anything I can to help. 😉

Talk to you soon,

Marija || Team Vinted

Porque tengo que hablar con la vendedora si lo he comprado en vinted no afuera y yo no le he mandado dinero a ella, ha salido de mi cuenta de banco por vinted

What shuld talk to the seller she want themoney, i have purchase this inside vinted, money had been taken from vinted.
This is rediculous, im very piss custumer, i had been scam from saller and from vinted given me the excuse the i have purchases this out of the side.


May 8, 2017

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