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Village Inn / discrimination

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ok so my car was broke down and they were fixing it so i had two bags with me . so im hungry so i go to the village inn on 48 st by globeville i ve been going to village inn for a number of years my friend mark lives in village inn hes a painter and works nights in grand junction co we know all the waitresses manger any one who works there we know. we spend alot of money in that place. just to lt you know . anyway in denver 48 street i walk in to get a table i say table for one . so the guy there starts saying well alot time your type come in and dont buy anything . so i ask him what type is that? he was talking about homeless people i think. he like you know what type . do you have any money? all the years well in all my life ive never been asked if i had money going into a place to eat. i dont know if thats the normal way you do things when people that look homeless come in. i know this he didnt ask anyone else if they had even after that i was very hungry i was going to let it go he keep going on like he didnt ant me there so finally i ask him why he was being this way to me but not no body else. so he say if you dont like leave . so being really hungry i say im not leaving im going to eat. he starts saying hes calling the cops and i have to go. so to be honest at this point i cussed him out . im a pretty calm person normal but theres only so much a person can put up with . i cussed him they i left thats as far as it went . if the cops came i dont know. if village inn is going to stereotype people and discriminate against them just because they think there homeless thats pretty messed up. if it was a black person youd take that very serious .the fact is im not even homeless. who is this guy to judge every person who comes in and decide this person can come in this one cant.if you dont make this right . one you will lose customer . i will be telling others about this so i know hundreds of people who go to village inn some of them might go to denny or i hop i know to a multi billion dollar corporation five ten people even hundred isnt much but you should care more about people and not so much about the money. also if there is a legal way i can sue i will. so think it over and next time dont be so judge mental get staff in there who care and arent just there for a pay check if you got people who are angry get rid of them thats all my name billy

Oct 10, 2018
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  • Vi
      11th of Oct, 2018
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    Hi, Billy. My name is Matt and I'm with Village Inn Guest Relations. I'm so sorry about the incident at this location. If you could email me at with some contact information, in particular, your phone number, then we would greatly appreciate it. Again, my email address is I look forward to hearing from you.

    Matt Rampey
    Guest Relations

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