Viking River Cruises / cities of light tour

Glenmoore, PA, United States

My husband and I are still in recovery mode from a November 2013 Viking River Cities of Light Tour. We arrived in Paris after a red-eye flight out of Newark with our tour group on Friday morning. Per arrangements made by Viking, exhausted, we proceeded to our seedy hotel room replete with stained rugs and chair. In addition, our room was directly across from an after hours club that opened at 3 AM. The loud noise was incredibly disruptive to our ability to sleep. The hotel staff were rude and unattentive. Oh boy, what next! We left early Sunday morning by bus and traveled to Luxembourg where we spent a few hours. We got back on the bus for a very long, exhausting bus ride to the Viking Prestige. When we arrived at our room, we were shocked to open our suitcases and find wet clothes. Our stewardess was wonderful and laundered our clothes the following day. She was one of the few positives we encountered throughout the trip. Due to high water, we sat in Bernkastel from Sunday to Wednesday. Passengers boarded busses during the day and the boat traveled through the night to ply catch up. So much for sitting on the boat while viewing the scenery. If you enjoy looking out a bus window, you will love this trip. It was a BUS TOUR! We arrived in Prague, the final destination to stay at the Hilton Hotel. The hotel was quite nice but was in a tenderloin area that was not near anything of interest. Why did we not stay at the Hilton in Old Town where we would have been able to walk around and take in the sights! I can honestly say that this was the worst trip of my entire life. It was my husband's first trip to Europe and his disappointment was palpable. I spent time trying to contact Viking reps and was finally told we would be given a 15 percent discount on our next Viking cruise. Are you kidding me! This trip was not worth the cost, the money demanded and tied up for the trip many months in advance, our time, and on and on.

Jan 14, 2015

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