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I posted here about a month ago.

Short story: Bought a timeshare in Nuevo Vallarta last year. They promised to have a previously owned Shell Vacations timeshare sold in addition they sold us a rental package. Well neither happened.

Longer Story: My recently deceased husband would always handle this kind of stuff, so I was kind of lost on what to do. I told a friend about how I was stuck with this Vida timeshare and they recommended a third party who had a lot of experience in this field. I contacted him and he agreed to help me.

He put in a request to cancel it after I told him how I was lied to. Vida didn't like that and said they would only cancel/refund my contract after:

I told the person I would work with him. Vida didn't want to work with a third party, even though it is my right . So I canceled my agreement with him. They still refused to refund.

Then they said send us a copy of his contract. So I did. Then a Vida lawyer calls me to ask me some stupid questions. Still no refund.

Then they ask how we found this person. I told them I heard about him through a friend who used him. And this person didn't want their name used because their settlement included confidentiality. If Vida knew they spoke they could go after them for the settlement. Karen Rose who has been the voice of Vida during this told me unless I gave the name I would not receive a refund. So Karen told me twice I would get a refund and never delivered. Kind of a theme at Vida.

Vidanta sales conspired with brokers to deceive me and countless others. Ms. Rose constantly refers to Vida's legitimacy so how do they consider deception and out right fraud to be legitimate?

They are shameless!!


Dec 15, 2014
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  • Ma
      Mar 02, 2016

    It is always best to hire someone skilled to do so, unfortunately in most cases these companies dedicated to cancel timeshares usually cheat for the second time to their customers since they are vulnerable and desperate. If you are thinking of hiring them you just have to make sure you do not have to make any payment upfront ... I found these articles that speak precisely about this, you should read them, that might help you to resolve many doubts:

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