Victoria's Secret / won't return my item with receipt/tags attached (1 week)

Lynnwood, WA, United States

I recently had a baby and as you know, your body is different afterwards. Also, it is hard to try hints on in the stir for size. Often I will buy things but try them on at home. If they don't work, I'll return them but have saved the department store the stress of a crying baby in the fitting room. Yesterday I went to Victoria Secret to return a lingerie set that I had purchased in a prior different color and was now on sale. I knew the fit would work, but unfortunately didn't try it on because I had the baby with me. When I got home, I realized I didn't like the color on my skin tone. I promptly returned the set with receipt to the store. The store denied my return. They said I had done too many of them. I inquired because I always have a receipt. It's hard to know if something will work or not but I always have my receipt if it doesn't, and tags attached. They said they use a company to determine the returns and they denied my return and refused to do it(this was the manager). Same response received with pushing off their explanation on the return that was denied by a third party company they hired when I asked for help online.
I frequently shop at Victoria Secret to the point where they just recently sent me a $90 reward card in the mail. They will no longer receive any further business. Sadly, I used to joke how VS was my second home. They have made a situation that could've easily been resolved, wrong!

Victoria's Secret

Jun 16, 2015

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