Victoria's Secretunethical behavior

I was shopping at the paddock mall in Ocala, Florida.. I spent almost $200.00 that day, I'm a Victoria Secret card holder and that day I received a free beanie and a free bottle of sweet and flirty mist. I left and went home I live about 35 miles from Ocala I got home and my bottle of fragrance mist wasn't in my bag.. I called the store and told a lady that it wasn't in my bag, and she said that she remembers that and when I come back just bring my receipt and they will just pull it from inventory and give it to me, ok I had no problem with that.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Ocala, FL I work for publix and work 40 to 50 hours a week and it took me about a month to come back, I didn't think it was gonna be a big deal but when I spoke to the manager her name is Debra she scolded me in front of associates and customers and told me that I should have came earlier and that she didn't know anything about the situation, and I said can you not talk to the girl who rang me up she would remember what happened, I said I was sorry that it took to long but I was the one that was inconvienced.. She said that she would have to pull cameras and I said ok do what you have to do, I said that I live 35 miles away and she said so I live in Lecanto and I drive that far I said ok why does this have anything to do with what happened to me? She talked to me like I was a thief or was trying to get something that didn't belong to me or something, i"ve never been talked to like that before, my husband had to intervene and he never says anything impolite to anyone.. Thats not the way that you treat customers, I was embarrassed of the way she was speaking to me and im really thinking about tearing this credit card up and never shopping at Victoria secret ever again. Its really a shame because those are the only bras I wear...

Jan 16, 2017

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