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Victoria's Secret - false advertising

on 11/28/16 I purchased over $125 worth of clothing/fragrances from the website, part of the cyber Monday sale was a free vs bag. When I went to check out the offer wasn't listed. on 11/29/16 I...

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Victoria's Secret - product quality

I have been a loyal VS customer for years, in fact so much that until now I have only wear bras from VS. which is why I am sad to say that because of the last 4 bras I have purchased I will not be...

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Victoria's Secret - my bank card was cloned in your store

Hi I went to New York last week for 5 days I went in to your New York store on 5 the Ave and spent over £200 to come home and find that my bank account had been cloned and over £700 was taken from my account !!!
I only used my bank card in your store and it's the only account that was cloned !!
I just wanted you to no so you can look in to it has also caused me problems with having to wait for my bank accounts to be sorted and direct debts not going out of my account also having all my bank cards stopped and waiting for new ones to come threw
It's just put a sad note on a great break and it's a shop that I like to use

Victoria's Secret - employee

Victoria's Secret store located in Santa Rosa Mall, Mary Esther, Florida has hired a male employee that has been arrested for Domestic Abuse and has been admitted into the Psychiatric Hospital twice...

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Aug 22, 2016

Victoria's Secret - terrible!!

Ordered some lingerie from Victoria's Secret website! I always went to their stores but this time I decided to order online and the whole thing was a nightmare! I received an incorrect size order and when I contacted customer service they said that there was nothing they could do and said that it was actually my fault that I picked the wrong size!
I ordered online because I really hate our local Victoria's Secret store. Employees there are rude and nasty - I hate them! But I really love VS products, so I decided order from their online store. Well, I must say that their online customer service is as horrible as their store staff. Messages were written in rudely manner and they refused to help! Terrible!

Victoria's Secret - body mist

The Victoria Secret at Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York are really racist and discrimanated against me at the store while I was looking to make a exchange earlier today. I received a set of Victoria Secret sprays and lotions for mothers day, which I did not like ( love spell). I carried the items I wanted to exchange in a plastic bag. While I was looking for one of my favorite scents at the store a associate came up to me asking me if I wanted a shopping bag for my items that I wanted to return, as a former retail worker I know that when a associate ask do I want a shopping bag for the items that is in a bag they assume that you are stealing. Being a African American women I felt like I was really discriminated against and I was suspected of stealing and what is sad I was with my son while they approached me and ask me such a rude and disrespectful question and had the nerves to kick me out of the store. I do not think that it is right to assume that I am stealing and walk up to me asking me if I want a bag for my already purchased item as a way of saying that I am stealing and I need to pay for them because I work a full time job and go to nursing school full time as well. To assume that I am stealing in front of my son at that deserves a law suit. I will not tolerate this act at all.

I need to receive a store credit for the inconvience and for being kicked out of the mall and the store because the associates suspected that I was stealing when I had my son. Who in the right mind will steal with there child. I do not have time to ever go to a shopping mall and when I do have time to make a exchange for an unwanted item I was suspected of stealing and was asked to leave the store and the mall after standing up for my self and the terrible services that I have receive. Because of that I was unable to go to other stores to buy my son clothes for his birthday. I will find a way to sue Victoria Secret because of this terrible encounter. I need a $100.00 gift card from this store.


I've been asked that same question before, offered a shopping bag, and I am not African American. What are you trying to say??

Victoria's Secret - beauty exchange thru mail

I love this company and I am devastated. I easily spend 1000s of dollars here every year. That is going to end permanently if this problem is not resolved. I got a bunch of secret rewards cards for myself and my family. We got beauty items that ended up causing a bad skin reaction on me and weren't my families first choice of flavors either so I called the company and someone put me on hold talked to the beauty department and got back on the phone and told me to send them in for an exchange. I did. And I sent them the receipts. $400 in products have disappeared and no one has notated a thing but a pair of leggings in that same box got refunded to me. So where's my stuff? Ashley E offered me a measly $50 which isn't even CLOSE to being acceptable.

Mar 11, 2016

Victoria's Secret - poor quality clothing

When you go to the Victoria's Secret website, you see really cool pictures, beautiful clothes and models. They are actually putting all their money into this, to make you waste your money. I also fell for it. I've ordered several items from this website and when my order arrived I was extremely disappointed! Things I received looked nothing like pictures! I thought that ordering from this company would be safe because they are well know! Well, I must say that this company is not trustworthy! It seems like all the girls on their photos wear high quality clothes, and that things their customers receive are just poorly made copies. Never again!

Feb 25, 2016

Victoria's Secret - avoid this company!

I purchased over $150 worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret about a month ago and received nothing yet. Called the company numerous times and never received any explanations. When I ordered I used their tracking system, but then something went wrong and I cannot use it anymore, and I have no idea where my order is. Finally I received a message from them saying they resent my order, but of course I had paid extra for shipping. I still haven't received the package. Better avoid this company and save your money.

Jan 05, 2016

Victoria's Secret - don't buy gift cards from this company!

I purchased a gift card as a Christmas present for my sister. When my sister tried to use it, the cashier told her there was nothing on the gift card. We contacted the customer service and they told that card already had been used. We claimed that we never used it before, but they said there was made an online order with it. But my sister never placed any online orders! We asked for help, but their agent told there was nothing they could do. We decided to go back to the store and try again, but the same thing happened. Cashier said they often have problems with gift cards, that she is very sorry, but there is nothing she could do to help us. We were very upset. Don't buy gift cards from this company, it's a big risk.

Victoria's Secret - id required even with a receipt!!

I went to return some sweat bottoms I received from my aunt for Christmas. Fortunately, she always includes the receipts with gifts just in case they don't fit. So I hand the receipt to the clerk at VS/Palmdale CA mall and he tells me I need an id to return. Well I'm a teen with absolutely no id except a school id which he says is unacceptable. I ask what kind of id could I have if I don't drive he says a passport!! Really a passport, I always go mall shopping with a passport. These clothes are marketed to teens and we definitely buy them but we can't return them! I end up getting my mom and now they want her id and she doesn't even shop here! Even with a receipt I can't get my money back so in the end I tell them to return the money to my aunts debit card. When my aunt gave this to me for Xmas I don't think she imagined that I would get nothing out of it! Ridiculous that their average customers they market to are teen girls and yet we cannot make a return!! I hope other people realize it doesn't matter whether or not you have a receipt they treat you awful. I ended up getting nothing from my aunt for Xmas thanks VS/PINK!

Dec 15, 2015

Victoria's Secret - horrible attitude!

I decided to buy some goodies from Victoria's Secret for my trip. But I couldn't buy anything for myself, because they don't have any items above size 3! They only have products for skinny girls. So, if you are size 0 you can find there something pretty. Well, I came to the store, but those skinny salesgirls were ignoring me. I looked everywhere for my size, but didn't find anything, so I asked for help. But those hasty little girls just giggled at me. And then I was rudely told „Sorry, lady, but Victoria's Secret does not have anything for women your size”! They giggled again and went away. At the end I finally found a nice looking bra and went to the counter. But I got the same attitude there. But they finally found my size. Then took out my Prada wallet, her attitude changed immediately! I Then I told her that I've changed my mind and I'll better go somewhere else where I can find products for „Women my size!”. made sure she rang it up, and did everything...then I told her I changed my mind and was going somewhere that caters to " women my size!". Horrible attitude! I was really shocked!

Victoria's Secret - poor treatment

I was being fitted and was wanted my step mother and my father to make sure it was correct on me, the next thing I know my dad was being told to leave the store because a lady was uncomfortable. The...

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Victoria's Secret - $15 gift card when getting card

Having gone on the VS website, I saw that if you ordered a credit card through them you'd receive a $15 coupon. So I thought this was a great deal so I ordered the credit card and was told I'd get the $15 coupon in the mail with my card.
When I received the card there was no coupon, so I called VS and stated this. They told me that the coupon came separately and that it would arrive at a different date. So I waited for it to arrive.
When it still had not arrived I contacted VS again and stated this, they then told me that it should have come in the original envelope and I needed to phone in to credit card services.
I did this and they told me they "are not allowed to re-send these coupons but they'll send me a $10 gift card." While I appreciate the fact that they are sending a $10 gift card it is 1. not the same as the original value promised and 2. The $15 coupon was the ONLY reason I signed up in the first place.

Victoria's Secret - won't return my item with receipt/tags attached (1 week)

I recently had a baby and as you know, your body is different afterwards. Also, it is hard to try hints on in the stir for size. Often I will buy things but try them on at home. If they don't work...

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Victoria's Secret - defective sport bra front zipper

New line sport bra zipper deceive - zip head came off zipper - tried to exchange it and mgr at west Edmonton mall says must have receipt that they don't do life time warranty - it is their new line n...

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Victoria's Secret - manager

Date : January 17 2015
Hello, first off i would like to say I am a frequent shopper at my local V.S. store, online as well. But today was not satisfactory at all. The manager of this particular store which I have included the address and phone number, the manager currently as of January 17 2015, belittled me and my daughter so badly. I never take the time to write complaints and dislike to, but I feel I have to for the sake of others. She harassed us about our time in store. I went outside twice to smoke a cigarette because my daughter likes to take her time and pick out exactly what she wants. The manager then rudely told me in a very sarcastic way "every time you go outside, we lose money", I asked her what do you mean and she looked at me like I was dumb. She shook her head and said "never mind", as if i was ignorant. All the other workers in the store looked down on us like we were trash, except Barbara, the most normal human being there. After telling Barbara who I was, the manager went in the back and stayed there awhile. I am a business man but would prefer to remain anonymous. When the manager found out who I was, she came out and treated us so kindly, like we were the best... I truly felt demoralized and judged on my appearance. I would like to say she should be replaced by someone more of the nature of a good nice human being. Thank you for your time.

Was promised if I signed up for the credit card I would receive a book of coupons that would get me discounts and special deals. I signed up for the credit card was approved and then never received said coupons. When I informed the company I was told it wasn't their issue. Not very happy. Thank you.

this has been a common problem with me and Victoria's Secret. Manipulation of coupons and promotions with returns as well.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - terrible service

The Email I sent:
I am beyond dissatisfied with my Victoria’s Secret interactions as of late. Firstly, I ordered a Kiss of Cashmere Double V-neck Tunic Sweater on December 7th and received a confirmation email shortly thereafter. I did not get a tracking email for about a week, however, I had received an email ASSURING me I would get my package before CHRISTMAS. When I finally got the tracking email there were no updates, it only said shipped from Ohio which I know is where your headquarters are. I waited and got another email saying there was a delay but not to worry I would get my package on time. Finally, I then got an email saying my money was refunded. Christmas is in fact ruined for myself as I really wanted this item, I hope you guys are extremely satisfied. I have spent thousands of dollars at Victoria’s Secret and I will never purchase anything again. I can’t help but feel totally discriminated against. I doubt anything like this has ever happened to a woman with your Angels credit card. Not only am I not getting my sweater, you guys also held my money hostage for about a month and I therefore am not able to put in another order for anything else (definitely not from your soon to be bankrupt store) and have it get here on time for Christmas. I believe you guys had NOT sent out my package and were trying to fill it but there were no more sweaters in my size and color. Yet instead of refunding my money immediately, you held on to it. What kind of unethical treatment is that? I have never heard of such a thing. When I called to figure out what was happening since I had not received my sweater your customer service center had the audacity to blame shipping problems. I did my Christmas shopping across many internet sites including:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Every single package, including multiple orders from some sites, has arrived except yours. You should contact those sites and learn how to treat customers. I know they had a busy Christmas as well and they still managed to get my gifts here on time. To add insult to injury I just received a package devoid of my sweater with a Secret reward card that expired on December 19th, today is December 23rd. How dare you treat customers like this. What makes you think that is ok? I look forward to acquiring your New clothing on Ebay at less than half price. I know I will be getting my money’s worth. Merry Christmas to me.
Remove my address from any mailing lists and do not contact me again.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - even exchange

I was visiting my daughter in buffalo and exited to provide her with 500+ in purchases I had made on Long Island . When I got there my daughter informed me she was a size small not medium. We took a ride to exchange sizes and because I didn't have my receipt they made me pay an extra 20.00 per item. Who ever heard of that when I wasn't asking for credit or refund. I was asking for size exchange.

BEWARE!!! VS is ripping us off when ordering from the catalog! They are taxing the shipping and handling and then a SECOND tax of that total!! That is TAX FRAUD!!! I will never order on line again...please BEWARE OF THE DOUBLE TAX THAT VICTORIA SECRET IS CHARGING ITS CONSUMERS!!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - credit

My husband purchased Christmas gifts for me from Victoria Secret, he used his credit card, When I wanted to return the items they would not credit the card because it was not the one used for the...

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