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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - customer service

Since I could afford to purchase bras from Victoria Secret, I have used this line. My luck with strapless bra has not been very favorable. Due to bilateral shoulder rotator cuff repair, I require strapless bras more than usual. Yesterday, I made time to go to the store in the area to purchase the last strapless bra advertised. It was on a Friday at 7:30 PM, originally I could not find someone to help me. It was busy, I looked around, knew my size, obtained 2 bras. At this time one of the emloyees asked me if I required some help. I answered my previously described story and she proceeded to tell me that I wasn't hand washing the bras. I explained I treat all my bras which are all Victoria Secret in the same way and have no problem with the strapped. I just wanted her opinion on the new or even statistics. This employee was just so rude and treated me as if I didn't know what I was talking about or even making this up. I don't really know what was going on. I proceeded to express my discomfort with the way she treated me and that I would appreciate talking to her suppervisor. She then proseeded to tell me she was the supervisor on that evening. I hve used and will continue to use and to refer people to the product of Victoria Secret; however, I do not appreciate the customer service. Somehting needs to change!

I was a retail manager at all levels for MANY years. Unfortunately, if as a store manager you make someone like the lady/ girl you talked to, a floor supervisor or probably a closing manager in her/ your case, they get on a power trip and like to push what they think is this magical know-it-all power trip onto customers. That is why you had no clue what was going on. It wasn't even about you unfortunately. Even w/ all my years experience I could never figure it out but some are that way. The only way they are going to know she acts that way is to complain higher and higher up the ladder. Let me explain. What you CAN do is find out the name of the actual store manager. If they do not address your complaint, ask for the name of a district manager or a regional manager. All retail stores have one or both. As I recall, VS stores have district managers that oversee all the store managers in their district. You can contact VS home office to be linked to them. Floor supervisors are also often friends w/ their store managers so the store manager may do nothing. Generally store managers fear the regional and district managers as they only come a few times a year and solely to make sure the manager is doing their job, so they become a bit more concerned when you mention the dreaded regional or district manager. Good luck and please complain on up the ladder!

Victoria's Secret - crooks! return rip-off

Never again will I shop vs!! My letter to customer service:

Dear customer service,

This letter is to inform you of my complete dissatisfaction of my catalog order with victoria's secret, the rude phone call with jasmine from the bank service that handles victoria's secret credit card services on 5/10/10 (Which I understand is not victoria's secret), however they do business for you, and last but no least the amount I have due from keeping zero items, and how I have to calculate this on my own.

1.) I have shredded my victoria's secret credit card, and will ban all victoria's secret stores and merchandise. I will not be treated as I have been when I spend my money! I will inform all friends and relatives of my horrible experience so they can avoid this entirely.

2.) I recently purchase multiple items (Nearly $500 purchase) and realized once they arrived squished, wrinkled and not as pictured, I returned everything, and was unbelievably disappointed with the quality of fabric, cut, and overall appearance of merchandise received. sends their clothing in a box, on hangers, and it is a pleasure to shop online thru them and as i've found other companies who put more care into their shipping.

3.) your return policy is ludicrous! I understand the $5.99 return fee, but I owe a total of $51.46 for returning everything. For more information on my account see these two order numbers:
Xxxxxxxxxxx $296.86, return order number xxxxxxxxxxx $268.94 amount returned
Xxxxxxxxxxx $133.89, return order number xxxxxxxxxxx $110.35 amount returned

Other companies such as do not rip their customers off. They have amazing return rates, and everything ships for $2.95. Never again will I ever be treated the way victoria's secret treats their customers! Shame on victoria's secret!!!

4.) I called the number on the back of my victoria's secret credit card, and jasmine was incredibly rude! Her tone is with entitlement, rudeness, and no patience for a customer. She asked me to verify my phone number, and when I gave her my home and cell phone number she had no record of either. I have no other numbers to give her and she snapped at me for a phone number. Who the heck is jasmine???!!! And why is she employed? She has no personal/people skills and should learn to communicate with others before barking at a customer that only wants to verify the complete balance due. She offered to transfer me after I gave her my phone number once again. She was rude when telling me my balance due of $430.75 is late after 5/20/10, I have 10 days to pay it! I am not late and she is treating me like I am late on my payment! Never again. Victoria's secret and it's affiliates have lost my business forever.
When I asked for jasmine's name and if she had a badge number, I told her to transfer me as she said she would, she rudely replied she wouldn't help me with that now since I have so much time on my hands she would give me a phone number to call. I hung up once I heard that, I don't deserve to be spoken to like that. Ever.

5.) I calculated from the amounts returned on my own, because no one had that information on their system. However I received emails from vs with confirmation these amounts were returned.

In conclusion, I am sending the full amount due of $51.46 for which I have nothing material in my hands for. I've shredded my vs credit card, and will never shop vs, or accept a gift from vs again.

Unbelievable. Crooks!

And yes, I have so much time on my hands to let your company know it's non-acceptable practices.

Jennifer howard
No longer a vs shopper

I have spent "thousands" of dollars at VS! Sometimes things are defective or don't it right (every color fits differently, etc), wires poke out, things aren't sown correctly and they need to be returned/exchanged...

Well...that nifty little TRE machine they have to use your license to allow you to return/exchange...they started spitting out warning slips and then a flat out DENIAL slip and the store refused to exchange a bra that was truly defective (no quality control at VS anymore I guess!)

I have been humiliated, insulted, publicly embarrassed, made an ___ out of, and denied a rightful exchange of the exact same item/color/size/price!!!

I have been shouted at and degraded at a VS Store! I am 60 years old! This is discrimination against a Senior Citizen that has spent had earned money by the thousands!

I actually had an anxiety attack, nausea, shaking and chest pains just from shopping at a VS Store and being treated rudely!

These stores should bow down and treat us like royalty when we spend lots of money during this economy crisis! When the economy collapses totally and NO ONE IS BUYING ANYTHING except food/water and true necessities...and their pockets are "empty" .. then it will be too late!

No longer a VS shopper,
Me neither!
You are so right.

Victoria's Secret - secret reward card promotion

April 1-30 2010 Secret Reward Card promotion at Victoria's Secret--Online

I pooled my Secret Reward Card promotion cards with friends to give to one who is graduating..surprised her daily with e-card attacks! and they cancelled all of the orders (which were placed throughout april, not just towards the end of the program. Would have given them plenty of time to notify US and the recipient. They did neither) and are saying that now that the program is over we can't use them. 1) the card doesn't say "e-gift cards" or "e-cards" aren't valid, it only mentions "gift cards"..we thought, honestly, this was ok since e-cards come with a BIG restriction--can't be used in stores, online ONLY 2) they accepted our orders, just making it reinforce the fact that we thought it was cool and 3) never got word that they would cancel--in fact, she not only received them, but activated all of them! VS went back and took all $270!

What a waste of a)money at the VS stores to get these--really did work as an incentive b) time spent doing this..and talking to them on the phone c)energy.

nothing got resolved. and, to make matters worse--some of us got reward cards that people were not going to use from a website (where she was giving it out to the first person--us)thinking it was ok since they hadn't been used. Wrong. Turns out they had been and it just made things look that much worse for us! It's ok to give your card away, but we didn't realize it would EVEN allow multiple orders with the card to go through, so we thought it would be first-come, first-serve. Every card we had through our purchases were totally valid.

This has been the worst experience and I am totally filing a BBB complaint. Better to have it down than not.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - galleria supervisor victor

Just a quick update on one of my previous posts regarding a visual supervisor at Victoria Secret of Houston Galleria by the name of Victor. I feel it's only fair to elaborate my situation further in...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - customer service/credit card

February 3, 2010
In November (2009), I purchased two nightgowns at your store in Eugene, Oregon for $40 with my Victoria’s Secret credit card. The clerk had to call to get my account number so that I could charge the items because I didn’t have my credit card with me.
When I hadn’t received the bill the next month, I called customer service to find out why. The customer service representative wasn’t much help. She stated that my bill came via email. Since I hadn’t received it via email or any other way, I asked her for my account number so that I could pay it on the Victoria’s Secret website. She stated that she couldn’t give me the number over the phone but I could make a payment on the phone for an additional fee of $10. I didn’t want to pay the additional fee, especially because the balance of the account was only $40. Unhappy with the outcome of this conversation, I asked her to have her supervisor contact me. All I needed was an account number or a bill with the account number on it so that I could make my payment. The supervisor never called me.
My life is fairly busy. I’m a full-time student, I work part-time, and I’m a mother of three teens. I forgot about my bill. Last Saturday (January 30), their collections department contacted me by phone to let me know my account was past due. I tried to explain to her what had happened and that I needed my account number to rectify the situation. The only assistance she had to offer me was to charge me additional fees so that I could pay the payment online. I asked to speak with her supervisor in an effort to get this problem resolved but that didn’t do me any good. I tried to explain the situation to the supervisor and she told me she wasn’t going to debate who I spoke with or anything else with me. I asked to speak with her manager and she told me she could not guarantee he would return my call. My response to that was not good. I was livid at this point. You can’t guarantee your manager will return a customer’s call? Are you kidding? She hung up on me.
Because I never received a bill and my account number wasn’t available to me over the phone, I think Victoria’s Secret could have made some kind of effort to help me with this situation without charging me more money (maybe they could have sent me another bill when I called the first time to tell them I hadn’t received one). Instead, I paid their company $82 for a $40 purchase.
My credit history proves that I am a responsible debtor. Before this incident my FICO score was 761. This is because I take my credit score very seriously. Until this, I hadn’t had a late payment in over 10 years.
When I wrote to request they remove the 30 day late mark from my credit report, they DECLINED stating it wasn’t their fault.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - return policy

Yesterday, after countless searches for the perfect swimsuit, I setteled on one at VS after being pretty much talked into getting it from the sales rep. She claimed that it was the last one and it was my size since an XS was similar to a 34B and they werent going to be getting any more in so I bought it, not knowing that the top was $42.00 after I checked out. The swimsuit top didnt fit, surprise surprise. And of course I took the tag off since they always put it in an awkward spot in the armpit, making it nearly imposible to try on properly. So I went to return it today and the sales rep wouldn't take it back because the tags werent connected to the swim top! I had the receipt and tags but apparently they need to be connected. Such bull. They wouldnt exchange it or even give me store credit so now im stuck with this worthless $42.00 swim top that doesnt effing fit. THANKS A BUNCH VS, SUCK IT!

I am complaining about the lack of knowledge a manager and associate had at Town East mall in Wichita Ks. I went to the store to return a bra and get a refund. I still had the bra with the tag on, in the original pink striped bag with pink tissue paper, and the receipt. I had changed my mind and wanted cash back. When I purchased the bra I paid with a check. When I went to return the bra the manager girl says her pitch "Can I help you?" I reply "yes, I have a return." "oh, " she says...she can help you, I need to go do something in the back." That right there is poor customer service. Why did she ask me if I needed help then? if she wasn't going to help me. Anyway, I am a patient person, so I said OK and waited for the associate to finish with the customer in front of me. My turn comes, I state my return request and the associate starts the process. Then here comes the bombshell...she says oh you paid with a check I don't know what to do now let me ask the manager. The manager says "hmmm, I'm not sure either, but I'm pretty sure you will have to do a store credit because it was a check." Well, I pointed out that the check was written exactly 12 days ago----plenty of time for the check writing waiting period to pass. I understand companies have a policy to wait Xnumber of days for a check to clear before issuing a cash refund. The manager had NO Clue what she was talking about...when I argued my case about how a check IS like a cash transaction after it has cleared, she says I can't do a cash refund, you wrote a check. I don't even have the capability of giving your check back to you or writing you a check. OMG! AND SHE IS THE STORE MANAGER??? Does she even have a high school diploma? I was so mad, and I wished I had more time to prove my case to this ### of a manager, but my son was waiting out in the car--sick. We had just came from the Dr, and I wanted to run into the store quickly to get my refund before returning home. So reluctantly, I took the store credit. As soon as I left the store however, I was on my phone to Victoria Secret headquarters. I was able to reach a smart person who informed me I was correct and the manager of the store was wrong. A check is like CASH once it has cleared and the store manager should have refunded me in cash. The person at the headquarters apologized and I was able to keep the store credit AND get a refund mailed to me. The young girl who calls herself a manager needs to be fired, she had no clue, was rude, and childish. I hope she loses her job and learns the RETURN/REFUND policy next time she takes on a position at ANY STORE.

Also, why wouldn't you check the tag first to see the price?! All of their stuff is pricier than department stores, $42.00 shouldn't be a surprise. And why wouldn't you try it on at the store? Even though the tag was uncomfortable, if it fit that poorly you still should have been able to tell it wasn't going to fit before you took the tags off. I agree with the other poster, you made a mistake and rather than suck it up and remember that lesson for next time, you wanted to find someone else to blame.

I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous! Every store has a return policy, and likely theirs is written right on your receipt. Every store I have ever known requires that the tags be attached to return an item. Otherwise, how do they know you didn't wear it first?

I don't think this is even a remotely unreasonable request. Besides, most stores have a ZERO return policy for bathing suits... PERIOD! Afterall, this is like putting on underwear and then trying to return it. Gross!

Why not fess up to the fact you made a mistake. Instead, try putting it on eBay or something like that to recoup some of your losses. And then realize next time you shouldn't walk out of the store without trying something on first.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - victor the

Being a faithful consumer of Victoria's Secret, I felt it was a great place to work over the Christmas Holidays of 09 at the Houston Galleria. To be perfectly honest, this was probably the best place I've ever worked because the employees not only collaborated as co-workers but as close friends. It was a absolute pleasure being selected among such a professional team.

Unfortunately, at the Houston Galleria, there seems to be a pretty big SECRET with the visual supervisor by the name of Victor. I inquired about him once due to his unique appearance and every single employee responds by saying, "Stay away from that guy."

I'll explain why after I provide you a brief description of what this character looks like. First of all, the dress code is all black by the way for both male and female employees. If your disgusted easily, you might want to discontinue reading.

This skinny male around 40 years of age with a horrendous attitude shouldn't be too hard to miss. He is about 5'4 and fashions black nail polish, earrings, eyeshadow, bad acne scars and dyes his spiky hair metallic blue. To make matters worse, Sonic the Hedgehog always comes to work wearing a white T-shirt, dirty blue jeans and flip flop sandals.

When I first laid eyes upon this guy after store hours, I thought some cross-dressing crackhead got himself locked in because we're already closed. Upon discovering that he was the "visual" supervisor, I naturally concluded he was either attending a costume party later or he simply got jumped by a group of drunken clowns who apparently whooped him with their make-up kits.

Let's make this long story short. On Christmas Eve around 11:25pm,
I was working on a table display in the lace area near the front entrance and made a minor error in judgment assuming each article of clothing was already properly sized from largest to smallest. The entire display before I arrived didn't appear very messy so I naturally concluded that the employee working on it earlier had already sized them. I also fanned the panties out because I saw other nearby displays were completed under similar standards.

Victor later paused at the table and demanded who was responsible. I approached him to answer and asked, "Is everything all right?"

He replies, "These panties aren't supposed to be fanned out. Were you properly trained at all?" As he was digging through them to further inspect the quality of my work, he raised his voice with an attitude and said, "These aren't even sized properly! You know what?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU CAN BE HERE EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR THE PAST MONTH AND NOT GET THIS RIGHT!"

I knew had I not distant myself from his tirade, I was going to retaliate and things would've got ugly. Trying to excuse myself, I said, "I'll come back to this later and take care of it. Don't worry about it."

He then barks back and says, "NO, I want you to stand right THERE and watch me do it. Make sure you get this right."

At that point, something erupted inside of me and I almost allowed my fist to connect with his face. The ONLY thing that held me back was the simple thought of all the friendly staff that granted me this generous opportunity to work over the Christmas Holidays. Their love, support, understanding and professionalism prevented me from going to jail that night. The respect I had for my employers was too much to jeopardize. I couldn't betray their trust over some cartoon character with an attitude.

Had it been Sveta, Michelle, Jessica or any other supervisor, things would never had been blown so out of proportion that nearly escalated into a fight.

If these angels felt that a particular table needs a little more attention, this is precisely how they would've approached me.
"Hey buddy, if you have time, could you please do me a quick favor and double check if this table is properly sized? Thanks." I would've been on that table immediately without hesitation. Problem solved.

Ultimately, there's just a classy way of conducting employees and it just makes me ill to think an incident of this nature could actually occur ON Christmas Eve of all time and places.

As I later shared this story with other employees later that evening, not to my surprise, they all told me to avoid him like the plague. Victor is actually very infamous among the staff and known for his notorious people skills.

So for any consumer who is brave and courageous enough to venture in Victoria's Secret at the Houston Galleria, make sure you avoid this guy at all cost. If you or friends have any questions or concerns about products, seek anyone else to assist you besides Victor.

I'm actually quite intimidated to return as a consumer myself. Hope my story helps. Please be careful!

Good read, but the comments about his appearance were just mean and unnecessary.

Greetings Ms. Faint. I'm amazed that I acquired such a quick audience so rapidly. I hope you'll learn to forgive me if I struck a nerve. My favorite part about your response was painfully realizing that you actually reserved enough time to bore yourself reading this entirely and unbelievably proceeded to respond when none of this concerns you whatsoever. How much time exactly did you waste altogether by reading this and writing back? 20 minutes? Half an hour? Jeez, sorry about that. I never once imagined that I would inconveniently consume so much of someone's time. Was it truly worth it?

Excuse me for correcting you but I never mentioned at any point the worst thing in my life was getting yelled at. I honestly can't even begin to fathom how you exactly formulated that brilliant theory but I strongly recommend you start processing your thoughts more carefully prior to speaking. Funny, I thought I was the ###. Remember?

Tell you what Ma'am. I'll just go somewhere quietly and faint. I hope you don't mind.
Wouldn't want to provoke you any further and resend you on another meaningless quest to address the irrelevance of your fun shopping experience on my behalf.

Glad to know with all the economic crisis and the Haiti disaster forums online, you somehow cleverly narrowed down the search to me instead. And to actually receive a calculated response of such formidable IQ leaves me breathless. To what do I owe this honor?

I'm certain your level of brilliance will go unsurpassed for ages to come. Please excuse me for asking so abruptly but are you STILL reading at this point? Seriously? If so, that's twice now you made the same mistake. Going for a third? Need any help?

Why don't we engage in another intellectual exchange as mature adults to permanently resolve this issue? If you'll be so kind as to allow me to initiate.
What's that? You like RED marbles?! How dare you?! Genius.

Will glorious wonders like yourself ever cease to amaze me? It pains me to express that you actually amused me for quite some time. Friend, I appreciate your thoughts and thanks for the chuckle.

My favorite part was how you said "let's make this long story short" and then proceeded to type twice as much as before that.

If the worst thing that's happen to you in your life is some guy yelling at you about fanning panties, consider yourself lucky. And your constant jabs about his sexuality make you look like an ###. I hope *you* are not working there anymore so that I can shop there. Wouldn't want to send you on a rampage to your "angels" if I ask you about a bra without gushing about how wonderful you are first.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - poor customer service

My daughter and I bought well over $500.00 worth of bras and lingerie at Victorias Secret just prior to the Christmas Holidays this past 2009 Season. My daughter wore two of her Dream Angel Bras (3x) and the underwire began to protrude through both of her two bras ($48.00. each) I had purchased another type of Bra there at Victoria Secrets (Intimacy Bras). Before I could even wear the bra, the metal clasp on the back broke. I attempted to take the bras back to the store this evening and was told by the sales manager at the store that if the bras were not hand-washed, then they would not be able to help me. Was told that ALL of their bras have to be hand-washed. I told the sales clerk that I never hand washed any of my other Victoria Secret bras and they ignored me and told me they could not help me. I am totally disgusted with this store -- to pay such a premium price for these bras and for them not to last more than 2-3 wearings. I would not suggest spending ANY more money on bras there -- to top that off -- worst customer service I've ever experienced in my life.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - bad experience

Those work for victoria's secret online shop are so arrogant and likes to confusing people as every single time i called they with queries they have a different answer to that. and they totally do not care about the customers and enjoys to make us run around, well that is at least my experience with them.

i placed an order with them and there were some misunderstandings abt the billing address, they straight away decided to cancel the order, though everytime i contacted they i got a different answer, one minute they said the order is cancelled the next i have to do this and that to speed up processing my order and then after i make several international calls they decided i hv to contact my credit card company to get the payment approved, and when i called my credit card company they said there is no problems at all, so i contacted VS again, and they told me my order can not be processed anyway and this is all my fault nothing to do with them

anyway, as a indivudual oversea customer i cant do anything against them

and am just shocked is this how americans do business or its just VS does not care about the customers as they are a big brand?

Same story, very bad experience with the costumer service after I spent 1.500$.
they don t care at all if they lose costumers. They always shipped international order with FEDEX wich is fast now they just made an agreement with another carrier that delivery after more then a month!!! unbelievable and on the phone before approve my order they assured me Fedex was the carrier...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - maybe their bras need warranties.

Women flock to this place for the ultimate cleavage and "sales." I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars here because of one good bra and one decent pair of underwear. I have tons of VS bra...

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Victoria's Secret - used to be better quality, now they wear out after one wear?

If you want tees, sweatshirts and sweatpants that will last for only a month, than the Victoria's Secret Pink clothing line sweats and t-shirts are for you. A few years ago, when the VS Pink line came out, I had one sweatshirt that I wore constantly for two years, and it finally started to pill and rip, so I bought a new one, and wow, did the quality go down. After a month the sweatshirt looked like I had it for a year. It shrunk, and I didn't put it in the dryer, it pilled, faded, and I was dissappointed. My friends have had the same issues with theirs. Especially the t-shirts, which pill after one WEAR, not even washed. It's horrible. Is there any way to regain that great quality they once had? Or are they so busy trying to be "trendy" to the point of putting "scribbles" to make it look like a kid got ahold of it, and heavy gemstones on their clothes that are not comfortable on the clothing at all? Consumers want quality, not quantity. It's almost like VS Pink is a sell-out now, they make so much of it that it's quality has gone way down.

yes i completely agree. I also feel like their designs are very plain and not really cute, the new 2011 fall line. I went online to thier site to buy something, and i couldn't find anything that i really "HAD TO HAVE"
I'm very sad because back in the day, every single item was a "HAD TO HAVE" for me. Very disspionted like yourselF!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - incorrectly sized for bras

about a year or two ago, i bought a whole slew of bras from victoria's secret. i walked in, the sales woman greeted me, i told her i needed some new bras, as my old ones were worn out and no longer fit properly. she fitted me right on the merchandise floor, in front of everyone, no sense of privacy whatsoever or any empathy or thought that this may go against my own personal sense of boundaries. i was already uncomfortable about a strange woman measuring me in an intimate area, as it was, and now i was really feeling red-faced. so, that finally done with, she told me my size was a 36 C. when i tried the bras on, they seemed to me to fit. they seemed skimpy, but to me, they looked that way on the models in the commercials and in the catalogs, as well. several days ago, i went shopping at macy's to get a clear strapped bra to wear with my halloween costume. i didn't return to victoria's secret for this need, because of the emparrassment i suffered during my last experience in their store, for one thing, plus, i didn't feel like spending fifty bucks on a bra i would only likely wear with this costume and possibly not get much use out of, outside of that. i bought the same 36 C i had been wearing for the past year or so, and was off to a halloween party. within an hour, i had a janet jacksonesque wardrobe malfunction, and the fabric holding the convertible strap in place had ripped. there was no way to even temporarily fix the problem at the party, so i had another famale party goer tuck the strap into the back of the costume. great, more embarrassment! that's the second time victoria's secret caused me embarrassement, now. a day or two later, i took the bra back to macy's for a refund or exchange. the woman told me i needed to wash the bra before taking it back, so i did that and brought it back again. the woman that helped me was wonderful. she looked at me and looked at the bra and helped me pick out the size she thought i needed. i hadn't looked at the size at this point, but noticed that the bra did fit very well. much better than my bras at home, and better than that of the one that broke. i began to get curious and looked at the size on the tag; i was beyond shocked. i was just beside myself. it was a DD! and the saleswoman said i could almost go to a DDD, depending on whether the brand i tried ran a little smaller.

wow, i had come to think of myself as a C for so long, that my perception is completely thrown off. when i look in the mirror, i still see that C cup i had been for so long, and when you're told by a so-called professional that you're a certain size, that's what you believe. i have spoken with several other women who have had the same problem with victoria's secret saleswomen measuring them incorrectly. the point of a bra is to get support for the breasts, so you don't wind up with a national geographic situation, and that is not what i was getting out of these ill-fitting garments. i'm way too young to end up like that yet. it's no wonder the stupid bra broke, that victoria's secret employee really screwed me over. i mean, it's like putting anna nicole smith in an A cup. that sales woman could scarcely have been more wrong. and now, lately, i've been having shooting breast pain, no doubt, due to the extreme difference in the size i wore, and the size i actually was. i am all about comfort, i don't squeeze my feet into ill-fitting shoes, for the sake of fashion. my health and comfort are more important to me than impressing a bunch of people i don't know anyway. so why would i have knowingly put myself in so much discomfort in regards to my lingerie? i considered that i have gained weight since i estimated the last time i really was a C, but i've recently lost weight, and apparently, that weight absolutely did not come from my chest area. and i seriously doubt my breasts have grown that much in adulthood. now i'm wondering how many other salespeople have misled me regarding my bra size. now, i do have the frame to support a larger breast, so back problems aren't an issue, and i'm pretty intelligent, so that would have been another clue to me that i was in the wrong size.

i've heard other women speak of their sizes and would just quietly think to myself that they must be sized wrong! meanwhile, it was i who was wrong all along! or rather, the victoria's secret employee who no doubt measured me that way, so i would buy their bras, as their bras only run up to size DD. more than likely, their bras run a little small and i probably would have been a DDD in that store, which would have obviously meant i would have had to shop elsewhere to get my proper size. so now i have to go out and buy a whole new set of bras, instead of just one or two at a time to replace worn out undergarments. this whole ordeal will end up cost me a fortune, much to the satisfaction of any lingerie store, which will not be victoria's secret. i will never shop there again. sorry, vicky, you're running out of secrets and you just lost another customer for life. and nevermind the embarrassment i've suffered because i'm a woman who i doesn't even seem to know her own bra size. no thanks to some greedy little money grubbing cow working at vicotria's secret. very selfish, unprofessional and inappropriate. i remember when you could still find an honest salesperson. i remember when corporations still stood by a code of ethics and morality, and now that type of business is a minority. corporations are now the scourge of society, like AIDS or cancer. it is a sickness in this country and i believe a major cause of rising health care costs. over time, stress will make you sick everytime and the level of corruption in corporate america stresses everyone in one way or another. shame on you, victoria's secret. this is not your only sin, either, i've read several articles about scandal regarding formaldehyde used in the fabric, polyester and rayon being sold as silk and cotton. and i also noticed that it's absolutely impossible to complain to victoria's secret directly with my complaints. if a company isn't open to criticism, they are telling me they already know they have something to feel guilty for and aren't willing to listen and therefore, cannot improve their business practices and cannot therefore be truly successful. i will not trust a company if i even catch a hint that they are scandalous and will not do business with a company i can't respect or trust. i can only hope that many other customers will make the same stand against being treated as subhuman by companies who sacrifice their dignity and pride on the altar of the almighty dollar. this is the only way any true change will come in this country. ladies, looking sexy is not as important as the clear conscience that comes with knowing that you're supporting a company with a sense of your humanity in mind.


As an associate at VS, I can tell you that it is highly recommended to receive a bra fitting every 6 months due to fluctuations in size. At the time you were measured, it is possible that the sales associate made an error. But we are just regular people that work at VS, we're not error-free humans that can swear to never making a mistake. It happens; when was the last time you made a mistake? Probably not too long ago. On the other hand, it is possible that you were not sized incorrectly at the time, and happened to change bra sizes over the course of a year. The majority of women will have changes in bra size, especially when weight gain/loss is involved. I don't understand how you could have been in a size that was obviously different, and not have noticed, especially in a bra other than one made from VS. We can't be held responsible for making sure that everyone is in the perfect size, all the time. Sometimes, personal judgment is necessary. Also, I agree that accusing the associate of sizing you incorrectly in order to have your business is ridiculous. I hear women being sized all the time, and the associates will tell them that they are a DD. It's not something that is avoided. We sell up to a 38DD in several of our bras for a reason. If the company wanted the associates to try and squeeze everyone into a C, there would be no reason to produce larger sized bras. I'm sorry to hear that your experience wasn't great, but keep in mind that one associates possible "mistake" shouldn't be a reflection upon the entire company. Instead of slamming the door on VS because of one incidence, why not try another store? You might be surprised with what you learn. Every day I work, I ask people how they found their experience to be and 99% of the time customers have positive reviews, especially with the fitting room. Come back and see us, you might change your mind. If you do and are still unpleased, fine, I understand if you choose not to come back. But to not return because of one time just reflects ignorance and an unwillingness to give anything a second chance.

they didnt size you wrong, silly. in a years time, a womans breasts grow and change; they outgrew the old measurements. the old bras still fit because they had been stretched out. you cant blame them a whole year later, if it was a week later that you went to get a new bra and it didnt fit, that would be different. but even then, all bras are made differently, and the best way to really be sure that they were incorrect would have been to measure yourself soon after they had measured you.

You couldn't tell that something was wrong when your DDD breasts were spilling over a C cup?

Having gone through a bra fitting through Victoria's Secret employees before, I can say that they are not as bad as you claim. Perhaps it was the one clerk that sized you that made a mistake, in which case before you blame the entire store, you should have gotten a fitting from another employee there. VS bras definitely run smaller as I usually wear an A or B cup and they sized me as a C cup. Either way, I think this complaint is very over the top. Had you not brought health care into this, the complaint would not seem as much of a joke.

I think it's pretty ridiculous that you think the salesgirl sized you wrong for more business. The truth is, most of the associates are there very part-time. Bra sizing is one of the things that the newer girls rarely get right. They should've had it double-checked by another tenured associate. It happens. And when it does, most stores will exchange your bra for one that is the correct size for you. But to rant & rave that she was being malicious in her sizing is laughable to me.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - items missing

We had a very unpleasant shopping experience at Las Vegas Victoria’s Secret store # 051113, which is located at Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile Shops.

On 08/10/2009 9:06 pm, We purchased a total number of 248 items at amount of USD $1172.89 in this store. When we loaded these items into the car, we noticed that there is one box is lighter than the rest of them. We opened it and found out there were 15 bottles short. So we rushed back to the store right away with the question box. At first the store manager said it’s impossible that items inside a sealed box could go missing. Then we point out that box had been re-taped and showed it to the store clerk, so the clerk asked her manager to check it out right away. But the store manager just assumed that this box could be opened form us, took something out and re-taped so she did not want to do anything about it.

That is just so-ridiculous! Totally UNACCEPTABLE!!

First at all, what does that mean for re-taping that box? Why did we bother to spend more then one thousand of dollars to purchased 248 items and make up a story (re-taping the box, for this instance) for those missing 15 items? How much those 15 items would cost? You do the calculation! Will we stupid enough to re-tape the box only for taking advantage of less than 80 dollars?

Second, when we came back to LA and checked the items which we purchased from that store, we realized that not only there were 15 items went missing, but 1 to 3 bottles short here there for other products as well. And there was 1 bottle which is not even on our purchase list. We just cannot help but wonder what a manager with this poor damage control could qualify for a brand store like Victoria’s Secret? Why we paid the EXACTLY amount of money, but we could not get the EXACTLY products which we purchased for?

Third, when we called Victoria’s Secret customer relations dept. to claim this situation, the customer representative could only tell us that the products had already been out at customer’s hand so there is nothing they can do. Well well, does that mean when an “Unfortunate” customer purchased vast amount of items, in store or by mail order, and he/she could only “hope” these boxes will have the correct amount of items in it? Should any boxes are supposedly with correct item counts? We had been purchased several thousands of dollars with more than thousands of pieces from Victoria’s Secret, should I count them one by one in the store front desk only because I cannot trust the store packaging system anymore? And why this issue only happened in this particular Las Vegas store not anywhere else?

I am absolutely disappointed about the whole thing and I do believe a shopping experience with an issue like this, Victoria’s Secret’s business relationship with the general public was seriously jeopardized.

This story is ridiculous. Why would you purchase over $1000 worth of VS merchandise in Vegas? I bet you looked real sketchy walking back up into the store claiming you had '15' missing bottles? Im assuming secret garden fragrance. No store would help you because YES it does look like you re-opened it. Sorry, but thats your own fault for being so ignorant.

No, actually, as a previous manager for VS I know for a fact that some manager's will sell that many items without permisson first and then use an excuse to get around not going through correct channels because pressure to make your store's sales quota is sooooo high. I even had a district manager tell me that I "should have made a small purchase" with my own money in order to make my sales quote...when I was only about $120.00 away from my goal.

Are you missing the point that mistakes can happen at the point at which the boxes were packed? The bottles will not be at the counter if the bottles were not pulled out of the box one at a time and scanned (not too many sales associates do so for multiple items...they just scan one bottle as many times as needed), nor will the bottles be at the counter if they were not in the box to begin with.

Many people go to VS to purchase so many items at one time...sometimes to resell outside US...that is the reason for getting District Manager permission. However, that rule is not always followed. Read between the line.


Who goes to Victoria's Secret to purchase -248- items all at once!! Actually if you are making that kind of purchase and they are simular items, like all panties or mostly beauty, you need special permission by a district manager and paper work to be filled out obout the purchase. If a few things were missing and you went directly back to the store the items would have still been on the counter. As for the the empty box, it should have been replaced at no cost to you.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - incomplete refund

This just occurred between May 5 2009 and July 30 2009. It is unbelievable.
I purchased a dress online from VS. I used a gift card and credit card on the purchase.
The dress total was $48.00, the tax was 1.82, Order total 59.92. I received a 20% offer taking 9.60 off the total for a total price of 50.32.

I returned the merchandise. They will not refund shipping so the total refund should be 40.32. I never heard back from them so I called to check. They returned 33.00 to my credit card.

1st I paid partially with a gift card. I'm not complaining because I don't ever want to do business with this company again.

But the total refunded is not the correct amount so I called. I CS rep tried to explain to me for over 20 minutes how they were taking 20% off my refund because I received a 20% off offer- Has anyone EVER heard of anything so ridiculous? Of course, that is not the way it works. They took 20% off at checkout and I was charged 50.32- then they do not want to refund the correct amount. It was the most absurd conversation I've ever had with a CS rep.
I asked to speak to a manager who called me "sweetie" and told me I didn't understand.

Actually, I think they didn't understand.

So I went through the math again- found that they had charged me for a shipping label that I didn't use- in fact I have my own receipt and a shipping label still in my hand. So they refunded another $5.95 for that- getting me almost to the total I should have received at the beginning. The missing few cents and dollars they told me was a tax on shipping and handling- who knows if that is true but I didn't get it back.

This company is either deliberately trying to deceive and steal from customers or they do not have the proper systems in place to accurately handle refunds and exchanges. It is clear their staff doesn't know what is going on either.

At worst, this is a scam. At best it is the poorest customer service I have ever seen. I will NEVER shop with them again.

The point is that the total refund was incorrect from the beginning. I had to get it all sorted out finally and that was only after two phone calls and an additional conversation with the manager.

The explanation that "they were taking 20% off my refund" is entirely in accurate.

The real problem was that they charged me for a shipping label I never used- it took tons of digging to find this out.

I think I understand. You got a discount on your dress so you are being refunded for the price you paid, but not the shipping costs. I don't know about tax on shipping. If your dress was $48 and you got 20% off your dress was only $38 really. if you got 33 +5.95 then you were refunded back 38.95. Maybe a math class would be good for you.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - problems, problems, problems

I have purchased numerous bras and panties set from Victoria's Secret (VS) and it was my worst nightmare. I thought I was making a great investment, by spending the extra money for a QUALITY bra...that was not the case. I have experienced the following problems:

- The underwire came out of a several bras after hand washing them.
- The bras were extremely irritating underneath and in between my breast area, which caused a rash.
- The clasp/hook in the back caused irritation and bruising.
- The rhinestone bra strap broke.

These just a few of the problems that I have experience with thier product.

if you washed them in the washer that would explain the falling apart of the bra...the bras tag says to hand wash. if your gonna spend $5o on a bra wash it correctly

Worst nightmare?? Not just an inconvenience, but WORST nightmare? I call ###.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - return policy with receipt

I purchased $88.22 this morning. When I returned home after shopping I realized that a bronzer lotion I purchased was actually the tester. It was half used and dirty. Unfortunately I did not have my...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - charges

i went to a victoria secret store, and purchased items, I also signed up for their credit order to even activate the card I had to agree for that protection plan something about first couple months free, blah blah blah. so I agreed. after that I got charged about 15$. I called the customer service for that protection plan, and asked them to cancle it but since its on the statement I had to pay it. so next month, it shows up again on my statement, 15$. I called again to cancle it, they said since its charged I have to pay it. so I paid it. the bill came in for next month, with another 15$ charge, so I started to get a bit furious, that im paying for nothing. I called them again and complained that my statement shows that I paid twice but it was credited twice back to me, BUT I still need to pay another 15$. I kept on telling the guy that it doesnt make sense, I paid twice and being charged twice again, BUT I got a "refund" twice. so shouldnt that all cancle out? they kept on telling me that I had to pay it. I was so mad, I told them to cancle everything. I was sick of paying for nothing. this went on for about 4 months or so... I wasted a little over 100$ and those supposedly refunds didnt come back to me, or got credited back to my account. what BS. dont sign up for that protection plan that we supposedly "have to".

I just had my Angel card activated yesterday and had agreed to get the protection plan for $15/month even the customer service on phone sounded rude. At night, I couldn't sleep well thinking why I agreed to it. I only wanted to activate the card for no other obligation so now, I will cancel it. For you not to be in the same place, maybe it's right not to call the number to activate the card and just try using it. Yes, I bet is it's already been activated.

you don't HAVE to agree to that protection plan, but you will have to say "NO" at least 3 times to get your card activated and get off the phone. i had to sit through their agressive sales pitch twice since i have both a VS and an express credit card, even though i explained to the express representative that i had already heard the pitch from the VS people and was not interested. they just keep talking like you've never said no. i wrote letters to both companies expressing my displeasure, but shockingly no response. it think it is CRIMINAL that you should have to sit through an agressive telemarketing pitch just so you can activate your card and SPEND MONEY IN THEIR STORES!!! apparently people aren't spending and they have resorted to this desperate scam to flush out their bottom line. if i had a limited or bath & body works card, i could potentially have had to listen to the pitch 4 times, for nearly an hour out of my life. ridiculous. if my card expires or i lose it, rest assured i will not sit through another pitch - i'll simply cancel.

my advice??? don't activate your card. peel off the sticker and see if you can use the card already. i bet you can. this is just a way for limited brands to part you with more of your hard-earned cash. criminal.

Yes I know they got me on that one too but for me, they automatically put that on every one of my credit cards so I was paying $15.00 for about 6 cards every month.

Nov 30, 2008

Victoria's Secret - claim of not receiving payment twice... but when I paid both times I have always pushed submit

I have been late on one bill in the past four years (since I received my victoriasecret card. I have never had any problems with victoriasecret as far as feeling cheated by their financial...

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Nov 15, 2008

Victoria's Secret - poor products, rude salespeople

I will never shop at Victoria's Secret again. The clothes fall apart when you wash them. If you purchase the underwire bras, the wire pops out and cuts you. The underwear are incredibly cheap -...

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Nov 05, 2008

Victoria's Secret - wired polily

I returned my bra to Victoria's Secret on Oct. 24, It is more than 10 days, however, when I check my account today, my money has not been back.

Yeah, it is my fault not to keep my receipt carefully, but I just never though there will be any problem with returning.

When I talked to the clark in store today, they rejected to locate my return record unless I show my receipt. How wried the policy it is. I have been a casher in a restaurant, I know it is easy to track each transition, especially that I remembered the exact date, and I have my credit card number with me, and they should have all my information.

I have no idea about what kind of trick they play, and just want my money back, I felt like my right has been violated.

Please remember this store, it is in Okemos, Meridian Mall. Be careful with their casher!

And any advice to help ask my money back is more than welcome!

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