Victoria's Secret / terrible service

Southern California, United States

The Email I sent:
I am beyond dissatisfied with my Victoria’s Secret interactions as of late. Firstly, I ordered a Kiss of Cashmere Double V-neck Tunic Sweater on December 7th and received a confirmation email shortly thereafter. I did not get a tracking email for about a week, however, I had received an email ASSURING me I would get my package before CHRISTMAS. When I finally got the tracking email there were no updates, it only said shipped from Ohio which I know is where your headquarters are. I waited and got another email saying there was a delay but not to worry I would get my package on time. Finally, I then got an email saying my money was refunded. Christmas is in fact ruined for myself as I really wanted this item, I hope you guys are extremely satisfied. I have spent thousands of dollars at Victoria’s Secret and I will never purchase anything again. I can’t help but feel totally discriminated against. I doubt anything like this has ever happened to a woman with your Angels credit card. Not only am I not getting my sweater, you guys also held my money hostage for about a month and I therefore am not able to put in another order for anything else (definitely not from your soon to be bankrupt store) and have it get here on time for Christmas. I believe you guys had NOT sent out my package and were trying to fill it but there were no more sweaters in my size and color. Yet instead of refunding my money immediately, you held on to it. What kind of unethical treatment is that? I have never heard of such a thing. When I called to figure out what was happening since I had not received my sweater your customer service center had the audacity to blame shipping problems. I did my Christmas shopping across many internet sites including:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and Every single package, including multiple orders from some sites, has arrived except yours. You should contact those sites and learn how to treat customers. I know they had a busy Christmas as well and they still managed to get my gifts here on time. To add insult to injury I just received a package devoid of my sweater with a Secret reward card that expired on December 19th, today is December 23rd. How dare you treat customers like this. What makes you think that is ok? I look forward to acquiring your New clothing on Ebay at less than half price. I know I will be getting my money’s worth. Merry Christmas to me.
Remove my address from any mailing lists and do not contact me again.

Dec 23, 2014

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