Victoria's Secret / ordering online

I spend a lot of money with this company as i am a forever angel but i have had it with the online ordering system..i wait sometimes up to an hour yo get an agent so i then place my order on the items i want then to be told a week later sorry we mo longer have it when they go to ship out?? So what were you doing for a week?? You wait a week to send my order out and of course your gonna be sold out. My item should have been filled the day i ordered. This happens all the time. Fix your system already. Its obvious you dont care about your customers and the customer service agents are rude. Bad business VS. You lost a great customer and i will make a complaint with commenity as well because i wont be using my card online anymore. You tell me you have something in stock and wait to fill my order a week later to then be emailed oh sorry we dont have it anymore?? Wow! This is the third time in 5 months this has happened.
Unhappy customer
Holly Jericiau

Mar 18, 2017

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