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Victoria's Secret / bad customer service, online ordering

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I have pictures that are too big to upload here, video, and/or video, in some cases both, of every “incident” of this too-bizarre-to-believe nightmare except for one: what the customer service reps have told me. If those calls are recorded, then there is 100% proof, although I highly doubt they would even give it a second thought. But if I can prove everything else as fact VS, the why lie about the crap service your customer service reps. I do realize my story will sound exaggerated or even fake so if you’d like to see some pics, just email me and my new email addy:

Facts: Ten out of the twenty-two items I ordered, minus one sweater backordered, were lost in shipping (My opinion: items were lost due to a box poorly-taped box, too heavy for the small amount of tape). There was a hole large enough for items to fall out during transport and there was barely any tape left holding the shoddy box together. There are only two strips going across the top of a large, heavy box! I have pics of the box before it ever left the PO. The USPS employee is my witness to how the box arrived and how many items were missing. It was humiliating to be put on the phone with men at three post offices to describe a few missing products. I know the postmaster hated his job on this day. But I had never received a damaged package before so I followed the postmaster’s lead in talking to the other post offices and (although not turned in) I filled out a claim form that was to be turned in 3 days later. By then, the other post offices would have found any items, if they had them. It’s an endearing thought that my postmaster and several people from town, know that I wear the level 5, souped-up, double-padded-triple-uplift Miraculous bra. And one in the new lovely shade called “blue feathers.” It was humiliating!

Anyway, three days later, nothing shows up at the post offices, so I had to call VS to ask a question that needed to be filled out on my claim form. Thank you, God for ending my misery when she told me all missing items would be shipped (except for one pair of jeans now backordered) and she even gave me a $10 gift certificate for enduring the lingerie party at my local post office with strangers. I hate that I need to go there to still ship back 3 pair of jeans that were too big!

Thanks to two-day shipping, I quickly had my replacement order (I have pics of order summary from this order, as well and also my order history from my online VS acct). What were the chances that it was messed up again? Apparently, it was 100% because it was STILL wrong. Again, summing it up, I was sent a worthless, duplicate pair that I’d already received but two were still missing. Also, upon realizing that the jeans that ended up on back order, I needed to call anyway to cancel that order because they would probably be too big, as well. Well, when I called to cancel the back ordered jeans, she said I have nothing backordered. This woman was the most hateful employee I have ever dealt with in my life and she essentially called me a liar regarding these jeans on backorder - she was not gonna hear of a jean refund and she changed the conversation to my sweater. She continued to argue with me over this sweater and then told me it wasn’t even for sale anymore! I look the next day, it was still for sale! I finally put it very bluntly to her told her that I was holding the order summary in my hand, that I could send a copy of to her to prove that it said it was on back order, to be shipped 11/27 and I am either owed the sweater or a refund. So, she sarcastically told me she’d refund my account. I had to do it: I then asked what about the money for the jeans. To top all I’d heard thus far, she told me I was emailed a gift certificate for the refund of the jeans. It was only a $10 gift certificate that VS had emailed me only a week prior, as a supposed apology/sorry for your trouble on the last order! She was not going to bend until I finally sarcastically asked her “Do you mean to tell me that I am only getting a $10 refund for a pair of jeans that I paid $29.50 for?” It FINALLY sunk in this woman’s brain that I can prove everything she is calling me a liar over, and she reluctantly agreed to give me a refund, along with the sweater, back to my debit card; a total of $68.50 and that’s not even counting the panties that were $10 each that I have still never received! I hope your happy Victoria’s Secret management because that hateful woman, and the shoddy service I’d received thus far, finally wore me down! I didn’t even have enough fight left in me to bring then up. That was 3 days ago. Finally today, a credit from VS shows up in my online checking from VS; They have apparently lost their minds because I was only refunded $10.60! What is going on? It’s like that movie Groundhog Day-Victoria’s Secret Style. This craziness just keeps happening!

So, in case you lost track, that’s four items I paid for that I paid for and have never received, totaling $68.50 for the jeans and sweater + $20 for the 2-pair of panties totaling $88.50. Where they came up with the $10.60 refund amount, I have no idea and I doubt they do either. And I even have a pic, showing the refund on my computer screen from my bank! How can I ever explain all this to another customer employee and not have her calling me a liar, as well? Because that hateful woman told me that neither the sweater or the jeans were even on back order- I was a liar! Well guess what VS? I have pics? I guess I’ll need to figure how to email a higher-up and try to explain all this mess and send the pics along with it. Any ideas? I hate that place now. I really, really do. I have never been called a liar anywhere I have done business in my 30-some years!
(Anyone and everyone has my permission to reproduce this complaint online, if interested.)

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      11th of Jan, 2011
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    silly girl.

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      11th of Jan, 2011
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    damn! sorry about that, the 'silly girl' comment wasn't meant for your complaint. my apologies.

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