Verizon’s Fios / shame on verizon and shame on s&n communications

United States

In Northern VA, Verizon uses a company, S&N Communications for their FIOS project. On Tuesday Aug 9, 2011, this company sent out guys at the behest of Verizon to dig up my property with the intent of installing FIOS. The problem is that I did not ask for this to be done. The workers from S&N Communications did “not ring my bell” or “knock on my door” to insure that they were doing the correct thing at the correct address. I have had multiple conversations with Verizon which in turn turned this over to S&N to handle.

I only asked that S&N mitigate the damage to the tune of $78. which they flatly refused to do. This is new construction property. I had just had my lawn landscaped on the Saturday before and consequently had to have it done again on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2011. (Mind you this was done during the strike, so who knows which idiot passed on the wrong information)

Shame on Verizon and shame on S&N Communications. They should be held accountable for the damage done to my property. I want recompense.


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