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Verizon Wireless / bad customer/records practice

1 500 Technology Dr Suite 300Weldon Springs, MO, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1877-325-5156

Dear Verizon Wireless and Verizon Member;

The following bullets give a short synopsis of what has occurred to result in my account having so many problems:
• From the year 2000 to August 2008, I had Verizon Residential service with no complaints or late fees.
• August 2008, I was talked into the “Bundle” package contracted with Verizon WIRELESS/ NOT Verizon Residential. ALL party’s confirmed I was current financially.
• I had periods during this agreement with payments made but not posted to my VRZN WRLSS account.
• I never-NEVER received a bill in Email, Phone, or by the postal service/ mail by Verizon.
• I paid online through the VRZN WRLSS site and clicked the “pay my bill.”
• VRZN WRLSS employees made comments of me not being timely with payments:
o “you make payments late consistently.”
o I have records showing I made payments-often double to.
• Even with my records I was still “ordered” to make a payment over the phone-NOW, or service will be suspended.” These two actions show I paid double payments.
• September 2009, Bundle service closed with all parties showing ZERO balance due.
• The VRZN WRLSS service contract end date was September 2010.
• Jan 2010 I paid $15.00 as directed by a VRZN WRLSS employee-no records of this
• Feb 2010 I paid $98.00 and this did not post to VRZN WRLSS either.
• After the May 2010 payment, Directv called and demanded $500.00, then corrected the error after noting I was not in the Bundle package.
• May 2010 payment did not post. Call made to VRZN WRLSS.
• Chrystal of VRZN WRLSS assisted me and discovered with Timothy’s help of an error.
• Advised to make June payment on the 15th and call in about 2 days to check status.
• If VRZN WRLSS appears the bill was credited to my account, “if Verizon appeared-CALL.”
• Bank notes reveal transaction did clear bank to Verizon.
• I called on June 17th and was told no payment made. $110.00
• Threats were made and I paid again from bank account-credited to Verizon. $110.00
• July 13th, I had a heart attack and tried to call my cousin with phone service off. Three witnesses.
• When home, I called VRZN WRLSS and again was told that no payment received.
• On July 22, 2010, Sharon of VRZN WRLSS told me she doubted the heart attack and all cell phones active or not have to be able to call 911.
• The bank confirmed this when a conference call was made by the Verizon Wireless employee named Kira, and the Wachovia employee named Rosetta, dated 7/30/2010.
• Prior to involving the bank directly, I was insulted and told I was uncooperative in sending ALL my transactions during the month.
• August 2010, I spoke with Ashley of VRZN WRLSS telling me how bad a customer I was in paying my bills late, refusing to work with providing the requested information, and late fees must be paid.
• I asked for the supervisor and spoke with Erin, she backed Ashley’s information and advised to find another way to pay “ONTIME.”
• August 2010, Spoke with Sharon, told to fax info I have to [protected]. Then she told me I owed in Feb of 2009 a total of $663.12 to VRZN WRLSS.
• August 2010, Shawnessy of VRZNWRLSS told me if I paid my bills this wouldn’t have occured
• I asked for supervisor and she told me I would be told the same thing anyway, so again I asked.
• The supervisor, Jeff, was outstanding and tried to get records from VERIZON without success.
• Sharon of VRZN WRLSS Told me she would call me “tomarrow” after she had a chance to read all the notes- this would be 7/26/2010, 1PM- NO CALL.
• Ladina who informed me she would call “7/28/2010, around 3PM.” She did NOT.
• 7/29/2010 called [protected] spoke with Heidi good “but could not help me.”
• Transferred to Theresa with same result. She told me that $97.51 due NOW or service stops.
• Transferred to Thomas who told me to call [protected] ext. 5255. Spoke to 5 people-RUDE.
• August 3, 2010- spoke with Ivan, transferred to Hilda (Supervisor) she did 3way with Verizon.
• Claim due now is $129.58 to Verizon. Transferred to Ms. Glass who asked for all notes faxed.
• Erleen of VRZN WRLSS apologized for all this trouble… THE ONLY ONE WHO DID.
• Erleen stated someone would call and this would be “fast tracked.”
• 8/19/2010, Angie of VRZN WRLSS stated all corrected and talked me into another contract.
• August 22, 2010, New account now with charges of media- minutes used included WE/Nights.
• Sing then adjusted balance giving $35.00 back.
• 8/27/2010 Message on phone of disconnect charges due immediately of $30.00.
• 9/10/2010- request for refinance of home denied due to credit problems- VRZN WRLSS/BAD.
• Called number provided –Verizon, no account on record. Asked to check again-9/2010= 0 due.
• 9/23/2010 called Verizon after research/ billed for bundle by Verizon AND VRZN WRLSS.
• Same day/ spoke w/ Mr. Calendar and he was able to see all activity of Verizon. He provided me with account number I never had or knew of as:[protected], transferred me to disputes.
• RUDE people !! Spoke with and was transferred by each names: Refused, Julius, Josh, Brittany, Terry, Robert. All referred me back to VRZN WRLSS.
• 9/23/2010 Spoke with Scott of VRZN WRLSS, he conference called Verizon. New people now with Josh- confirmed paying same time of bill to Verizon and VRZN WRLSS, Robert was able to get info back to Sept 2009 and confirmed double bill in June 2010, $15.00 in Jan 2010, $98.00 in Feb/2010. Then Terry who was able to explain in detail all aspects of account sent to collections with Allied. Scott informed me that VRZN WRLSS could not get money back and oustanding balance was not VRZN WRLSS concern. Total phone time= 2.5 hours.
• 9/24/2010, called Verizon, on hold and transferred to very rude people:Shirley, No Name, Mandy, Erin, Shatquao, Rochsana-hung up on me after telling me to pay my bills.
• Called back at 10AM after 2 hours doing above, Dan advised me what to do, was patient, made sure all we talked about was in notes. After I asked to speak to supervisor to praise Dan and he was able to give Email address since all (?) supervisors were in a meeting.
Please understand I did not enter into a contract for Bundle service with Verizon. Each billing question I had from and bundled company, the advice was to call Verizon Wireless. I NEVER received a bill from Verizon in any form. This document is forwarded to FTC and FCC.
Billy W Childress Jr photo not posting to this site. shows Verizon residential billing same time as Verizon Wireless

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