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I went to Canada for a three day weekend, and wanted to use my phone as a GPS. I called in advance and was told that $30 a month would get me 30MB. If I went over that they would automatically put me up to the next usage bracket. To make sure I did not forger to drop that feature when I returned they set it up to be taken off my account on the Monday I returned. I used the phone for and hour to an hour and a half as a GPS while traveling around Toronto. I deactivated all other features, no e-mail, application updates, nothing else but GPS for navigation. When I returned I called to make sure the feature was removed and to check my usage. I had incurred $4 in roaming charges. When I got my bill they said I had 70, 000KB of global roaming and the charge was $140.

Verizon people are Very nice but they must work on commission because when you call them about something like this it's "lets make a deal time". They say that because I only had the feature for 3 days, the cost is prorated along with the usage. The cost was $3 and the usage allowance was 3MB. Everything over that was charged at some astronomical overage rate. After an hour of arguing and trying to get passed over to a supervisor I got the bill cut in half.

Things you should know. Sounds like common sense but if you don't have it in writing it's not going to help you out. Verizon will tell you one thing and do another. Their employees are polite, but individual operators who are all on a different page. You cannot calculate or predict your data usage in this country, when you travel to another country it racks up much faster than it does here and you have no way of contesting it. Turn your phone off and leave it off when you leave the country. They make it so unbelievably expensive to use that no reasonable person would want to.

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      28th of Apr, 2012

    The same thing just happened to me. I went to Mexico and before leaving called Verizon to get the global roaming package 50MB for 30.00. They did neglect to mention that the 50MB package would be prorated. So I am in Mexico for 7 days I really only have 1.50 MB per day not the 50 MB I thought I had purchased. I get my bill and of course there is 175.00 in roaming charges. After a very heated exchange on the phone with customer service they removed the charge. Why bother buying the roaming package if you are going to be charged anyway. It is totally preposterous.

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