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Ive had the worst time with Verizon Wireless - their fraud department veers from comical to borderline incomeptetent. Someone opened a verizon wireless account in my name at an address i never lived at back in late 2011. They received several thousand dollars worth of Verizon service. When i contacted Verizon to explain this was fraud having noted my credit score had been negatively impacted (note, i contacted them, not the other way round), they have "concluded a thorough investigation and deduced it is not fraud". Ive yet to receive a single letter from Verizon to my correct address containing any details of what i owe them, or why it isnt fraud. ive been in touch with the frqaud department on at least a dozen occasions and have even spoken tot he executive relations department. all to no avail - it almost seems like noone over there cares, they're just intent on following their process. So i keep getting calls from debt colectors who leave me alone as soon as i tell them its fraud and give them the police crime #. So Verizon Wireless just move to the next debt collector, and add a few hundred dollars in fees to the bill. Really, Verrizon? If i ddint pay it because i wasnt responsible when it was 3500 dollars, do you think making it bigger is going to change my viewpoint?

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  • Th
      Oct 31, 2012

    Why don't you collect from Verizon and it's gang of collectors? C&D them, collect evidence, then sue them and win $1000 per infraction.
    start here
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com if things get thick

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  • K1
      Apr 17, 2013

    Wow I had the exact same experience with Verizon fraud as you dcharrison111. I randomly began receiving bills from Verizon last year around November. I have had AT&T since I was in high school and had never even thought of switching providers. I called and they started "investigating" my case and eventually decided it wasn't fraud... The same person whole stole my identity also opened accounts with Sprint and T-Mobile. Both of these companies almost instantly dropped their charges once I showed them a police report. But to this day I still have a mark on my credit from Verizon. They simply refused to acknowledge the evidence I had proving I did not open the account. Whats even more ridiculous is that the phone what purchased in Florida. I live in California and have never even been to Florida! It's like a nightmare that will never end...

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  • Mi
      Mar 24, 2017

    Verizon did the same thing to me. they claim I owe them over 2 thousand dollars but I never opened an account with verizon in my whole entire life. I contacted them and they said I have to make a police report and post it on there fraud website along with other documents. when I went to the police to make a report they asked me for account information which I didn't have and told me that I have to get all the information about this account before I can make a report. I called verizon fraud dept. and asked them for account information and they refused to give me any information besides the account number, and told me to tell the police officer to call them and they will provide the him/her with the needed information. I went again to police dept. and told them what the lady from verizon told me and the police officer refused to call verizon and told me that is not his job and that verizon must give me the information since they claim I am the owner of the account. I called verizon again but they refused to give me any information saying that this is their policy since the account is beeing reported as fraudulent account. and since that time I have not been able to do anything. But I have been thinking that someone has to put a stop to all this, and I am thinking if some how all the people that have been victims of verizon fraud account get together and sew them that would be the way to go. I am thinking on how to get a whole group of victims and I know there has to thousands of them out there after reading this post and other posts on the web. I will not rest till I get them back because they ruined my credit and I refuse to pay for something I didn't do.

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  • Da
      Sep 27, 2017

    @MikeAbdalah I totally agree. Your post sounds almost identical to my recent experience with Verizon, and the federal government is not doing anything at all to protect the consumer. Verizon is a company that I have never had any business with at all, yet I have to prove that I have been defrauded. How is this possible when I do not have an account number or any other pertinent information to disprove their claim. I filed a complaint with the FCC, but the next complaint level will cost me over $200 to file; If this company does not remove this fraudulent claim from my credit report, I plan to file the next compliant level as well as seek legal representation to handle this serious injustice. In fact, since our experiences are so similar, I am wondering if someone inside of the Verizon Company is deliberately opening fraudulent accounts. I mean how else can this be explained; they continue to open accounts using the names of consumers who have never ever opened an account with Verizon. The fraud department is a joke. They do not seem concern with finding the truth. The burden of proof should be on Verizon. The company should have to send the consumer who is being defrauded a copy of the original sales agreement/contract so the consumer can verify that the signature and other pertinent information is not correct.

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  • Da
      Sep 27, 2017

    I am experiencing the almost exact same thing. There should be some legal way for the consumer to resolve this matter. It would be great if the federal government would put an end to these fraudulent claims by Verizon against innocent consumers who have NEVER opened an account with them. This is insane and it feels like a horrible nightmare except it is real.

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  • Da
      Sep 27, 2017

    I am having the same problem and have filed a complaint with the FCC. Please file a complaint with the FCC online. If this doesn't solve the problem, go to your local news station and seek help. Surely if enough consumers file complaints something will be done.

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  • Pa
      Apr 17, 2019

    I recently was a victim of fraud with Verizon and AT & T. I have submitted my documents proving that I have never lived at that address that was used and that I did not open the account. I am in the process of filing a complaint on and with the FCC and GA. State Attorney General's Office. There should be a system in place to stop people from opening accounts online. There should be added security measures to make sure that the person opening these accounts have to go through in order to screen out fraud. When I asked them to send me a picture of the driver's license that the person used they refused stating that they couldn't do that. Well, if you are claiming that it is my account than I should be privy to any and all information that the person used to open the account.

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  • Br
      Aug 02, 2019

    My son has just gone thru the exact same fraud issue with Verizon. I am going to go forward with all the recommendations.

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