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Company philosophy (internally): "Better to beg forgiveness, than to ask permission. We take care of each other." Or "do whatever it takes and we'll fix it later".

When you are "intiated" into the fold, with absolutely no training whatsoever, you are instructed that we are Verizon Wireless, but... no they're not. They tell the customers that, but... when there's a problem they have to send you to a corporate location or call customer service.

There was a $1.1M callback on payouts from Verizon Wireless, because Flexicom was collecting monies on incomes that were unsecured. Instead of taking responsibility for the procedures that were approved by Flexicom to their employees (a trainee follows the training) Flexicom charged employees back for bad charges over a period of several months.

Even with the chargebacks, it was impossible to make any money as a rep or a store partner. This was because including the chargebacks you still had to make store goals, which were near impossible. So... Flexicom would fire or move you if you didn't make store goals but then they would issue chargebacks so it was impossible to make any money.

Here's the kicker: Flexicom paid the $1.1M and then issued the chargebacks, in doing the figures (at one time) Flexicom made an enormous profit by paying off the settlement to Verizon Wireless and issuing chargebacks to the stores. How? Because Flexicom collects 100% of the monies up to the store goals (minus increasingly small expenditures) and they would keep all the monies made post-store goals by issuing chargebacks. The several months of chargebacks increased the capital gain for Flexicom than any other time.

I cannot go into too much detail. I feel terrible for Bill Goodrich, he's such a great guy. He's the only person who is single-handedly kept the company together.

Let's not even go into Chris Schmedes, Shawn's "ex-right hand man". Who they finally wised up and let him go.

One thing I don't appreciate is someone of these people bringing in Shawn's family or his personal life into these reviews, it's uncivil and innappropriate. He has a wonderful wife and family, who are loving and caring. These reviews should be stricltly business related.

Work corporate direct. Drop the pride of being "so-called self-employed", it's a joke. The only people who make money are those who create a corporation and they sit on the top.

Pros: Bill Goodrich.
Cons: Company philosophy (internal) "Better to beg forgiveness..."

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