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I have been researching the Droid/Verizon and IPOD/AT&T online and decided to go into my local Verizon store and give my current carrier the option to sway me and to find out my options for upgrading.

I spoke to a sales person who explained the phone and I was leaning towards the purchase even though the phone is expensive. I told the sales man I was not eligible for my $100.00 discount for the "new every two" till August but that I was considering just paying the $200.00 now just to get the phone instead of waiting. He advised me that I would have to agree to a new 2 year contract (I already knew this) that I would be waiving my $100.00 credit in August and would have to wait 2 years again for that discount (yeah knew this too) but what he told me last made me livid... that Verizon would charge me $20.00 for a EARLY UPGRADE fee!!! What the heck is a early upgrade fee??? Its not good enough for these greedy people to ensure my business for 2 years and not give me a $100.00 credit but they want to make ME pay for them to retain my business? I know its only $20.00 when my ###ed butt was about to pay $200.00 but it is the principal... I REFUSE to pay $20.00 for NOTHING when this deal already benefits them so much!

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      10th of Sep, 2010

    My name is Lesley; I live in NJ. I guess it doesn't matter where you live, customer service is worse now, then it has ever been.

    I have never been a big fan of verizon for the same reason(and others) you describe in your post. They have grown so large they simply do not care about a few people with complaints. They know they have you over a barrel with their 2 year plans or what it would cost to get out of them. Some group of people must have stayed up for days figuring out every possible way to stick the customer.

    I was having a problems with my LG enV touch VX10000. I couldn't get on the net, get e-mails, and if I did get online the battery died rapidly. the phone was so slow using any features that it wasn't even worth doing anything but making basic calls. Why have a phone with features you can't use?
    I took a trip to the verizon store and waited for almost an hour!!! can you believe that !!! They said this was a common problem and they would upgrade the software. 25 minutes later the guy came back and said they would have to replace the phone which took another20 minutes, so far 1hour 40 minutes. I am sure it was refurbished or pre-owned, because now, 8 days later the touch screen has gone black, then blue with a single white line. The inside screen is fine and the phone is working except for the touch screen, the most important feature! When I called verizon they asked me to take out the battery and check the tiny little square on the left of the 4 gold prongs. This apparently determines whether the phone has water damage. They wouldn't tell me why I was doing this until I checked, and only after I asked 3 times what the square meant would they tell me. Of course there was no water damage because, I NEVER DROPPED IT WATER! as had explained. She said they would send a replacement but if it was determined that I dropped the phone then I would be charged full price! I did not drop this phone, but how can I prove it. I have been on the net to see if other people have had this issue and guess what, they have. A few people got replacements and others were told they had screen damage when there was absolutely no signs of damage from looking at, or touching the screen. Oh, and just an FYI, these very same people who received replacements returned a week or two later with the same problem again! So those poor people who did not get a replacement were probably given the short shrift.

    How much do you want to bet that I will be told the same thing! There are sensors or something inside the phones which determine whether it has been dropped, HUH! Any phone my family has ever had( over the last 9 years as a customer) if dropped, showed obvious signs of breakage. I have NEVER, repeat NEVER broken a phone in 9 years. I have insurance for my 2 boys, they are careless. They have cracked their screens, had various colors across an obviously dropped phone, and dropped their phones in water. that was my problem, as it should be. I can't wait to see what they tell me. The insanity is, they can say whatever they want! they can blame the consumer, how would we know. What if the guy, like in your case, is a fool with a very poor attitude. Frankly, Verizon should be used to the complaints of which I am sure there are to many to count.

    Another thing I could not understand, I had to replace a phone my oldest lost. I had no problem doing that but, what I can't understand is, they are giving phones away three at a time, so why do they need to charge 3x the price to replace a phone when it's free! Even if they charge $30 dollars for the phone I can except that, but you have to pay sometimes $175-$300 for a phone they are giving away. You can always buy a pre-owned ancient piece of junk for $50! on up. My son's glyde was $86! re-furbished. of course he is the only one I do not have insurance for. As a courtesy they used to allow you to use your upgrade early, but while we have an upgrade due in 16 days!!! they would not honor it until exactly September 26th. So I paid for my son's phone.
    I am really dreading this trip to the store, but I am stuck and, that's what verizon is counting on.

    P.S. I was asked to leave a verizon store once for disturbing other customers, no one was disturbed. Actually, I think they were happy I was pointing out the obvious lack of customer service, and satisfaction. Someone made a mess of my plan, and was charging me per text when I had the texting plan. So you can only imagine what kind of bill I received with kids who text, they don't really talk. Finally they fixed the problem and my bill was changed after much back and forth.

    I wish verizon would wake up, but I suspect it won't happen anytime soon.


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