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Verizon Wireless / talking to verizon falls upon deaf ears

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Who can I complain to. I have been a customer of Verizon for 3years now. When I first moved to the Southern California area I had AT&T but left them in disgust because it seemed everytime I turned a corner I would have dropped calls. Upon leaving AT&T, I was lured in by Verizons pitch on dropped calls and great service. I joined their nationwide plan which gave me 800 minutes. Well every month I was over my aloted minutes. I always call and argue that it is impossible. They recomended I upgrade my plan. I decided to get 3 more phones for family and move to the Family Share Plan with double my minutes for what I was told would be $120 a month with insurance for each phone. I have not seen a bill for under $200, with this last month close to $400. The other 3 phones are rarely used with all the kids blockages for downloads. The Verizon rep told me all the charges were to my line, when I told them that was impossible since I am not using the phone anymore than I did before. All he said was he had the paperwork to prove it.So basically he told me that I jumped from what they claim was an average of 820 mins to 1900 mins of usage. I dont understand how no matter what plan and how many minutes I have, I always seem to go over on minutes although my usage remains the same. I was also told that when I traveled to Temple City, CA I was charged roaming. Temple City is one block from my city, needless to say he did not have a reply to that response. To me it seems they have some kind of scam going on that is hard to pin point and needless to say they have all the answers for.

In short, and I am sorry for the lengthy letter I think I needed to vent, I was wondering who I can complain to since talking to Verizon falls upon deaf ears.

Thank You,


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  • Je
      28th of May, 2008
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    Deaf ears at Verizon and they have "all" the documentation and answers down pat - you got that right! I work for the County I live in and they recently implemented a new cell phone policy that requested all nonessential personnel to turn in their County-issued cell phones and to use their personal cell phones and apply for a stipend to defray costs. So I called and asked Verizon if I could swap my phone number (a Verizon number) for my County number (also a Verizon number) since the County number was on all my business cards and business stationery. The Verizon Rep said yes, but the County had to release the number to me first.

    The County said no problem and released the number and told me to call the AOL Dept at Verizon. I called and asked the first Rep for the AOL Dept and she transferred me. Verizon Rep #2 looked at my account and saw the number placed on hold for me and said she couldn't activate it and would have to transfer me. Rep #3 announced I could not swap the numbers. If the County number had been another carrier, no problem, but since it was a Verizon number - no can do. (Huh?!) She told me I could add a line, but not swap numbers. I told her no, I don't want to add a line - the whole point in doing this is to carry ONE cell phone and reduce my cell phone costs. Then she tried to sell me on a cheaper plan of $20 a month for the County number. I declined--I only want one cell phone. This went on for several minutes. I repeatedly told her no, I don't want two phones. Let's just forget it. I'll just keep my personal number as is and forget the County number.

    Well, then I got my cell phone bill a week later and it was double the usual amount and lo and behold, here the County number was added to my account at a cost of $46.92 per month. I was livid. I called and asked why that number was placed on my personal account--I don't even have a cell phone for it! Rep #1 stated I had assumed the contract for it. I begged to disagree - I had asked to SWAP the numbers, not take on another account. I chatted with him for probably 20 minutes and got nowhere. I told him I wanted the County number removed my account as I did not ask for a second account. He told me I was in luck since the account wasn't 30 days old yet they could probably remove it and not charge me an early termination fee. I was aghast--an early termination fee for an account I did not ask for?!! He said he had to transfer me to the Loyalty Dept (that's rich!) and they'd take care of that.

    Well, the Loyalty Dept is loyal--to Verizon, definitely not to the customer. I'm quite sure my blood pressure raised 20 points during my chat with the Loyalty Dept Rep. She placed me on hold a couple of times telling me I needed to "cool off". I was so frustrated that nobody was listening to me--after almost an hour on the phone with them--yeah, I was livid! She announced that since the account was a business account, different rules applied, and thus I would be charged a $175 early termination fee. By this time I was shaking I was so angry. So, I'm being charged $175 to terminate an account I said I did not want but Verizon added on anyhow AND there is no cell phone that came with this account to actually USE the account--does this make sense?!! She said I assumed the account--that's what AOL is--Assumption of Liability. So I inquired what exactly this business account consisted of. It's a two-year contract that expires 5/19/2010 and it's $34.99 for 200 minutes (then why is the bill for $46.92?).
    She continued on that the Reps' documentation from my previous calls to AOL conveyed to her as well as everyone else there that I agreed to assume that contract. I told her I was never told I was assuming a contract--I merely wanted to swap numbers--nobody ever told me I was taking on an additional account. She then informed me that I should have read the terms and conditions. I asked her--the terms and conditions of what? I wasn't told I was assuming a contract. (WHY IS NOBODY LISTENING!?!! EGADS!) I went round and round with her on this point. The conversation ended abruptly with me telling her I needed to hang up before I said something I regretted, but that I would be filing a complaint with the Attorney General because this was just wrong.

    Hopefully through the AG they CAN HEAR ME NOW!??!?!

    I am totally disgusted with Verizon at this point. Are there ANY good cell phone carriers these days that actually provide REAL customer service?

  • Th
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    I Agree We've had verizon land line since 1972 and never missed a bill and our wireless was alltel and they bought it out.. Verizon Wired service was charging me 205.00 month for 2 land lines one with verizon freedom and one blocked no long distance, so come to find out they started charging me .15 min for local calls.. Caller Id is 15.00 a line more and when i called they moved me to a plan to save me dollars... but didn't mention that is was a year contract, so I called in to get them to put it back the way it was and they charged me an extra 10.00 per line not to have a contract... Remember I been with them since 1972... So I said ok charge me the extra not to be on contract and hung up the phone. I Call Time Warner and Got both phone lines and internet with local and long distance and called id and all the other bells and whistles for 110.00 a mont plus taxe be around 121.00. The point is Why can't a company Give you more instead of taking more, I Would never have changed our wired lines... but you get of being strong armed..

    Now the wirless account, Our service since the change from alltel to verizon is terrible and customer service is an endless circle of wearing you down and never letting you out a contract that they can't provide service for, but they want to keep programing the phones and act like its the problem and its going to fix the problem. When the only thing that going to fix the problem is more towers... We Had great service with alltel and I never had to call them once... I been calling Verizon Wireless for Close to a year now and even though they promise a resoulation in 4 days. The only thing I get in 4 days is another trouble ticket to replace the one I had before... I finally gave up and bought a network extender at full price, so I will have service for the next 6 months... then I ebaying the extender and Straight Talk At Walmart her I come...

    Verizon Sham on you!!! What looks good in your Bord Room at those big fancy meetings, Dose'nt work out when You don't Take care of your customers. I Would if I were you work on trying to keep your customers, Instead of trying to make it diffucult for them to leave... Because They like me will leave and you may not get them back...

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