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Verizon Wireless / non-rebate

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RE: Verizon Wireless Non-Rebate

Alright - My complaint is this: On November 14, 2007 I purchased a Verizon cellphone (order #[protected]) and was supposed to receive a $50.00 rebate. I received the phone and sent you every label that was on the box. You sent me a postcard saying "missing UPC." I resent a copy of everything and you sent me the same reply again. So there's nothing more I can do and yet it seems you know I bought the phone and you refuse to send me the rebate. So it just seems like poor customer service and a breach of your promise.

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  • Ma
      17th of Mar, 2008
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    I am sorry that you had a bad experience at Verizon. A mail-in rebate is promotion. Promotions are used to drive customers into buying products or services, a marketing ploy. It is not a promise. If the guidelines are not followed, it is stated on the form that the check will be refused. Try stopping into your local Verizon Wireless store. If the rep working calls the rebate center they will be able to verify your ESN (Electronic Serial Number that is listed on the UPC), and the rebate center will send the check. Also consider that Verizon Wireless does not handle the rebates. It is done through a company called Paragway or something.

  • Pe
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    I sent copies purchase reciepts and bar code from box and I recieved sa me post card stating rebate center didn't recieve box bar code(thought post card was junk mail and was going to toss it)I called and finally spoke to supervisor and he said he beleaved me an the rebate will be at my home in 15 days, it appears they are just trying not to pay and banking on the fact some people will toss post card or forget entirely that they were supposed to get the rebate if it doesn't show

  • Bb
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    The company that processes the rebate may not be Verizon employees, but they are representing the company. AND the address that you send the rebate to has "VERIZON" in the address line. So you can't claim that Verizon is not involved.

    When will this maddness stop? Why do I have to prove to Verizon that they issued me a phone. The absurdity of it makes my head hurt.

    How much of a lawsuit is it going to take? $100 million? $1 billion?

    Any one want to join me in a class action suite? This is downright deceitful and dishonest.

  • Du
      24th of May, 2010
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    I agree. I cut the codes of the box and sent them in. Now I get a card saying - missing proof of purchase (UPC) Bar Code. Missing ESN/MEID. They are both on the side of the box and I cut out the side of the box and sent it, along with my receipt.

    Now it's their word versus mine

  • An
      16th of Aug, 2010
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    same thing happened to me, got the same postcard, only problem is they want the original upc code on the box (which was sent) and not a photocopy(which I have) It states on the rebate form to make a copy of all documents All my family and most of my friends are with verizon wireless, it will be interesting to see what they buy or if they stay with verizon after learning of these tactics (Additional note I have had the same number since 1989 the good ole bag phone and each time the company is bought out service gets worse)

  • Ro
      31st of May, 2011
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    The missing original UPC just happened to me, but when I called Verizon Rebates, they found em. Time will tell if I ever see the $50 card.

  • Bb
      1st of Jun, 2011
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    You're lucky. I'm out $150. I refuse to upgrade any of our phones with them. Their salesman was the one who recommended that I not send in the rebate forum "UNTIL THE LAST POSSIBLE DATE" because if I did, then I couldn't exchange the phone if there was an early problem with it. Well, I waited so long, my wife got pissed and threw all of the empty box materials away. It was cluttering up the desk area. I STILL THINK that VERIZON is Misleading it's Customers by making them go through so many hoops to get a refund. I make payments every MONTH on a phone that they say I can't prove that I own!!!?!?!?!? Who's scamming whom??? By the way, I stopped buying from Fry's Electronics for the same reason -- ridiculous efforts to get a refund back. I REFUSED to buy a $2, 000 Television from them for the same reason.

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