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Verizon Wireless / misled info caused high bill

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Verizon Wireless
I was going on a business trip to South Korea so I called customer service to find out what the costs to use my Blackberry there was. They told me that my texts were about 50 cents to send and 5 or 10 cents to receive. Phone calls would be $1.99. I had an unlimited data plan and it would be 2 cents per kilobyte in South Korea. So I asked how much did I use daily the past few months so I can get an idea of how much it would cost me to use the data plan overseas. The customer service rep told me that I used 3000 kilobytes per month, which is equivalent to about 100 per day. She said I'd expect to pay about $2/day (100kb/day at 2cents per kb) if I used the data plan the same amount i used it here in the United States. So based on this information, I went on my 10 day business trip to south korea and used the internet and blackberry instant messenger (which is charged per kilobyte) the same amount I use here in the U.S. I come back from my business trip and I get a cell phone bill well over $1, 000. I call customer service and go over the bill with them and they tell me I used about 1, 000 kilobytes per day. Basically what happened was the customer service rep I spoke to before leaving on my trip read or calculated wrong and told me that I used 100 kilobytes per day when it was actually 1, 000. I asked to speak to a supervisor and explained my situation. I said over and over again that I used the data plan based on what a Verizon Wireless rep told me. She didn't beleive me. Looking at my bill, I didn't use any text messaging (when in the states i use it like crazy), and I didn't make 1 phone call. this is obviously because I didn't want a crazy bill. So i said to her, "why would I not use the texting and phone to make calls and then go crazy with the data plan if i knew it was so expensive??" And she kept saying to me, "sir, the rep gave you the right information, that it is 2 cents per kilobyte." I kept saying that I know she told me 2 cents per kilobyte, but that she told me I used 100kb per day, not 1, 000! And she kept saying that the rep gave me the right information. She wasn't even listening to me. and then as i'm complaining (not yelling but using a firm voice), she says quickly, "there's nothing i can do" and she hangs up on me while i'm speaking to her. VERY, VERY, unprofessional and you can only imagine how angry I became she hung up on me!!!


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N  1st of Aug, 2009 by 
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You could have gotten all of that information your self and done the math. Don't rely on someone else to be responsible for you. Everyone makes mistakes, you did as well by accepting someones word with out checking for your-self.
A  9th of Aug, 2009 by 
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What is the point in costumer service if they can't answer a simple question? Verizon needs to hire people that our educated about the product that they sale. If someone is a representative at a company he better know how to answer a question about the product correctly or transfer the call to someone who does. My question is where can you get better information than asking costumer service directly of the product who is paid TO HELP THE CONSUMER.
N  21st of Sep, 2009 by 
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with this situation the rep did give the right information by telling the customer that it is .002 perkb when roaming in most countries (depending on the country the data rates could change) even though the rep had given the wrong information about the 100 kb i know that makes a big difference, but it is also the customer reponsibilty to check there usuage. verizon offeres many ways to do this. you can dial #data from you mobile phone, you can visite verizonwireless.com and by logging into your my verizon account check you current usuage or call cusomter serivice by dialing *611 from you mobile phone and ask a rep what your current usuage is. also with most newer phones you can access the myverizon website from you mobile device. so even know the wrong information was giving about how many kb's you use you were still given the correct information on the rates and had many resources to keep track of how much data you were using.

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