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Verizon Wireless / overcharged

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Earlier this evening I received a call from a Collections' Agency, something I have never in my life had the pleasure of receiving before. I have a mostly flawless credit report and have paid Verizon hundreds, likely in the thousands of dollars of billing each month for my wireless service that I had with them for the several years my contract was with them.

I canceled my contract after expiration and paid my last payment of $83.03 that they requested from me. Received a letter from them stating I can come back anytime (and was contemplating doing so as I liked their coverage better than my current plan). This was back in August or September. Today, Jan 26, 2009 I rec'd the phone call from a collection agency requesting a bill of $7.76 be paid.

I immediately contacted the Verizon Wireless customer service number on the last statement that I had paid back all those months ago with the balance of $83.03. Where they proceeded to tell me that Verizon has been sending me a bill every month until this past December for an outstanding $7.76 balance.

They are ruining my credit for a $7.76 balance for which I have not rec'd a bill for!! I am furious.

I ask them how I can immediately pay my bill and they tell me I need to contact the collection agency. I also ask them how they can possibly claim I rec'd a bill for $7.76 that I hadn't paid when I never had record of such a bill. Not once in all these months after service cancellation. They state they have sent me a monthly bill for this $7.76. C'mon now, after my payment history they are telling me I received bills I never paid. DOUBTFUL & UNLIKELY, I pay all my bills religiously. Am I late on occasion by several days? I am human but MONTHS OF AN UNPAID BILL is a ridiculous allegation by Verizon. Had I known I would have paid. Straight up simple.

How can a company lie blatantly to a former customer? I don't understand it...nor do I understand how I can possibly owe them any more money (but fine, whatever, I'll just pay for it at this point) when I shoveled out so much $ at the supposed end of my contract. I don't understand how something like this bogus (I assume as I don't even know what the charge is for) $7.76 charge affect my credit after paying faithfully on a bill for >3 years with no real late fee issues.

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  • Va
      18th of Nov, 2008
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    In December of 2004 I moved to the UK with my family. I had previously contacted Verizon to ask to continue my service here in England. They informed me that they did not service there so if I sent a copy of my rental agreement from the UK then they would waive the disconnect fee. I did this asked to have the phone disconnected, paid through the date of disconnection (15th December, 2004) and left the country. No further money was taken from our account and six months later we closed it.

    Now almost 4 years later a friend informed me that they had received a letter from Nelson, Watson and Associates in Haverhill, MA and they were a collection agency. When I phoned them and explained the situation they told me they could settle for $150 not the $303 they claimed I owed.

    Their attitude was so rude and condescending that I was quite offended. When I told the man my address here in England he made fun of the way in which I pronounce the words - sorry about the English accent - and kept speaking over me. I worry that they will harass my friends think that I live there. I had left that address as a forwarding one as I needed to leave something and could not leave an international one.

    I attempted to explain that I did not owe that money to which the gentleman refused to listen and said my credit would be ruined. At this point I told him that it did not matter as I did not live there anymore, to which he replied 'They all come back, they always do, and your credit will be ruined.' I could not get them to understand that this was taken care of 4 years ago! They actually hung up on me when he asked me if we dealt in Yen here and I commented that he could not be that stupid!

    So I attempted to contact Verizon and have gotten no where. I really do not care about my credit as I have no intention of moving back to the USA at any time. It just really bothers me that it has been 4 years and this should have been taken care of. I feel that the Fair Credit Act has been violated as I have had nothing even though they had my original forwarding address.

    My warning is to beware of Verizon, they will continue to squeeze every penny out of you even after you move country! Of course they will not tell you just sell it off to a collection agency. Then the collection agency will employ some half wit who is not very PC to contact whomever they can find to try and scare you into paying.

    I will continue to try to sort this out as that is the type of person I am. I will not pay out any moneys that I do not owe so they will not get one penny from me - in any currency!

  • Lo
      26th of Jun, 2009
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    Only balances over $25 are sent to collection agencies. Maybe your final bill was 77.76 and were you not receiving the notices? Did you think it would just go away?

  • Rh
      19th of Dec, 2009
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    Verizon Wireless in only concerned with thier bottom line. Verizon wireless has the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

  • Yo
      27th of May, 2010
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    I agree. They are ruthless. Also, please ignore the [censor]ed Verizon employee that posted on here. He is more or less a hopeless call center person that thinks that they know it all. I hate talking to them, and have switched service due to pompous people such as him.

  • Mf
      5th of Aug, 2011
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    I had purchased a contract and phone Verizon Wireless. Then about 6 months later I added another phone and line. Before my bill was pretty stable. After adding the 2nd phone my bill kept going up and up without us going over teh minutes or anything. I would call adn complain and ask why and nobody would giv eme a clear anwer. I got so fed up I called to cancel befor ethe contract was up. So then they tacted on eraly terminatin fee for each phone plus the ridiculous phone bill of the last two months. I paid what my bill was suppose to be not what the bill said. Now they have sent it to the collection agency and I have paying a little along that I can and now it is over $200 added to the bill. They are rip offs.

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