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Verizon Wireless Broadband / usage issues

1 GA, United States Review updated:

I purchased the Verizon Broadband service on 3/2/9 after being on Dialup for several years because other than the devil that is Comcast, no other highspeed is available in my area.

I was so impressed with the service, until we came to the last week of the billing cycle and noticed that the usage meter was 2-4 days behind. We knew we were close to going over, so we stopped using it and by the end of the cycle had accumulated 102 MB over the 5 GB allowance.

I was told by the sales rep after going through what we do, email, Facebook, the occasional YouTube video, and some mild website management, that 5 GB should be all I ever need.

Clearly that was wrong. After talking to 4 or 5 reps and asking for a call back from a manager twice, I finally was sent an email telling me how they don't really measure what you use, but glean information from your computer registry to obtain the information and that because I use it with two different user profiles on a desktop computer it complicates the data usage estimate process.

What a hunk of hooey!

Another lady sent me an email stating that I ought to be able to view about 37, 000 website and send/receive over a million pictures. I can promise you I don't use NEARLY that much.

The service is great, but the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE! I love Verizon and have been with them for many years, but it's clear since I've requested a manager call back three times and have not YET received one that they know there's a problem and just don't want to deal with it.

So, watch your usage if you get their service.

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  • Rh
      3rd of May, 2009
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    I have a verizon wireless usb for my home computer. I was unaware of the 5GB monthly usage. I checked online and found my current bill was $3800. I call Verizon and was told this was the 4th time I had gone over my 5GB limit. Verizon said they will refund up to 3 overages, but after that you are responsible for the bill. The Rep said I had been sent a letter of each overage and a phone call. I told her in no uncertain terms, this did not happen. She spoke to her supervisor and reversed the charges, for the last time, she indicated. In 3 days I received a letter restating that fact.
    I did look on my account on line with verizon and there is a tab on chorrospondence received from verizon. There were no other letters sent to me about my overages, the new letter I had just received was posted.
    I am watching the usage and noted the previous complaint about how the meter is caluclated. So you really don't know till the end it seems. It is $140 early termination fee to cancel this service. It will not work will my home use. You are really limited on your use of their service. I told my family not to send unneccesary emails, no jokes, no attachments. No watching online tv, no you tube, no downloads unless necessary. I disconnect after each use. I am still at the 5GB limit. It is just my Husband and myself using this connection.
    I have 2 additional cards. One for my laptop I take with me to work. And another for my neice while she is in College.
    Be careful of downloads using this service. Ares Ultra will put you over fast, Itunes also.

  • Ky
      25th of Oct, 2010
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    I have used Verizon wireless service for two years. Will soon be cancelling their service and return to painfully slow dial-up because of Verizon's continuing refusal to address what I consider to be a major issue with their service...unable (unwilling?) to provide their customers’ with real-time data usage information.

    Example: It is now October 25, 2010, 12:26 a.m. EST. I just checked my date usage through Verizon’s VZ Access Manager. My data usage is showing 4, 528.912 MB as of October 22, 2010. That’s a three day time lag!!! I for one find this unbelievable considering current technology. I have consistently inquired/complained for the last two years about this and the only response I receive is, “Verizon has no control over their partner’s (Vodaphone) service. Baloney. This is just another Verizon ruse to dig deeper into their customers’ pockets knowing full well that many customers will accidentally exceed the 5GB limit because usage information is so delayed. Their continued pattern of deceit is evidenced by their recent $90M refund debacle over bogus data charges. Check out the CNET article written by John Paczkowski dated October 3rd.

    Like many other users I consistently hit the 5GB limit well before the billing cycle end date sometimes by much as two weeks prior. At that point I’m forced to drive to my local public library to check emails because exceeding the monthly limit is painfully expensive. My downloads/uploads are primarily Flickr photos, software updates (Microsoft security and two anti-virus softwares) and reading emails. Rarely if ever do I access YouTube and iTunes. The Rep I initially spoke with assured me that 5GB would be more than enough to meet the "average user’s” internet access needs. NOT!

    Yes, for those of us who have no other access to high speed internet access Verizon is nice but extremely expensive. I say expensive because virtually every month I am unable to access the net for one to two weeks prior the end of my billing cycle. That relates to two to three weeks worth of net access for $60+ monthly. After inadvertently going over my monthly limit one month to the tune of $260 I find myself in a constant state of paranoia when I’m on the net. And Verizon’s continued refusal to provide it’s consumers with real-time data usage information just adds proverbial fuel to my paranoia!

    For the recreational internet user Verizon is an expensive “hobby”. If you have the disposal income, great. But I’m returning to dial-up at $10 a month and bank the remaining $50. At the end of 12 months I’ll have $600 to put toward a new laptop. For me the bottom line is Verizon’s apparent unethical practice of providing real-time usage information.

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