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Verizon / service by a tech-danielle

1 United States

On 3/8/18 Verizon was suppose to send a tech over to replace my jacks, between 1 and 3 PM. A tech by the name of Danielle calls my wife at 10:00AM and tells her that she will be right over. When she came she was escorted by a young man who does nothing, but gets paid to ESCORT her. Really that is a waste of money. She said that the company lied to us, because she is not here to replace jacks, but to install a box for the upgrades of the fiber. I only have a land line with Verizon. She said there won't be a charge. She goes into our bed room and asks if she can go out on the balcony. She than asks to go into the yard. After she goes into the yard she tells me she will be right back that she has to get something and she will be in and out of this job. She disappears for over an hour and comes out of her van empty handed. What did she get? She informs my wife that she can't put the box in the living room, because her ladder is frozen. She is lazy and she was milking this job. She tells us that she has to put it in the bed room-easier for her cause she throws the line over the balcony. I should of kicked her [censor] out right there. My wife told her I don't want it in the bedroom, but she kept insisting. Than she is sitting there with this paid ESCORT playing on her tab and doing nothing. She gets a phone call from a supervisor named Sandy who tells her that she has another job for her. Danielle says OK when I am done with this one. All along she kept telling us by 3 I am done because I have to get my nails done. She informs us at 12 PM that she has to go up on the pole and disappears for over an hour again. She was milking this job. When she returns I asked her where was the pole that it took so long. She tells me in the South. I told her I am not laughing. After 4 and a half hours she is finally done and she calls back Sandy and tells her that she can not make the other job, because this job took to long. FIRE HER [censor]. UNION OR NO UNION. Do not be afraid of her. We disconnected our home # and had a foreman named George call my wife. We wanted this box out and specified not to send this woman over. My wife gets a phone call from the same tech-Danielle on 3/10/18 and states she will be coming over to remove the box. My wife calls the foreman-George. George comes over the house and he has another tech DJ who was dynamite. What he did in less than one hour took Danielle 4 and a half hours. George took pictures. Now because of her I have no home phone, which I am still waiting to have it put back on. I am going to be charged 20 dollars more. I am requesting a refund from my last bill. I spoke to a rep named JOE who was great and he informed me when I am ready for have FIOS Email him. Danielle should be fired do not be afraid of her I will be a witness she can't sue me for harassment. I am a paying customer. My cell is [protected]. Sorry can't give you my home #, because thanks to Danielle I do not have one.

Mar 11, 2018

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