Verizon Select / nearly impossible to unsubcribe

United States

It is nearly impossible to find a way to withdraw from Verizon Select once you agree to enter. The 611 cust. service number knows nothing about this program. The Smart Rewards people claim it is not their thing to handle. The lady on that line said to withdraw my agreement to receive emails and that would withdraw my consent. NO, it does NOT. Buried somewhere deep in the web site is an option to withdraw consent. You cannot find it listed in the FAQ about the program or on any page. Verizon forum support will not post the answer, only reply privately to someone who poses the question. What does Verizon have to hide? I stumbled onto the web page to withdraw consent by accident. Here it is: I don't know if you copy and paste this link if it will take you there, but this is where I found it. The Verizon Smart Rewards person said the program tracks only your purchases on its Smart Rewards program. NOT TRUE. It tracks your behavior on your cell phone. While the program is fair game for marketing, hiding the exit is akin to locking the doors for a fire escape. Shame on Verizon! This is not a Smart Rewards program, this is a Venus fly trap for phone users.

Jan 16, 2015

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