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Verizon online sent me a letter Feb 08 stating my service had been terminated. Fine. I requested this be done. It's now June 08 and I am being charged $31.99/month totaling $186.63 for Internet access that was terminated. I've called their 800 number but the Verizon operators don't document my calls to cancel the service.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Silver Spring, MDI've sent two letters to Verizon. No response except to call the 800 number again. They will never get a dime from me for service they have not provided. I will wind up with credit problems but I am keeping copies of the letters I sent to Verizon corporate and Verizon Billing.
The moral to the story: Don't use Verizon Online services!

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  •   Jul 10, 2008
    Verizon Online - service not received
    Verizon Online
    Fort Wayne
    United States

    Verizon telephone order taker said cancellation of my DSL service (Verizon online) would be triggered by disconnect of my Verizon telephone physical landline.

    DSL is delivered on a landline.

    Two weeks after removing the landline, I received a credit card bill with full DSL charge.

    Verizon Online refused to prorate a refund back to date of landline removal, even though it was physcically impossible for me to have used the DSL service after removal of the landline.

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  • Po
      Feb 04, 2009

    I k now the feeling. The customer service rep I talked to told me that she had taken care of my cancellation of my Verizon Account. Then DSL billed me also. When calling Verizon DSL, I was told that you have to make 2 calls when cancelling, one for phone another for DSL. When I asked why then do I only hae to make one call when ordering and two when cancelling especially since when one has no phone service DSL doesn't work either. The "super intelligent" response was "That's the way Verizon has it set up." No credit was given to me either. As a matter of fact to make matters worse, WHen the final bill from Verizon came in I had a $6.42 credit. To which I waited 3 months to receive a check. WHile waiting for that same check Verizon put me in a collection agency for $20.94. Was that fun to write letters and prove I didn't owe the money. Verizon is so screwed up. They are the WORSE company I have ever done business with. The government should investigate them for fraud, theft from their customers and force them to get it right or shut down.

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