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I hate the verizon network comemricial where it is all people yelling to each other becuase their network is slow ("ben thanks for the flowers I thought you hated me lol") it is so annoying and stupid and irritatitng. I turn it off every time it comes on the radio. if it is this annoying to have me "yelling" in a message can you imagine how annoying it is to hear it on the radio every 15 minutes??? it is the worst. commercial. ever!! people do not like to hear other people yelling. it puts them on the defensive. if you have any brains at all you will stop running that horrible commercial!!

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  • Tr
      Sep 10, 2009

    I love the commercial. It is hilarious... and the fact that you complained about it means you remember it, which is what they are trying to accomplish, getting noticed.

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  • Bl
      May 18, 2010

    Dear ANN, you type like you are YELLING...A LOT.

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