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Verizon Wirelesswrongful termination

*shame on you verizon wireless*
I was a sales rep for verizon wireless for 4 years. I consistently met and exceeded my sales quota, maintained high percentages in their kpis (key performance indicators), came in on my days off, and received several perfect scores on customer surveys. I was even sent of vacations for recognition in their "winner's circle" sales associates annual recognition conference. I was one of only five in my district of over 200 employees recognized at this event. when verizon purchased alltel and circuit city went bankrupt, verizon decided that this would be the perfect time to do some company wide layoffs. according to my district manager, the circuit city bankrupt situation forced verizon to shed the extra staff they acquired from the verizon circuit city staff. first of all, I didn't even work at the circuit city verizon kiosk locations, second I was one of the top performers at my location as well as district wide, and lastly the employees that were not laid off had less experience/time with the company, lower sales performance records, and multiple disciplinary write ups.

*they made me eat, sleep, dream, and give up every aspect of my personal life for a company whose morales and business practices are nothing but words on the verizon wireless credo to believe in and follow as an employee, while maintaining their own agenda in a scare-tactic driven, cut-throat, backwards, shady politics driven system of retail managment and advancement in the company.*

All I can say is, I wish only the best for my co-workers still with the company.

*oh yeah, and your crazy if you don't get a union asap. you dont have to continue taking the abuse and unfair treatment that human resources continues to ignore*


  • Ch
    chesley risp Mar 16, 2014

    has anyone suid verizon? did they settle? how much? or did it go to a suit in court? im in my demand stage and were waiting to hear..

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  • Pe
    pennyonecent Aug 28, 2013

    VZW is the WORSE place to is good but that is the ONLY good thing about it...after 10 yrs, I was terminated for 1 call that was monitored and apparently I didnt "close" the call the right way. As soon as my contract is up, I WILL go to AT&T!!!

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  • Em
    emorydave Jul 18, 2012

    i worked 12 years for verizon. just got terminated. the allegations were trumped up. it was a witch hunt. i won presidents cabinet 7 times. i was targeted by an internal auditor because of my success. in georgia if you work for verizon, quit

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  • Ga
    ga/al guy May 24, 2011

    I work at VZW at the same location, The company is Evil!!! They say they care about the customers(NO) - Remember at the time that customers were calling about the data charges and VZW made everyone take a stupid VZlearn to prevent (prohibit) credits to customers. - I worked for large organizations before but VZW is a cancer, very worry when ATT finalizes t-mobile deal and leave the two Big empires only...

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  • Mi
    mike Jul 20, 2010

    And in the mean time, you are sitting at home enjoying your severance package. SHUT UP!!!

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  • Ma
    MartMart Jul 13, 2010

    Does no one here know how to form a proper sentence???


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  • Bl
    Blessed and Highly Favored Apr 30, 2010

    The Huntsville, Alabama call center has a hard time remaining constant as far as ranking in the nation and NE Area which is all due to one primary reason, management. I do believe that Director Jeremiah Knight is genuine and sincere about his job, however those beneath Jeremiah are sneaky, pridefilled, slanderous, underhanded, hypocrits-i.e. setting & enforcing standards that they themselves cannot keep. I have been an outstanding employee with perfect score ratings from customer surveys and leader in customer retention, sales referrals, and driver of NPS positive results. Customer have expressed their value of me to coorperate via website and demanded speaking with my supervisor, however in spite of all the value I've brought to VZW and the personal sacrafices, my good deeds have gone un-recognized; I have only heard nothing but complaints from management about minor issues in relation to statistics in ACPD. It is my understanding that VZW is in business to make m0ney..our customers are our money..If they are not satisfied, then VZW profit will not be satisfactory. The stess level @ VZW is intense beyond normal, positive challenges. You cannot get the same answer from two peaple regardless of what you ask...You follow instructions, then receive disiplinary action from someone else due to following the other supervisor's guidancen& the other supervisor lies and denies giving such guidance. Management is very apparent in demonstrating respect of persons/favoratism...which is one of the reasons why you cannot get a straight answer from anyone. Mike Montenegro is over career progression, however many people he has promoted are liars and cheeted the system to get where they are..cheeting the system i.e. hanging up on customers, setting up numerous/unnessessary followups, then never complete follow up, receiving offline time upon CSR sexual relations. The list goes on. And the bad thing is HR is aware and has done nothing, Associate Directors are aware but hide it from Jeremiah giving him the impression that everything is all good when it is not...Jeremiah always question why Huntsville KPIs/ NPS/churn are not showing improvement...Our collective experiences are the reasons why.

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  • Ti
    Tim Whiteman Mar 15, 2010

    I have been with Verizon Wireless for 2 years as an RSR in a retail Store. It is HELL! There are so many issues with this company and how they treat there people on the front lines. I sell Verizon products and services daily, and there is no appreciation at all. The regional directors and VPs etc don't have a clue what goes on in this stores, or they do and want to say they never knew. They make all the money, and spend there time figuring out ways for us to make less money as sales people...I have people in my face all day long. The service customers with all the problems are unreal. I am an hourly employee ( could never live on the hourly ) plus commission. Without that commission check, I could not live...Verizon as inflated quotas, with so many metrics of metrics of metrics we have to meet to make some small commission check. This is the worse corporate company I have ever worked for. They are so fluffy with there marketing and network etc. They treat us like ###. They make these new policies and change them all the time. I have not received a raise since I have been with this greedy company...not a dam dime per hour. While the top of the food chain makes a huge salary and bonuses, from the sweat, tears, of the very people on the front lines making this company what it is. The leadership in the Midwest region is awful. I am on my feet all day long in a suit and tie, listening to ### for service customers which don't make me any money, and prevent me from achieving god like sales goals VZW puts in place. I am carrying a stupid steel basket for accessories and now were are loosing our computers in the store to carry some stupid touch order pad. These people are ###s! Instead of giving my customer my undivided attention, I am touching on this order pad with this stupid basket in my hand...By the way these touch pads have gone region wide and cost at least 1500 bucks! No raise for me. A regional VP made this decision.

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  • Ro
    rockmelittle08 Jan 26, 2010

    I currently work in the Little Rock, AR Call Center. I was a originally in the Business Customer Sevice Center with Alltel. Alltel was a really great company to work for and employees were treated well. I am located at the former headquarters for Alltel in Little Rock on the Arkansas River. Verizon came in and changed the enitire dynamics of this once wonderful company. We as Business Reps were told in Oct that we would now be just regular consumer customer service reps. Since then it has been a nightmare from hell. I cannot believe for one moment that Verizon Wireles actually thinks we will treat customers with any respect when they treat us so poorly. The Manager of my dept /name removed/ is EVIL. She has specific favorites maybe 4 reps and for the rest she is openly sneaky and underhanded and just plain MEAN . Mean people suck and she should have been removed from her position along time ago. She needs to be shoved into a corner office with no direct reports. I do not know of a single employee in my group of about 75 reps that like her. When we rcv a call and need to research an acct to assist the customer we have a sup run to our desk after approx 45 seconds hollering status your customer. When the call ends if there is any follow up that needs to be done the sups holler that we need to get in available and take another call. The one thing that is totally apalling is the fact that alot of the features that previous Alltel customers had do not work the same on the Verizon network. Verizon's attitude is basically no credit is to be given for a customer that has run up a large bill due to Verizon's billing mistakes. Too Bad ! So Sad! I have seen about 70% of customers that were former Alltel customers bills jump from an average 150.00 a month to 500.00, 1000.00 and even 1500.00 dollars. So Sad ! To Bad! no credit given here. Verizon looks at it as cutting into their profits. I think every customer this happens to should file complaints with the Better Business Bureau as well as the FCC and then maybe Verizon will change their attitude. I am currently trying to find another job and hopefully will be out of ther soon. Verizon should not expect any miracles from Little Rock as long as they continue to treat us so bad. /name removed/is /name removed/ boss and he needs to have a skip level meeting with his reps so we can tell him how hateful and evil /name removed/ is. She needs to be canned and I think all of upper management needs to know how she operates. She is not to be trusted.

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  • Dm
    dmm5799 Oct 20, 2009

    I gave 5 yrs to Verizon Wireless, gave up my personal life to be a "valued employee" I then was asked to falsify employee documents by a Very Respected Associate Director Virginia Kelsey-Wood, the next one in line for Director of the Lincoln NE call center. I brought this to the current Director Bonnie Edwards and Head of the Human Resource Dept Karen Opp attention. Guess what happen? Absoultey nothing, so I then called the Compliance Line. I was then brought up on Code of Business Conduct Violations. At the time, I was on crutches and was restricted from walking. During a call in the escalation queue, a representative became argumentative with me because she did not understand why changing a customers upgrade date was not an option. I pulled the Rep in for a Red Flag coaching because I was restricted from walking. Next thing I know is I was given a Verbal Code of Conduct for calling the Rep into my office for a 15 Min coaching so I could explain why changing the contract end date was not the right thing to do. My current Associate Director Wanda Luckett or Jeanie Bryne in the Human Resources dept never asked what happened and just delivered a Conde of Business Coduct, in which I refused to sign because I was not able to go to the Reps desk due to the work restrictions. Then came another because of a he said she said situation-all made up. The worked me out of business. I definitely understand why 4 Supervisors in the Lincoln Call Center have suffered from a Nervous Breakdown. I am wondering when CORPORATE WILL REALLY REALIZE WHY THEY CAN HIRE 22 NEW EMPLOYEES AND LOSE 28 IN ONE MONTH. GET RIDE OF BONNIE EDWARDS, VIRGINIA KELSEY-WOOD, JEFFREY DEBRIE, KAREN OPP AND JEANIE BYRNE...THEY ARE THE REAL REASON THE LINCOLN CALL CENTER WILL FAIL...

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  • Ea
    East TN ex-verizon Slave Aug 20, 2009

    the last comment was from yet another female ex-coworker of verizon who was terminated in east tn-I do not feel comfortable giving my name and information to this website to post my opinion so I choose to use the same log in ID as East TN ex-verizon Slave... It's crazy that I'm still afraid of them... but I am

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  • Ea
    East TN ex-verizon Slave Aug 20, 2009

    I'll vouch for every word of this. It may not be happening company wide, but my own personal experiences as an employee of Verizon Wireless in the east tn area was a very similar experience. Shame on you verizon. You are alienating the very people who built and still maintain your core values. It's sad that my co-workers are still being put through this CULT-LIKE Culture.

    How can you people sleep knowing you have ruined so many peoples lives and forced so many people to choose between your family, spouse, and their child's first day of school for your so called non existent MANDATORY MEETINGS on their one day they have off a week.

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  • Hr
    hrtsnhorse Mar 17, 2009

    I've worked in customer service myself. A customer service representative must learn how to manage an angry customer. Above all, a customer service representative must never ever respond to an angry customer in kind, no matter how poorly the customer is treating the representative. Racial slurs are particularly bad. Frankly, I'm surprised you weren't fired sooner.

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  • Un
    unknow Mar 02, 2009

    you should file a code of ethics complaint. Go to

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  • Al
    Alma Vicente Nov 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My name is Alma Vicente i got hired at verizon wireless July 5th 2007 during my employement at verizon wireless i never had a write up against me or anything negative under my record just a few verbal coachings from here in there. Some time in October of 2008 a customer by the name of Bryce came into the store regarding issues with his blackberry phone. Customer stated that he noticed that his blackberry was making calls on its on. I troubleshoot the phone but the phone didnt have any signs of being broken or damaged. I told the customer that his phone seemed to be working fine, i handed the customer the phone and he tossed it at my desk and told me that he knew something was wrong he told me i didnt know what i was doing at this point i called my assistant manager on duty David. He came and introduced himself to the customer told him that he was the assisitant manager and that he could assist him with any problem. Customer told manager what was going on with the phone my manager checked the phone as well for any software problmes or anything.. David couldnt find anything the manager was previously working with another escaled customer at the time i asked him to assist me, David told the customer Bryce that he would be right back to further assist with the issue. My manager walked away and left me there with the customer at this point the customer gets really upset and tells me that we are both stupid idiots and that we dont know what we are doing i told the man that the manager said he would be right back to assist him and customer got upset and told me "shut up dumb ### you dont know what your doing" i told then told the customer that he would have to loose the bad language he responded by saying " i pay verizon money every month i have the right to talk to you any kind of way i want your just an employee" at this point i told the customer that i was not going to be able to help him that he could find someonelse to help him. i locked my computer and took a step back. Customer then verbaly attacked me by saying "you dumb stupid ### you help me with this problem" i told the customer i was not able to help him i started walking away and he went off telling diffrent kind of insults at this point i myself is really fustrated he's walking behind my back and i turn around and tell him "you need to shut up dumb chinese man" i was so upset that this customer felt he could talk to me any kind of way he thought he could just because he was a customer of the company and i was just an employee. customer got upset too and threat me by saying "im going to wait for you to get off and beat you up" i just ignored him and walked to the back room. i waited about 10 minutes for the customer to leave i then went back outside to continue with my shift. My assistant manager called me to the back and asked me what had happend and i gave him this summary. My manager told me that the customer had called back to tell the maneger about my actions my manager talked to me told me that the customer was very upset i told my manager the way he made me felt and that he even threated me my manager did nothing about the threat he just asked to write an email describing what had happend for his records but like i said he didnt do nothing about the threat that was done against me. The next day my store manager was scheduled to work and asked me what had happend i foward him the email that i had The officer told me and my manager that the customer acted like a "jerk" with him and that if anything else happend or went further than this to contact him again. My manager told me that because of the threat that verizon wireless was resposible for bringing corporate security into the store for my security but i never sawe that happen they only contact me to find out what had happend they wanted a summary of this story. and that was the end of it i never got updated with any other information on the case on November 4th 2008 i leave on a week vacation all the way to the 12th on thursday November 13th im scheduled for what we call a skip level a meeting with all the employees of the store excluding the manager we sit and talk to HR and our district manager to give feed back on the manager i attended the "skip level" from 7am-9am that morning after it was over my District manager calls me to the back office as we walking to the office i ask him is this over the inciddent that happend with the customer im hoping ill get transferred or something he tells me yes it is. We go inside the office and HR and my floating manager and district manager as well are all sittin in a circle, i sit down and say hi to all my District manager Thomas Johansen ask me to give him a brief summary of what happend that october night i tell him the entire story after im done he tells me "because of that incident im going to have to terminate your employment with Verizon Wireless as of now he ask me if i have any questions and i said well whatever happend to the corporate security i tell him that they didnt do nothing about the threat that was done to me or anything. Joyce Downs then inturrupts and says there is no such thing as corporate security im litteraly in shocked she tells me didnt someone from corporate contact you? i tell her yes but what is a call going to do? she tells me shes sorry. I respond saying all this time my life could of been at risk and you guys didnt do anything or cared for me. They just looked at me then my district manager tells me he was to walk me out the building and so i leave and thats the end of my career at Verizon Wireless Iam writing this complaint because i feel that i was unfairly terminated from my jon i never once got written up for anything my attendance was good always on time they was just looking for anything to get rid of people since Circuit Citys are going out of buisness and Verizon Wireless has a Contract with them Verizon is now faced with hundreds of extra employees and they are just looking to fire the poeple that they have working at the retail stores hopefully this gets to someone that can understand my point of view and understand that i was unfairly dismissed. A week after i been terminated i was talking to my previous manager one who get insights on the company and told me that the word in the corporation was that the customer kept making calls to corporate saying he wanted me fired and wanted to get a notification letter once it happend if not he was going to terminate his contract with verizon and sue the company. i was suprised to hear this, this could be another reason why i was let go so unfairly once again i hope someone can help me with this. thank you

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