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Verizon Fios TV / they shut me off over $100

1 NJ, United States

OK- so everyone knows by now that Verizon's billing system is a total nightmare. I had moved from Comcast to verizon (as did everyone in my neighborhood) because we were all offered sweet deals for the first year.
After that year was up, so were the deals and it ended up being more expensive than comcast.
I was paying for 20/5 internet and on a GOOD NIGHT only got 6 down. My land line phone (which we only used 1-2 times per month)was $70.
Long story short, I canceled my Internet & Landline Phone service leaving my FIOS TV and my cell.

Yesterday, My TV service was suspended because my bill was past due by not even 1 month. The total bill was $176.43 and is currently due next week (July 7). After about 2.5 hours of my time and 6 people later, they informed me that i was shut off for $102. Yes- you indeed read that correctly - One Hundred Two Dollars.

So, I have since canceled all verizon services and welcomed comcast back into my home (theyre almost just as bad).

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