Verizon Fios Triple Play Deal / misinformation

New York, NY, United States

We switched to Verizon FIOS Triple pay deal for advertised price of around $75 month for two years with a $400 prepaid gift card after 90 days a few months back. The actual price with equipment, one step up on internet speed and taxes is more than double that at about $155; but still better then the same services with our old cable company and it is really guaranteed for 2 years.
Just learned today that you can only use that gift card once to pay Verizon FIOS bill. That was not told to us before order placed. We called and after usual annoying auto operator switching we spoke to one agent who switched us to another who gave us that info and then we got switched to supervisor who confirmed it is a “Known Verizon issue”. If it is known, why were we not advised about that before the sale!? Just a bit annoying, especially after going through all the multiple wordy, extremely annoying queues to get to a human, and then switched to another etc., to get that info.

Jun 1, 2015

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