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I recently had FiOS installed in my home. After the first time the "set top box" (cable box) was turned on there were problems.
Accross the screen, purple pixels appeared. The installation tech said "OH whats this" with a puzzled look on his face. He unplugged the HDMI cable, powered down the cable box and then powered it back on. The pixel problem went away but the TV turned on and off on its own a few times, then came on with no obvious resolution problems.
A couple of hours later I go to watch TV and I had the same problem with it turning on and off. Only this time the TV came on with only grey and black bars running vertically on the display. Sweet right, I call that crystal clear reception, way better than ComCast. Ha I was getting pissed at this point.
I called the Joke center, I mean call center for some technical support and I got no technical anything. They got the issues the cable box was having to work right, and then passed off the damage done to my TV as NOT THERE PROBLEM. The only thing I was told is "Sir our equipment works fine, Your TV is broken". DURRP I know the TV is broken your equipment did the damage. "Well sir I am not trained to fix Samsung TV's".
Those scoundrels, (old school Batman saying) There trying to tell me that Year and a bit old TV, the one that I researched the hell out of to find the most reliable, was going to break and it is simply a coincedence that their equipment was installed around the same time.

Don't Use Fios at all the quality is not any better than the service your using now.

DON'T USE VERIZON their customer service sucks.

Show any body who is planning on using Fios this warning Please.


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      Sep 24, 2009

    I am having the same exact problem. The first couple days were fine. Except that every once in a while when I turned the TV on I would get a bunchof purple pixels scattered across the screen. Over time my TV would take longer and longer to turn on and you can hear the switch in the back of the TV going off and on. Sometimes after ten minutes of that, the TV would finally go on but I would just get multi-colored vertical lines across the entire screen. Currently my TV wont even go on. It will switch on and off for hours with no picture ever coming on the TV. I actually take the power cord out of the TV just to stop the clicking.
    Can anyone help?

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