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This site deleted my first complaint about Verizon. Why? Here is my complaint again:

Verizon has now charged me with an "unreturned equipment" fee of $635.38 since I closed my account with them in May of 2014. I have checked with their "Equipment Return Specialists, " telephone # [protected] which is listed on Verizon's May19, 2014 bill to me. I have repeated called this number and asked if I have any outstanding equipment and they have verified I have returned ALL equipment. Three Verizon customer service representatives at [protected] insist I owe them $638.5 and if I don't pay them, they will turn my account over to a collection agency. I have explained their "Equipment Return Specialists" have confirmed with me I do NOT have any outstanding equipment. All three reps refused to call that number and each one denied knowing that company or Verizon having a department with that name.

Verizon has now turned my account over to a collection agency. I have been in continuous contact with Verizon since May 27, 2014 and I received a collections letter on August 21, 2014. Each Verizon rep told me there was a "hold" or a "claim" on my account so that it would NOT be turned over for collections.

Verizon is attempting to extort money from me by threatening to ruin my credit by not paying for false charges that I do not owe them. I am very angry with the method Verizon is using to make a profit. All legal remedies are being pursued.

Aug 25, 2014
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  • Mk
      Aug 25, 2014

    The delete things all the time... It might be that you posted something that might be liable in some way...

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  • Mr
      Aug 26, 2014

    It is curious to know that when I complained about this site deleting my first message, it mysteriously shows up three days later. Who monitors this site and do you report complaints about Verizon to Verizon? By the way, Verizon has deleted all the billing details from my account on all past bills from their website just this past weekend. Coincidence? I complained just this past weekend on this site about Verizon FIOS. That's fine with me; Verizon can destroy all the evidence they want - I have paper copies of all their bills to me. Funny how when you mention lawyers (specifically class-action consumer protection attorneys) all your prior bills just vanish from their records.

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  • Lo
      Nov 23, 2015

    All I wanted to do was add NFL Red Zone Channel to my existing FiOS package. For some reason Verizon mails me a router that we don't need because we already have service including the exact same router they sent. I called 4 different times and each time I was told they'd send me a box with a return label, they never sent the box. Then I start receiving calls saying that I'm going to be charged for failure to return equipment. I decide that I'm tired of waiting for a box that's never coming so I get in the car and physically take the box to the closest Verizon return location. Employee there tells me this equipment is not even in the system as being tied to my account, but he still takes the return and prints me out a receipt. Fast forward another 6 weeks and I'm STILL receiving calls that I owe equipment and that it will be sent to collections or I'll be charged a ridiculous amount of money for it. Verizon is the worst company to deal with, period.

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