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Verizon Fios / repeated overbilling

1 Fairfax, VA, United States Review updated:

I am in complete shock, although by now I shouldn't be, that yet again this month Verizon has overbilled me for my services to them to the tune of 50.00. I called them four weeks ago and spent an hour getting through to someone, and when I hung up was assured that not only was everything resolved but that I would be refunded the money I had been incorrectly charged for. At that time I also requested that my movie channels be turned off.

Ahhh, it is time again for my bill....guess what? Still getting overbilled, still have the movie channels, it's like I never even called. And I get completely stressed every time I do call them because I get shifted from department to department to department, which eats up huge quantitites of time. This company sucks.

Their service is all right, but with this much stress who needs it? Oh, I should mention that our cable box crashes repeatedly at least three or four times a week

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  • Ch
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    Verizon is the worst company I have seen in along time .You never talk to the same person twice, they quote you prices and appointments that are never meet, And overbilling is running rampid with this company.Its time for the board of public utilities to start looking into this company and start fineing them for the scams that they are using. I am going bask to Comcast they are slow, but at least there prices stay the same. I was quoted a price of $125.99 a month and recieved a bill of $287.25 for the first month.When I called they told me I would have to pay, and the bill would work itself out, What the heck kind of response is that, I should have went with my gut instinct when I made an appointment weeks in advance to have my service installed and the day before they called me twice and told me that the tech would be their between 8am -12pm the next day, I took the day off for this, and they never showed, Not even a phone call back after I called twice. should have stopped it there.NEVER AGAIN VERIZON

  • Ji
      27th of Mar, 2008
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    I have been a customer of the Verizon FIOS now since 11-20-07. I have had NUMEROUS incidents of poor service, poor equipment and overall a very poor product. I have had very nice customer service reps. EVEN if it takes on average of 45 minutes to actually talk to the right person. It is very dissapointing that I use my old comcast email because it is the most reliable one I have at this time! (I have 5 verizon email accounts and can not access ANY of them right now). I have been a long time verizon wireless customer and have had very little trouble with my mobile so I thought it would be seemless to switch...WRONG! And from what I am reading they are screwing things up BIG TIME. I am not sure what it will take to win me over. I am constantly asking for credits and refunds. I figure if I am locked into a contract and my service sucks the provider should feel the pinch not me. Maybe then it will get resolved? I am so frustrated I do not even know who to contact about this. I truly feel Verizon should give me a years worth of FREE services for all the troubles I have had in 4 short months. And I thought COMCAST was bad... WOW.

    I am an optimist and I am hoping they figure this out and things get better, but my wife is very upset! She is ready to pay the early termination fee and switch back to Comcast.


  • Sa
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    Verizon is the perfect example of how to structure the worst possible customer service there can be. In addition to the regular occurrence (long wait times, inaccurate billing, inadequate service hours, robotic scrip-reading phone agents who are disempowered to make any decisions), you are forced into a situation where filing formal complaints seems to be the only recourse unless you are prepared to pay what you do not owe. The worst about it is clearly the aggravation - like life is not strenuous as is already!

    I hate VERIZON. They should not be allowed to operate the way they do and get away with it.

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