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Verizon Fios / extremely difficult to order

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I ordered verizon FIOS service online Feb 3, 2010.
It seemed a good deal to get a modem and a wireless router and installation free.
I heard about the screaming fast internet and I want to have one.

It's already March 1st but I still don't have any internet service. I never imagine myself not hooked on the net one day but it's been already 1 month.

They emailed me to ask couple forms of ID. They emailed me and asked me to act within 24 hours. The options are either fax or Us mail. How can anyone make US mail within 24 hours? I've got their email 6 PM on Friday. I thought that was stupid.
I faxed three different ID forms.

Couple days later, I've got the second request for IDs again. I faxed them again. This time I called the 888 number the next day because I didn't get any confirmation email. The representative said they didn't get all pages. So I faxed them(only the missing pages) again. I didn't get the confirmation letter again. I called again. They didn't get any fax but the first time(Feb 8). I called them 4 hours later to make sure they've got the missing page. The representative told me this time they've got everything and transferred me to the installation department.
I had to wait about 14 min to get someone to answer. They asked me phone number. I told them I am ordering internet service but I don't use the home phone. After talking 2 min, she found out I was ordering FIOS not DSL. She said it's different department and transferred me again. I had to wait another 15 min. The representative asked my phone number. When I told me my phone number, he said "this is not verizon number". I told him that it was about FIOS not telephone. Then, he asked me "how may I help you?" I was very frustrated at that moment. I said "I am (really really really) trying to get FIOS installation." He scheduled me for the next day and that was good.
I think people who work for verizon should be get some training instead of making the customers frustrated. If I called the installation department, they should expect that. If they have any general phone number, the person who transfers should explain not the customer.
I've read too many complaints about Verizon but still want to try out. I hope they do better service because that's what they are selling.


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  • Sn
      20th of Jul, 2010
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    Pardon the grammer but I am too pissed and burnt with Verizon to focus on grammer. You will get the message

    1. 13 Jul 2010 I ordered for Verizon FIOS Double Play (Order Number MD00065996251).
    2. 14Jul 2010 I spoke with a customer rep to cancel this order as I wanted to place an order for a triple play. He cancelled the order
    3. 14Jul2010 I placed the triple play order (order number MD00065912765).
    a. This is a triple play which carries my existing phone number to the new service
    b. Usee the welcome20 link for moving center rebate
    c. Is scheduled for 22nd so that I can get the house security via FIOS phone line.
    4. After that I keep getting emails about previous order and not the new order! I get concerned and so call them to inform that.
    5. I spend a total 6 hrs with 8 different customer reps and waiting! - trying to get this fixed.
    6. I sent them pdf copies of my order and they say they can not find and they can not cancel.
    7. Over the email, I always get emails that they can not help due to technical difficulties. And they are supposed to be a technical company?
    8. Everytime I call these are completely confused and each time tell me that you can not find the new order and that the old order was not cancelled. Infact, on 16th I spend hrs, missed an important meeting trying to get it fixed and the customer rep said she will fix it and inform be be the end of business day - obviously - it was not done!
    9. 17th July - still kept trying- once again today the customer rep said the old order is not cancelled but she has gone ahead and cancelled it. However, I have received no confirmation and online order status still says it is active. She has no clue of what order I placed or order numbers in her system. It was a weekend and I had to go to work (different city) because that is where my order number was. She told me she will call me at 4 pm to so that I could get that number by then and will work on the other order which is not showing up - but once again no call!!!
    10. I kept calling after 4:30 and kept getting bumped around or disconnected. Finally they closed at 5 so had to wait until next day.
    11. Kept trying on 18th - no use
    12. Kept trying on 19th. Finally one of the emails worked and I got this response:
    Dear ********
    Thank you for contacting the Verizon eCenter. My name is Ebony, and I will be responding for Patricia. I apologize for the troubles you have experienced with locating your order. Regrettably, we are unable to assist you via email. In order to provide you with the best customer service, please contact our Consumer Sales and Solutions Center directly at (800) VERIZON or (800) 837-4966 Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Local Time. You will be prompted for your telephone number by our Voice Response Unit. To ensure protection of your personal account information and expedite the handling of your request, please have your Verizon account number or bill available. Our representatives will be happy to help you with your inquiry. The department to which we have referred you will be able to assist you. If you have any additional questions, please let us know. We look forward to serving you. Thank you for using Verizon. We appreciate your business. Sincerely, Ebony
    13. I call - goes to wait for usual 15 mins... after abt 25 mins I reach the right person, and while she is working - she puts me on hold and after another 15mins is disconnected.
    14. After that I keep trying to call and the procedure is:
    a. Call them
    b. Wade through the million options to reach your person
    c. Wait again
    d. They take your order information a million times
    e. They they look into it
    f. Then it either gets disconnected or they fwd your call to another person and you are again on step 13c.
    g. They will not solve the problem.
    15. Finally after more calls and emails they managed to cancel the order and get my triple play order in.
    16. I get an email for order verification - which I checked and was scheduled for 22nd.
    17. So, i apply for a leave, which gets approved and move things so that I am at home on 22nd for these guys
    18. Then I receive an email saying that have on their own changed the installation date to 28th July2010
    a. What happens to my leave - Is Verizon going to pay for my salary?
    b. What happens to home security which needs the FIOS line and is scheduled for that 22nd because of FIOS installation date - Is Verizon going to be responsible?
    c. They mess up simple things - hwo would they handle number transfer?

    After wasting days and days trying to get a connection and all this stress and discomfort - it is official - VERIZON is a highly unprofessional company.

  • So
      11th of Jul, 2011
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    I won't go into specifics. Suficit to say I tried online, I tried going to a store, I tried by calling to BECOME A CUSTOMER! I tried ELEVEN times, and every single time they go the order wrong! Sometimes I was on hold or 1/2 hour while they confirmed, and they STILL got it wrong! How can any company be so incompetent? I would call to straighten it out and they would either put me on hold on literally (twice) hand up on me!!! I would call back to cancel and the "retention" department would sweet talk me into how they could fix it. One time she said it was so screwed up it couldn't be fixed and we would do another order.OK, One more time (was this #9 or #10?) Everything perfect on the phone, then THREE TIMES that it was perfect talking to them, they got it wrong on the written confirmation (which is what counts). Always charging me more than they quoted of course. I finally was so frustrated I was in tears and cancelled. I will stay with comcast and endure the pixelations and blips. At least their customer service is decent.

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